End of the Race Season

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 4.2 miles (40.26) 9:27 pace.

[Sorry in advance, this post is a little verbose.]

Last night’s run was extremely hot. It rained before my run (which boosts humidity) and I could see the steam coming off the sidewalk while I was running. I’m ready for an air-conditioned treadmill. I said to myself that I wouldn’t do anymore outdoor runs after my 6-miler on Monday, but I still tortured myself with 4 miles last night. I must have runner’s amnesia.

While I was running, I got to thinking: I’m SO tired of running. I mean, mentally I want to do it but when I get out there I’m not feeling it. At all. I’ve been running for a LONG time, and have loved it for a LONG time. Why is it so different now?

Well for one, I’ve never raced before last October. And since then, I have run ten races in seven months. Nine of those were half marathons. Mentally (and physically), that can take a lot out of you. I was always thinking about the next race and how I had to get out there and train. I was always thinking about how I needed to fuel and I was constantly worrying if I fueled correctly, and in turn worried if I could make it through the race. As I ran more and more races, I couldn’t get my fueling right. So, that just leaves a pit of anxiety in me before every race. I.can’t.get.it.right. Well, 70% of the time I can’t. If I could just work out my stomach issues, I could KILL a half marathon in less than 2 hours. I know it. I mean, I’ve almost done it on a bad stomach – I can’t even freaking imagine what I can do if I felt 100% the whole race.

Now that it’s the end of my race season, I am pretty effin proud of all my races – good and bad. So, I wanted to post pictures of all my medals that hang proudly on the wall in my gym at home. Every time I walk past them, I smile on the inside.

Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon: My first race. The only race I couldn’t walk after (for 2 hours) and thought I might actually die. I remember having a hard time texting my husband that I felt like crap. Also, one of my least favorite races but not because of the dying part.

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon: I had the runner’s high after this race. The ONLY race I have ever felt that after. I PRed by 20 minutes from my first race without even trying. I didn’t fuel during this race at all either – just water and Gatorade. Oh, that medal is a magnet and a bottle opener too. Niiiice.

Baldwin Park Half Marathon: My first race running alone. That kinda sucked. This race was literally down the street from my house, which was awesome. I felt ok during the race but got slightly sick afterwards.

Women’s Magazine Half Marathon: Pretty course and a well-ran race because it was sponsored by Publix, who rocks. I didn’t fuel properly the night before so I didn’t have much energy for this one. I didn’t get sick at all, which was nice. The dangling part of the medal is a necklace charm.

OUC Half Marathon: Another race close to home. I felt pretty good afterwards and PRed (at the time) and didn’t get sick – no runner’s high though. I really liked this race and would do it again this year but I guess I’ll have to cry tears during the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half that I’m running instead. Oh wait. I won’t be crying cuz I’m in VEGAS.

Warrior Dash: Really fun race and I had no idea we got medals until they handed me one at the end. That put a big smile on my face. I felt great after this race, but it is only 3 miles and I eat 3 miles for breakfast.


Melbourne and Beaches Music Half Marathon: Well, I guess I used a different photo effect on this picture. How’s that for short term memory? During the race, I felt horrible after mile 5. Got sick after I finished but it’s been worse.

Gasparilla Half Marathon: First time I got sick DURING a race – twice. Although this race went horribly, it was my absolute favorite of all my races. Beautiful course and perfect weather. I’m doing this again next year.

Sarasota Half Marathon: I felt sick during the race from Mile 9 and on. But the course was awesome, the weather was awesome, I had an awesome time, and I PRed by 3 minutes despite my stomach. I’m already signed up for this one again next year.

Iron Girl Half Marathon: The hardest course I’ve ever run. I felt wiped during this race and got my second worst time. I got sick afterwards – but it didn’t last long. I was glad race season was over at the end of this one.

Tell me about your best or worst race and why it was the best or worse.

By the way, now that I’ve been using my Garmin 405 for over six months, I updated my review if anyone is interested. If you read it and have a question that I didn’t answer in the post, let me know in comments or email (eatwatchrun@gmail.com) and I can update it again. 🙂

Oh, today is BBQ day at work. I’ll let you know if I survive…


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20 responses to “End of the Race Season

  1. tra

    dude, i was doing a 10k “by the beach!” in santa monica, ca- YEAH RIGHT It was by the beach- it was up and down the beach HIGHWAY/street. i ran by…a water treatment plant. EFF THAT! also, the finishing line was down into the parking lot where you get out and go straight to the beach…and the stupid race officials didn’t keep people from leaving…so i was running straight into traffic coming up the ramp to leave the beach. i blame my 4th place (SO CLOSE TO THIRD) finish for my age group on that! lOl

    i think you need to wear all your medals for halloween and be the michael phelps of running.

  2. Marilyn Fluegel

    Paula you should be sooooo proud of yourself for all your accomplishments and the level you have attained
    …I know I am….luv PAM

  3. David

    Never ran in a real race.

    Best race I saw in a movie: the camp Olympiad race in the movie “Meatballs”, between Rudy and that Camp Mohawk chump. 🙂

  4. Wow, you are a racing fool! I love the medals. They make my 2 look pathetic! Haha..

  5. That is a TON of races! No wonder you’re a little burnt out. Definitely take some time off and only run for fun. Racing yourself into the ground isn’t good for anyone!

  6. Amy

    holy cow you’ve ran a ton of races this year! Im only running 1 and im burned out already haha. thats pretty amazing…you definitely deserve a break! I love all those medals thats so cool!!

  7. I’m beyond jealous of the shark bite Myrtle Beach medal. And it’s a handy multi-tool! You’re just like Survivorman!

  8. I totally know how you feel when you just start to despise running & training. Your body’s just so tired from being on such a demanding schedule! But it sounds like you’re ready to give it a rest, and then you can see where you want to go from there.

    I love your training medals pics! Great idea for a post, and it reminds you why you did all of that crazy training in the first place!

  9. movesnmunchies

    DANg.. ive only ever run a 5k.. i know, lame.. so i cannot participate.. but gimme a few years and i will have a long list of all my races 🙂

  10. My worst race was RnR San Antonio because I had stomach issues the whole 13.1 miles. UGHHH.

  11. Wow, you’ve accomplished a lot in just a few short months. You deserve a rest. Amazing that your race season ends when mine’s beginning. Well, I don’t really race, but events are starting now. I love your medal collection; I have medal envy. I haven’t run of a half and my longest was a 10K so far. It was the worst because they ran out of water! And I needed it at the end. Plus my knee was bothering me due to my shoes. But I made it and it was my longest and for that reason it was also the best!

  12. Love all your medals, I’m so in awe! one day I want one 🙂

    Off to read your garmin review, I’m dying for a garmin. Can’t decide if I should wait for the touch garmin or get the 405, hoping your review helps me decide!

  13. Shawntae

    With the exception of a few 5k’s I’m done till November! I can totally relate to how you feel. I’m so proud of my accomplishements (I only ran 3 halves though) but I can really use a break. I’m going to find some beautiful, shaded trails and do some leisurly long runs just for pleasure 🙂

  14. Wow-quite the hardware collection!!!

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