Treadmill Etiquette

Workout: Tempo run (of sorts) on treadmill 4.4 miles, walked 1 mile

Before I get to the workout, I noticed lots of new peeps stopping by the blog in the past couple days, so I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Hi everyone! If you haven’t left a comment yet, please do. Then I can check out your blog too. Smile

On to the workout…

I went to the gym to do a tempo run tonight. I haven’t been running much for the past couple months and definitely haven’t done any speed work. The runs I have done haven’t been all that great, so I decided before I got to the gym that I was  going to make the treadmill my bitch. I was going to make that happen by doing two things:

  1. Put on a cute workout outfit.
  2. Rock some pigtails.

Eh, I’ve had better plans but it worked. My run was good! Here’s what it looked like:

This was about all I could do as far as speed without dying but I’ll take it.

Now I wanted to mention something about treadmill etiquette. If someone is on the treadmill next to you, say me for example, and you are done working out, do not clean your treadmill by spraying the blue cleaner all over it. Sure it makes the treadmill easier to clean, but it also makes it harder for me to breathe. My nose does not separate oxygen from Windex and that stuff permeates the air around where you sprayed. Get a paper towel, spray that paper towel away from other treadmills, and then wipe it down.

Also, wearing enough cologne that I can smell you three treadmills down will not get you women. So don’t do it.

That is all.

What annoys you the most at a gym? (I really enjoy breathing, so I’m not a fan of anything that makes that harder.)


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39 responses to “Treadmill Etiquette

  1. that’s a great workout! you are fast, paula!

  2. AMEN! i want to lean over and say “ummm excuse me but sweat = salt and water” it’s really not all that necessary to fumigate.

    and cute workout outfit = key. i’m glad you see the importance of it too

  3. Carol

    That “cleaning the treadmill” thing happened to me at the Y once…I half-faked a giant coughing fit, forcing the stupid woman to apologize sheepishly. It was a good day.

  4. Great run!!
    I posted about this a long time ago, but some women TUGGED on my headphone cord to ask me when I was going to be finished. There were TEN treadmills, all full, but I was the ONLY person running (or even at a speed higher than 3). She picked MEEE to ask when I was going to be finished. GRRR. I took my headphones out and politely said ” in about 20 minutes” and kept running. I wanted to scream at her. ughhh.

  5. Heavy breathers??? Super hot. And anyone who has clearly dressed up for the gym? Cologne? Tanning spray? A new tank top? You just try and hold me back.

  6. LOL L.

    After “cute workout outfit” and “pigtails” I lost track of everything else you said… So, you’re sayin’, “Don’t tread on me…”?

  7. Looks like a great run!! I can’t stand when people “peek” at my treadmill or elliptical. You know when they look over trying to see how fast or how many calories you have burned!!

    • That’s funny because I’m a reformed peeker. If the person was a runner, I always wanted my mileage to be higher. Because that makes complete sense being in a competition in your mind with a complete stranger. 🙂 I don’t care anymore but it’s weird that I used to!

  8. Pam

    THANK YOU! I hate my lungs being full of the blue junk from the spray bottle, then tasting it for the rest of my run. It seems like people pay no attention while they’re spraying indiscriminately! Grrrrr….

  9. Love the idea of this workout! Where’d you find it-or was it your invention? My treadmill speed workouts suck big nuts.

  10. Hi! 🙂

    I hate when people do that! Isn’t it just easier to walk to the cleaner/paper towels, grab some paper towels and just spray them over there?! Then you can toss the paper towel on your way out. I also hate those that hop on the treadmill in their Juicy Couture velour suit, gab on their phone, with their butt-length hair down, and walk s.l.o.w.l.y. on the treadmill for approx 5 minutes then get off. You did nothing there sweetie. However, the worst is when 2 friends want to workout and talk and the only 2 treadmills open are those on each side of you…so they get on those and talk to each other while you are running along between them. It’s like they are doubling teaming you in hopes of you getting off the treadmill.

    Sorry…can you tell I get annoyed at the gym?!

    • That’s what I thought! Also, you forgot that those girls on the phone are usually standing right in front of a sign that says “no cell phone use” on the treadmill. That’s always fun.

  11. Ronk

    Wow, nice coincidence for a discussion topic. This morning my buddy and I were leaving the gym, and he was complaining about a guy who was sitting in the locker room naked, grinning, with his leg up on the bunch, and taking his sweet, sweet time lotioning himself up. I didn’t see that, but that became my least favorite part of the gym.

  12. Ronk

    …that’s “bench”…I guess since I was talking about a naked guy, “bunch” was a little Dr. Phillipian slip.

  13. Erin

    There is always a person who comes and gets right beside me on the treadmills…..we have like 50 really you have to get RIGHT NEXT TO ME!

  14. Ugh I hate when people smell next to me on the treadmill. I don’t care if it’s BO or perfume/cologne, I can’t breathe when you’re all smellin’ next to me. Why do they need to spray before they gym…regardless of what they think, it does not mask their BO!

  15. Katie G

    Peeves: Cellphone talkers on the treadmill. Trainers who text during the entire session while mostly ignoring their client. Grunters. I don’t mean like making an occasional noise of exertion . . . I mean when you sound like you’re trying to push a bowling ball through a straw. Then of course there’s the gal in the women’s locker room who’s using the blow dryer on her bush. Awesome.

  16. Oh! topics to vent on- I love it! Here’s what really grinds my gears. Girls that run with just a sports bra on in the gym. There’s air conditioning. It isn’t humid or hot. Stop. Guys that linger. Creepy. Love your blog! Keep it up!

  17. Ro

    My pet peeve is when I see ppl finishing up their run on the treadmill (or any workout on a machine) and they DON’T wipe it down. I wipe down any machine I use before and after I use it. And it seems like I’m the only one who does that.

  18. Gorgeous pic!!! I haaaaaaaate when guys grunt in the weight room. Sooo nast.

  19. movesnmunchies

    i love that workout!! im saving it in my little workout book!! UGH I HATTEEEE when people just stay on the treadmills for WAY TOO LONG!

  20. The list of things that annoy me is far too long, please dont get me started ona r ant! ahahah

  21. Kelly

    Great topic! I have more than a few pet peeves at the gym, but the 2 things I hate the MOST are….when some guy on the treadmill next to me keeps laughing out loud while watching TV – Really buddy? Your not home on your couch! and when the person on the treadmill next to busts out into song – UMMMM….hello, this is not an American Idol audition! Shut up and run already!!

  22. Mz. Teri

    I hate going to the gym. So I don’t waste my money joining one. That is all. 🙂

  23. Haha I loved reading through everyone’s pet peeves when it comes to the gym. Mine would have to be:
    1) Girls who put way too much time and effort into their hair or make up to go work out at the gym
    2) People who smell while running beside you. The sweat and heat of the gym don’t help the situation either
    3) Muscle head guys with no necks walking around drinking a red bull while lifting weights. Sweet dude

  24. You look beautiful in that picture! Also, you’re speedy!

    My pet peeve is people who stink. And must get on the treadmill right next to you, despite there being 60 others available. I’m not talking about getting your sweat on stink. I’m talking about not showering in four days. I usually have to move. It’s just too much.

  25. Just started reading your blog the other day and love it. Anyone who dishes out sarcasm and isn’t afraid to tell it like it really is, is right up my alley. 😉 As far as the treadmill etiquette-um yeah, it’s one of those times the WTF glares would come into play-ha!

  26. My pet peeve is less of a “what” and more of a “who”. I have the joy of sharing my gym with ghetto blaster guy (get yourself some headphones, please!) and inappropriately short shorts man (Just eww). Always fun when either of them are there!

  27. I am one of the new followers that has been droppy by! I’m so glad I found your blog it is such a fun read. Also – I know what you mean about those people who wear way too much cologne when running. I’m also not a fan of the treadmill user that constantly tries to stare at my machine to see how fast/far I’m going.

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  29. Katie


    Yes, when people don’t wipe machines down it grosses me out.
    And the people who run too close to the front of the treadmill and constantly kick the machine? It’s loud…and annoying. Sorry!
    And people who listen to music with earphones so loud that I can still hear it all the way across the gym. I should not be able to know your playlist.

    Anyone else thinks it’s weird when people wear street clothes to the gym? I’m talking polo shirts, khakis, jeans, and I even saw a purple jean with a belt once . . . How can that be comfortable?!

    • Ha! I have seen someone in khakis and dress shoes on the elliptical before and that was LOL for sure. Of course they had a regular workout shirt on…because that makes sense. 🙂

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