Three Things Thursday

**I’m not a big fan of long posts, but I don’t think I can help it with this one.**

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much I love to travel and all the cities that I can’t wait to see one day. Then I started thinking about all the cities I have seen and the ones that mean a lot. So, today’s three things are cities that have had a lot of meaning to the hubs and I.

New York – The Engagement

I wanted to go to NYC. Bad. At work, I was on a project that was going to send me to Brooklyn for two weeks. I was SO excited and even planned for the hubs to meet me there for the weekend so we could explore the city. The work trip fell through (temporarily, but I didn’t know that at the time) and I was incredibly bummed out. I had never been to NY, I didn’t normally travel, and I felt like I had lost my chance.


Because I was so bummed, the hubs booked a weekend for us out of nowhere. I couldn’t believe he actually pulled the trigger and bought plane tickets and booked a hotel because he usually asks me to do all the dirty work (I worked at a hotel for a long time so I’m comfortable with it.)


Little did I know, he bought an engagement ring for me a month beforehand and thought my business trip to NY would be the perfect place to propose.

Long story short, we were on the top of a double-decker bus exploring the city in 20 degree weather and decided to get off and walk instead of wait for our stop because I couldn’t feel my feet. NO exaggeration. The wind was insane.


On top of the bus, and before his PRK surgery. This was the day before the proposal.

We walked through Rockefeller Center so I could get a picture of the Christmas tree and while I was taking a picture, he was trying to get out the ring.

The ring got stuck in his jacket pocket.

That’s his head on the right. Trying to get the ring out.

I was done taking pictures within 2 seconds and was all, “let’s go now.” I was freezing. He pretended he needed to “see something” and started walking AWAY from the hotel. I got pissed. Real pissed. Something to the effect of , “what the f*ck are you doing?” came out of my mouth. Once he got the ring out of his jacket, he turned around, box open and asked me to marry him.


I was shocked. SHOCKED. Sure, we had been dating for 7 years and I always said things like, “someday when we’re married, you will be my man-slave.” but I had no idea it was coming. First words out of my mouth? A very loud OH MY GOD. Then a YES. And then I asked him if I could see the ring back at the hotel because I was too cold to look at it. He agreed and we speed walked the mile back to the hotel.


Las Vegas – The Marriage

I’d like to sum this one up in bullet points to make a long story short.

  • I wanted to go to Vegas.

the venue

  • He wanted to get married in Orlando because of his family.
  • We booked a venue, chapel, caterer, and photographer and put down deposits in Orlando.
  • Hubs realizes 6 months later that $5000 isn’t the total cost of our wedding but the total cost of HIS half.
  • Hubs all of a sudden wants to go to Vegas.


  • Paula cancels venue, chapel, caterer, and photographer and books wedding in Vegas.


No, we didn’t get married by Elvis.

goofy poses3

Maui – The Honeymoon

This was the first vacation we ever went on. The kind where you’ve never been to the place and you don’t know anyone there. Most amazing vacation I have ever had.


Random overlook.


Black sand beach along Hana Highway.


Lots of wind.


Hiking through a bamboo forest.


Dirt on my calf that Hubs thought looked like air Jordan.


Walking like an Egyptian.




Ridiculously huge flowers.


Bike rides down volcanos. Hubs was thrilled. (Ok, this was the van ride up the volcano.)


White water rafting.


That doesn’t even begin to cover it, but you get the idea. If you’re still reading that is. Smile

Where’s the best place you’ve ever gone on vacation? Where do you want to go on vacation? (I want to go to Anchorage and Vancouver next. But my list is LONG.)


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22 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Love Maui, I want to go back… so beauitful there. I’ve never been to the first 2 places but I want to. And ps I love your engagement story. 🙂

    Best place.. hmmm. I think maybe Maui, I could’ve stayed there forever. If not there, then maybe Australia, I loved it there (and the really cute guys didn’t hurt). I want to go to loads of places lol! California, New York, Boston, Greece, back to France… the list goes on and on!

  2. I went to Maui after my freshman year of college with my mom. By far my favorite vacation. SO relaxing, but so expensive! Good thing we managed to get all 8 days for free!! : )

  3. Ali

    Okay so you might not like long posts but I think that was AWESOME! I also love NYC, your wedding dress was beautiful, I’m totally jealous you got married in Vegas, and thanks for catching me up on your life. 🙂 When we were at UCF you were very much the “oh we’ll get married one day,” mind-set and then when we found each other on Facebook you were married.

    Annnnnnnnd I really wanna go to Maui. I just can’t justify the travel-time when Jamaica is so freakin’ close tho!

    • The flight wasn’t that bad since we flew there from Vegas and not Orlando. But the trip back wasn’t fun – and it was a red eye. By the way, loved your Cocoa Beach story on your blog. I know it’s not there anymore but it stayed in my Reader so I got to read it. 🙂 You have great story telling style! How is it that a tech writer can be such a great creative writer?!

  4. Awww – I don’t think I ever heard your engagement story. Despite being friends and working with BOTH of you. WTH???

    I LOVE traveling – despite hating to fly. I think our honeymoon to Jamaica and my trip to Paris top the list of places I’ve been. I always love going to Boston though — not just where I grew up, but staying in the city. I can’t wait for July/August!

    I do want to go to Hawaii, Australia, and back to Europe (with Dan and the kids).

  5. Pam

    I have lots of dream vacation spots, but I also really love our laid-back, familiar places. Like Gulf Shores, the closest beach to our house. That place feels like home, and it’s probably my favorite place I’ve ever been, even though it’s only 4 hours away.

    That mud spot TOTALLY looks like Air Jordan! I noticed it before I even read your caption!

  6. you had a vegas wedding? LOVE IT. i’ve always maintained that i want a vegas wedding.

  7. Ah, so jealous of your travels! I have the itch, particularly with school ending, to get the F out of SLC.

    Your wedding looked beautiful! I’m thinking Vegas was a great choice! 🙂

  8. it does look like air jordan! good eye!

    this is the best three things thursday i’ve ever read. you get an award!

  9. Mammabird

    Like pictures.

  10. Mammabird

    Favorite vacation: England because they speak English.
    France: no no no
    Germany: nine
    Switzerland: Very beautiful but they also speak some German

  11. Lisa

    Great post.. I have to say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wedding dress!!! I noticed it in an earlier post and meant to comment on it. Gorgeous!

    I haven’t been anywhere really outlandish on vacation… I hate flying more than say 4 hours, so the most I have pushed it is about 3 times to Vegas (which I love). Aruba for our honeymoon, Cancun years and years ago… would love to go back to either place! I would like to get over my fear of long plane rides though and go overseas eventually!

    • Thank you! (about the wedding dress) It was the first one I liked and the first one I tried one, if you can believe that. Cancun is definitely on my list, and possibly for this year since it’s so close. 🙂 I just need to convince the hubs cuz I’m not allowed to go to awesome places without him.

  12. Becky

    That was a lovely, lovely post! 🙂 Wasn’t too long, it had LOTS of pictures. And you are always funny..and post such fun things…even if it’s not a topic I enjoy…I still read most all of your posts because of how you talk about things! 😉

  13. Where did you stay in Hawaii? We got married in Wailea, & honeymooned there as well. I want to move there, I love it so much! We also love: Las Vegas, the Oregon coast, San Diego. On my to do list: Italy, Spain, Tahiti. . . 🙂

    PS – love your blog! And, I’m jealous about Ke$ha. I would totally go!!

    • We stayed in Kahana (Maui) which was really close to downtown Lahaina. We rented a condo there and it was beautiful! I love San Diego too. My family is there and I’m visiting next month. Oh..Tahiti. Put that on my list for sure. (P.S. And thanks for the blog compliment! ❤ )

  14. T

    best vacations…. hmmm…. Miami for Bears Super Bowl, snowboarding and wakeboarding with kids, and Amsterdam for, uh, stuff.

    that could be the funniest ‘surfing’ shot I’ve ever seen. it’s super difficult to stand on a board WITHOUT any waves!!!

  15. You guys have a wonderful and FUNNY story! The fact that it took him 7 years to ask you gives me hope. 🙂 haha

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