Ke$ha for President! (Part 2)

Yesterday around 5:30 I was typing up my Ke$ha blog post and remembering how much fun the concert was. Then I got a bright idea. Why don’t I go to the concert AGAIN.

The show was sold out, but I checked Ticketmaster just in case and called House of Blues (no answer). Hubs and I decided to drive to Downtown Disney to see if we could find a scalper. Once we arrived, I checked the HOB box office to see if any tickets happened to free up. They had one. So, we bought it and so began our hunt for Ticket #2.

I asked the box office lady if she had seen anyone selling tickets and she said there were a couple around. So we stood around for an hour trying to find someone.

No dice.

I asked someone who looked like a concert promoter about potential scalpers too. She said that Disney shoos them away and is really strict about it and to walk around with my finger up.


We felt like total d-bags doing this. We walked around, fingers up, waiting for a scalper to approach us and it didn’t happen. Finally, I decided to stand right in front of the box office with my finger up and hubs kept walking around.

Within 1 minute, a guy approached me, asked me how much I wanted to pay, I told him, and the deal was on.

I really liked the way this guy sold tickets too. I gave the ticket to Fabian, he got in, when I saw the ticket was valid, I paid the guy (who looked a lot like Ewan McGregor).

Happy to be inside!

This time I didn’t focus as much on taking pictures as I did on rocking out. Smile But I did get some good ones.

Ke$ha and hubs are twinsies!

This time around I noticed a little tidbit about her backup dancers.

This picture is a little dark, but I love it. Around this time, Hubs started talking to a random chic who told him that she thought Ke$ha was fat.

Um. No my friend. She is not.

At one point, I went to the bar to get a drink. When I went to pay for it, some guy knocked my hand away. I was confused. I thought he was drunk and just being an ass. The bartender informed me he wanted to pay for my drink. So that’s the way you guys do it these days. I’m so old.

I told him thank you and asked him if I could take a dirty picture of him.

Look how cute he is! I had my glasses on and 8 chins and he still wanted to buy me a drink. ❤ ❤  I do feel a little bad because I don’t think he had any idea I ordered a shot AND a beer.

Anyway, if you are reading this cute drink buying man – thanks again. That made my night.

There was a point in Friday night’s show where Ke$ha brought a 13 year old kid up on stage and Saran-wrapped him to a chair.

This was right before she sang “Grow a Pear” so there was a guy dressed in a pear costume on stage and another guy dressed as a penis. I don’t remember this part, but apparently the guy dressed as a penis was slapping his B’s on the kid’s face.

So, so wrong. Even Ke$ha said, “well, this is a new one.”

Pretty sure she got in trouble for that because at Saturday’s show she said she normally does that song but couldn’t do it because Disney didn’t want the penis on stage. I guess with Disney, penises are only ok for The Little Mermaid cover. (Remember that?)

She also dropped “The Harold Song” and didn’t add any new songs, so that was a little disappointing but the show was still crazy fun.

After the concert, the “Ke$ha is fat” girl was trying to schmooze the bouncers to get backstage. I had just enough beer in me to call her out to all her friends and the bouncers. I think I yelled something to the effect of, “she told my husband she thinks Ke$ha is fat!” She admitted it but Hubs thinks I ruined her game because she got a little embarrassed and left.

The girl was probably 15 years younger than me and 9 inches shorter, so I would probably leave if a strange Amazon lady called me out too. But if she got backstage somehow after dissing Ke$ha, I would have flipped out. Smile

Once we got outside of HOB, hubs wanted to wait in the area where all the musicians leave to see if we could see Ke$ha leaving. I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked down to the public one in the Downtown Disney area. While I was there, I could hear a lady with her son in the stall next to me. Her son was crying and she was smacking him and yelling at him to stop whatever he was doing. I must have drank the “special” beer last night because I yelled for her to stop smacking him. She said, “I’m not.” And I said, “Yes you are because I can hear it.”

Anyway, after that exchange the smacking stopped, the crying stopped, and I waited for them for a few minutes to come out of the stall to make sure the kid was ok. I could see the mom cleaning up the floor while I was waiting, so I think the kid couldn’t make it in the toilet and that’s what she was pissed about.

When they came out of the stall, she was just pulling him along to keep up with her but he looked like he was ok so I walked back to find hubs again.

So, there you have it. Night two of Ke$ha. I’m definitely glad I decided to go a second night. Selling out two HOB shows in a row probably means she’s on to bigger venues for the next tour, and those shows are never as fun.

On a final note, neither morning after Ke$ha did I wake up feeling like P. Diddy but I do think her love is my drug.


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18 responses to “Ke$ha for President! (Part 2)

  1. Dude. Who the heck has a kid who isn’t tall enough to consistently pee in a public toilet out as late as the end of the Kesha concert? That is crazy. [notice how there were many other things that could have been crazy in your post, but this is the one that I picked?]

  2. I like your beard. 🙂

    Sounds like you were drinking some liquid courage last night!! Woo on being bought drinks 🙂

  3. That concert looks so fun! And way to call that little snot out on her ridiculous comment!!

  4. Pam

    Good call on two nights of Ke$ha. And you’re so brave! I always just talk behind the backs of people like that. I wish I could say it to their face!

  5. omg. this part 2 made me even happier than part 1.

  6. Love the last line of this post! haha

  7. How is it that you always make me laugh out loud? Paula for President! For reals. I think you could save the world one fat chick and abused child at a time.

  8. How is it that you always make me laugh out loud? Paula for President! For reals. I think you could save the world!

  9. So jealous of your double Ke$ha experiences! Sounds awesome. And, who hits a kid for missing the toilet? What a doucheface.

  10. Ronk

    Unfortunately, what you didn’t know was that kid in the stall was being punished for calling Ke$ha fat.

  11. Mz. Teri

    You must have actually brushed your teeth with a bottle of Jack before THIS show, ….. that’s why you were feeling so brave and feisty! 😉

  12. I am glad you have the balls to say something to that mother. Seriously, why must people treat their children that way. My almost 4 year old nephew is the sweetest little kid. Even when he is naughty, his mom says “Wy, will you please stop that and be good? Or you can go in timeout?” and he straightens right out.

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