Working Out and a New Eating Plan

(last night’s) Workout: Crossfit  (30 min) 

My chest and back were still beat-tired from our weights workout on Monday, so our Crossfit trainer Michael decided to go “easy” on us and give us a leg routine instead. Thanks?

We did 4 sets of 50 lunges (25 each leg) and 50 deep squats. Walking to the car after this workout sucked.

I probably don’t need to say this, but I will. My ass hurts. 

After I got home from Crossfit, I had a tweet from Miss Stephanie over at The Almost Runner. She had a request:

I don’t know about a video, but I will ask Michael to take a few pictures of our exercises when we see him on Saturday and see what he says. He told us we’re doing the Spartan workout, so prepare for me to look like I’m dying in all pictures.

Also prepare for me to look like this afterwards:


On Monday, I decided to join Weight Watchers (WW)…again.

Five years ago, I was close to my weight high. I looked like this:

Sweet sweet Jesus. That hair.

I went to lunch with my friend Jenn one day and noticed she had lost a lot of weight. I asked her how she did it and she told me WW. After grilling her on the specifics, I was sold and joined the next day with the goal of losing 10 lbs.

One month later, I reached my goal. So, I set a new one. Three and a half months after that, I reached my next goal. I had lost 26lbs in 4 ½ months total. WW really overhauled my bad eating habits and taught me what I was doing wrong. Once I lost those 26lbs, I had a few comments from others that I was too thin. I never thought that was the case, but I also didn’t mind when I gained a few of those pounds back.

This is probably 7 lbs over my lowest weight.

I kept the weight off for the better part of 3 years and stayed on the Points plan. But then things started happening, like honeymoons, cruises, and vacations. So, I gained half of that weight back.

During that time, I got really tired of counting Points and looking at every food as a Point value and not something to enjoy. But I still wanted to track what I ate to keep myself accountable (if I don’t, I eat way too much). So, I switched to counting calories instead.

For the past year, I’ve counted calories using the Tap and Track application on my iPod.

Side Note: Awesome app and totally worth the $4.99 if you like to track calories/nutritionals/excercise. They keep improving it with updates and it has an AMAZING food database. You can also track Points on it. They call it “Food Score” to keep it all legal-like.

Now it’s time for a change again. My best friend joined WW in January and has lost close to 30lbs. She looks AMAZING and is my inspiration. ❤ ❤  I’ve been counting calories for a year now, and I need something different. Since I was on WW a few years ago, they have overhauled the program and I think it’s better. It’s just different enough to get me back on track.

My goal is the same as it was the first time: Lose 10lbs.

Since Monday, I’ve debated talking about this on the blog, mainly because it can get really tiring hearing everyone’s snide comments about what I’m putting in my mouth. Things like, “Would you like some of this or is that too many POINTS for you?” or getting asked how many Points something is while your eating gets old fast. Hopefully telling the world (i.e. my awesome readers and friends) will help keep me accountable. Or maybe it won’t. I guess we’ll find out.

Do you keep a food or exercise log? (I’ve kept a food and exercise log since I first started Weight Watchers 5 years ago.)

Unrelated, but did you see the video of that tornado in Alabama? OMG. I would crap my pants if I was there and I feel so bad for those people. My heart goes out to them.


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13 responses to “Working Out and a New Eating Plan

  1. Oooh I’m excited to see your progress, annnd pics from Crossfit!

    Carly & I are obsessed with tracking. We have a food tracking doc, a separate weekly workout goals doc, and we post our mileage on our Move page of the blog. She also tracks in a notebook, as do I, and I also put my completed workouts in GCal. Oh and I use DailyMile! Jees, obsessive much?!

  2. Becky

    I have tried to keep track of exercise and eating habits in the past. I always stop after a month of food and sometimes 2 of exercise. I fall of the wagon all the time w/ those things. I’ve only used free trackers. I have wondered if I paid for it…would I keep at it, like I felt compelled to run when I paid for races and now that I don’t…I don’t run… hmm. I do have a goal, just haven’t started working on it. Dang getting older and metabolism getting slower…..

    I did not see the video of the tornadoes, but read an article. My heart goes out to them…it is crazy how many tornadoes happened. Just insane. 😦

  3. I have never used WW, but have seen some amazing results from it. I started using Spark People in January which helped (combined with increased running) me to lose my last 5 pounds, which have found their way back to my mid section after I stopped tracking in Spark People. I was just thinking today how I really need to get back into it and stop eating so much candy!

  4. Good luck in your WW adventure! I’m sure you’ll do great. Keep us posted.

    I log my food on and my exercise on Daily Mile is fun too! I’m like you – if the calories don’t get logged they never happened. Except that they did. Vicious cycle 🙂

  5. SCORE on the pictures.

    my mom did weight watchers for a while when i was younger. she loved it and was able to lose a lot of weight. i think i would be tired of counting points too, though.

  6. Nancy

    You must be so proud of yourself, you look fabulous. Tell me how to get WILL POWER, I have none.

    • Thank you! 🙂 It is not easy. I have a crazy sweet tooth.But once you start seeing results and compliments start coming from co-workers who see you everyday, you want to keep going.

  7. I’ve done WW in the past, & I liked it, but don’t like the point calculation part. I do pretty well with calorie tracking, but agree that sometimes you just need to mix things up. Awesome comparison pictures! I posted something similarly today – great minds. 😉

  8. T

    i count beers until i can’t count them

  9. I haven’t completely embraced the new WW program, but I know a few people who are having amazing success with it. I have no doubt you’ll lose 10 in not time!

  10. Good luck lady!! I think sometimes, everything just needs to be shaken up, whether it is eating habits or exercise routines. Ruts stink and don’t work!

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