2011 Monsterball Tour

Last night, the hubs, my bestie, and I went to see Lady Gaga at the Amway Center.

The Amway Center is a brand spanking new arena in downtown Orlando that is meant to bring bigger names than were getting booked at the old Amway Arena.

The place is beautiful. A major upgrade from the old arena and the area across from it has exploded with new shops, bars, and restaurants.

We left early because we had VIP tickets that allowed for early floor entrance. We also took a cab so we could all drink without having to worry about driving home.

We waited in a line outside. And once we got inside, waited in another line.

We were behind this guy:

We waited for at least an hour and when they let us in, we got right up on the stage. We stayed there for about two seconds until we realized we were starving and needed alcohol.

So we hung out at the lounge inside the stadium for a little bit.

If you find yourself staring at this picture for a long time, that’s just Lisa entrancing you with her sea blue eyes and supermodel nonchalant smile.

The show was sold out.

There were a LOT of people dressed up like Lady Gaga and I wish I would have gotten some pictures of them, but I felt a little weird about it.

Semi Precious Weapons opened and I really liked them. I might have to do a little Amazon mp3 shopping today…


After the opening band, we were waiting for LG to come on stage and I witnessed unbelievable bigotry. It blows my mind that this crap still happens in 2011. Anyway, some redneck dude was getting in the face of the guy standing in front of me. The guy did nothing to provoke him and even said nothing to him after the guy called him a fa**ot. I mean, really? At a Lady Gaga concert of all places? I think heterosexuals were the minority there. (Oh, and he wasn’t even gay. His girlfriend was in the bathroom.)

Later on during the show, the redneck dude was trying to push his way through the crowd to get to the front when another guy called him out to the guards and they took him out of the crowd.

Ahhhh. Karma. Sometimes you do work.

He didn’t get kicked out though. I saw him again standing in the back of the general admission area when I went to get a drink during the show.

Of course, Lady Gaga was effin awesome. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

My only complaint about the concert is that Lady Gaga had a huge walkway in front of the stage and she barely used it. That was a bummer but she was still amazing.

After the show, we got a cab ride home. The driver decided to put ALL the windows down. WTF?

We all had an awesome time! And we get to do it all again this Friday when we see Ke$ha at House of Blues. Smile Can’t wait!

What’s the last concert you saw and who would you love to see in concert? (I’ve seen almost everyone I’ve wanted to see because I’m such a concert junkie – but I still haven’t seen PJ Harvey, Placebo, or 10 Years and I really want to!)


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8 responses to “2011 Monsterball Tour

  1. How much fun!!! Lisa’s eyes are VERY enchanting. 🙂 I would love to see Adele. 🙂

  2. The last show I saw was Passion Pit, and it blew my mind! This looked like SO much fun…and for some reason it makes me miss my girlfriends from home.

  3. David

    Technically the last concert was “The Pink Floyd Experience” (a great re-creation of the music, lights, etc. – even had a flying pig!). But the last original concert was Rush … always a great show, especially the drummer, my inspiration during my short-lived drumming career. Who’d I like to see? Ozzy!! Saw him once in the 90’s, once more would be awesome.

  4. Love the windy hair pics. Hilarious! I can’t even remember the last concert I went to, because it was a *long* time ago. Dido, I think? She was mind blowingly amazing live. Gorgeous voice.

  5. T

    impressed with your PJH interest. i used to listen to her when i was changing your diapers.

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