The Proof is in the Pudding

Quick note for any of you on Blogger. I am getting errors when trying to comment on your blogs today. Not sure what’s going on with my computer, but know I’m sending you out silent love. SILENT LOVE. *cue porn music*

I have a friend, Ron, who currently lives in Germany. Before I get to the real reason for this post, I want you to know he just signed up for his first marathon later this year. Ron just started running, has never run a race, and signed up for the whole she-bang.

Hard core, Ron. Hard core.

Since his marathon is in Germany, it will pretty much rock the pants off most marathons. So, Ron agreed to do a couple guest posts once he gets into training and of course after the race. Now that I wrote that for everyone to see, Ron is hereby committed to the guest posts. (YW, Ron)


Ok, now for the real reason for this post: Ron found the most amazing dairy product the world has ever known in his local grocery store.

Behold…Paula Pudding.


If there’s any reason to move to Germany – this is it.


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13 responses to “The Proof is in the Pudding

  1. I need to be similar to Ron and sign up for a race so that I am committed to something to make sure I keep training/working out.

  2. Ok, what inspired you to use THAT particular picture? Cracked me up!!! Thanks.

  3. amen, girl. amen.

    looking forward to hearing from ron. craziness.

  4. Bahahahaha!!!! Thank you. Needed that.

  5. way hardcore.

    and i love the cow on that box. also hardcore.

  6. Sara

    Ron? Never heard of him.

  7. JLo3133

    The prescence of Utah and Bodhi make this officially your

  8. ronk

    wow…thanks, paula…you inspired me to run, and now you’ve committed me to run. that’s evil!! 😀

    i know that it’s a little presumptuous for a non-runner to go after something so lofty on his first try out. but just for your friends/readers who think that ignorance is bravery, i have two responses: 1) you’re so right. 2) see 1.

  9. looking forward to hearing from ron

  10. Wow that is crazy, good for your friend!

  11. Good luck with all the training Ron sometimes you may not want to bang out that long run but trust me it is all worth it when you cross that finish line and receive that medal!

  12. The pudding is almost as awesome as your Point Break photo. Perhaps if Swayze was feeding the pudding to Keanu… hmm…

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