A Day for Bunnies

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter. If you don’t celebrate, hopefully you are at least relaxing or spending time with family.

Today is the day my bunny reassesses her goals. She is hard at work to get in shape for bikini season.

She doesn’t think she’s fat but just wants to lose a few pounds and tone up. She might even get a fur cut.

You had to know a gratuitous bunny post was gonna happen today. Smile


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11 responses to “A Day for Bunnies

  1. The bunny on the treadmill is freakin hilarious. Sorry for the confusion I LOVE peeps, I was just saying that most people I know think they are gross. They are awesome though.

  2. Jane

    Gratuitous bunny post leads to obligatory eat the ears first joke.

  3. Lol so cute. I love your bunny!

  4. movesnmunchies

    aahah WHAT A CUTIE!!!

  5. oh bunnies! Always so worried about their figures 😉

  6. Tiffy Smells

    Best ever!!

  7. Too cutsie.
    Bunny questions…
    Does you bunny actually roam the house like a cat?
    Does she sleep in your bed?
    Where is her other ear?

    I’m insanely allergic to bunnies. Just looking at her makes me sneeze.

    • No roaming the house. She has a cage (which she’s in at night) and then a large playpen (that was made for dogs) connected to her cage that she plays in during the day. Bunnies chew everything, including wires and baseboards so they can’t roam free. We do let her run around in the gym though (she does sprints around the room). But she’s always supervised outside of her cage.
      Not sure where her other ear is. We don’t keep it in a box somewhere if that’s what you’re wondering. 😉

  8. I just snorted I laughed so hard.

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