Three Things Thursday

Today, we had no internet at work for the first 2 ½ hours and it was like a system meltdown. People running through the halls looking disheveled, skirts flying in the air, no one knowing what to do, and everyone asking the same questions that no one can answer. It actually made Thursday a little more interesting. 🙂

I, of course, stayed cool, calm, and collected while sipping a 9:00am Diet Coke in a Hawaiian Tropic cozy.

And wrote down reasons why my hair could possibly look so frizzy, with my chicken pencil.

Oh, I didn’t work out last night by the way. I napped and then watched the series premieres of Breaking In (In my mind, Christian Slater is still popular and hot like he was in Heathers) and Workaholics.  Then, I went directly back to bed. Did anyone see Workaholics? That show is funny, but it is on at 10:30 at night for a reason.

Now on to today’s three things: Today’s post is about my older (but not oldest) brother Tom.  

(Oh, and I actually have NO new pictures of Tom. Mostly because I haven’t seen him in person for at least 10 years. 😦 He was supposed to come to my wedding but he’s had some serious back issues because of an old job and his doctor said no to travel.)

Tom moved to Florida from Illinois shortly after my mom and I. So, I saw him a lot more than Tim when I was growing up. (Tim stayed in Illinois to go to college.)

I'm on Tom's lap in this picture. Lap sit!

Here are my favorite memories of Tom when I was growing up:

1.  Tom lived with my mom and I for awhile when he first moved to Florida. After a couple years, he found his own place. Maybe I was 8 years old? (This is just a guess, I don’t remember my actual age.) Anyway, after he moved out, he would come over every Friday night, pick me up, and take me over to his apartment to hang out, watch movies, and have a sleepover.

Every Saturday morning, we would get up and watch WWF Wresting (when it was awesome) and he’d take me home in the afternoon.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but think about it: A 21 year old (or so) guy who has friends and is old enough to finally go out drinking legally came and picked his little sister up EVERY weekend and hung out with her on Friday night.

That’s a pretty cool brother.

2.  My mom was an RN and worked the night shift. Being a little kid, I was always kinda freaked out to be at home alone so I ALWAYS had to have the closet door closed when I went to bed.

One Friday night, my mom was at work and I was up watching MTV waiting for Tom to come pick me up. I fell asleep in the rocking chair waiting for him and when I woke up, realized he wasn’t coming, and went to bed. I turned the closet light off and closed the door.

A little after midnight, I woke up and found the closet door open and the light on. I laid there and stared at it for awhile because I was trying to remember why I would keep that door open. When I couldn’t think of a reason, all sorts of things started going through my mind. Then I felt something touch my toe, looked at the bottom of the bed, and saw a head duck down.

I screamed bloody murder.

Tom popped up from the bottom of the bed and started laughing.

This is my absolute favorite picture of me and Tom.

We swam a lot.

I have actually never screamed out loud at something that scared me before. So, I’m glad to know at least that when I’m really gonna crap my pants – the vocals are there.

3.  Here’s where we sound like bad people. My brother and I were going to visit my grandpa in the hospital (I can’t remember why he was in there.) We listened to a radio station that had block party weekends, which is basically playing 3 songs by the same artist in a row. Pat Benatar came on and Tom knew I loved her, so we hung out in the hospital parking lot jamming to Heartbreaker and 2 other songs for 15 minutes before going in to visit our grandpa.

We may go to hell for that. But, I think Pat Benatar is worth it.

With my SIL (married to my other brother and my niece who will be 15 next month)

Please ignore all acne.

Honorable mention: He took me to EVERY Arnold Schwarzenegger movie that came out. We pretty much loved anything with Arnold, Dolph Lundgren, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. We are classy.

Note: I did not have to look up the spelling to Schwarzenegger. Good thing I know how to spell that instead of do any type of math.

So, I fessed up to loving Christian Slater, Pat Benatar, Arnold, Dolph, and Jean-Claude all in one post. Now tell me who you still love from the 80s/90s?


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21 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. David Duchovny and James Spader. I was clearly a middle aged woman at heart from a very young age.

    • Oh, I LOVE James Spader. My best friend and I would watch movies with him just cuz he was in them. Nothing to do with them looking good. A surprise fave of ours = Dreamlover.

  2. Virginia

    I still love Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi, Poison, Keanu Reeves, John Hughes movies, Nightmare on Elm Street (which you and I saw one together) and just about every other horror movie that came out at that time. Oh, also SNL with Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers. I remember sending most of the school day talking to you about what happened on SNL. Thoughs were good times.

  3. Marilyn Fluegel

    That was a great tribute to Tom…what a neat ‘Bro’..Pam

  4. Becky

    Nice post! I used to love Jean-Claude when I was in high school. Watched all his movies…hahahahah! Such a sweet post…kind of sad you haven’t seen him in so long and you were (are) close! You all should visit!!! Definitely one cool brother that wanted to share his Friday nights with his little sister!

  5. Ann & Nancy Wilson, Pat Benatar & Jem 🙂 Your brother sounds like a pretty awesome guy. My dad loved all those Ahnold movies. 🙂

  6. Okay so I live with my boyfriend but am like a lady in waiting for Keanu Reeves. He is HOT! Like totally dude! So when I was like 7 years old, I had a crush on the following men. Six million dollar man, Magnum PI, The incredible hulk (not when he was green) and I am sure a few others. Now let me say I was 7 years old and these men were OLD. I look back and wonder ?WTF was I thinking. I mean really BILL BAXTER (hulk). google him ..he is not the best looking dude. What can i say I was 7. My mom would tuck me in at night and I remember saying “mommy I have so many boyfriends..lets count all my boyfriends.. it was like counting sheep for me.

  7. Love how close you and your bro are! He sounds great. At least half my ipod is pre-1990, if I had to pick a favorite, I’ll go with Bon Jovi. Living on a Prayer is the best thing ever.

  8. Jenn

    I have a thing for Christian Slater also! Did you forget Gleaming the Cube?

  9. can i just tell you how much I love this post!

  10. I still have a man crush on MacGyver. I had a crush on Linda Cater (Wonder Woman). I would have to put my pj’s on behind the tv…I didn’t want her to see me. Later on and still now it has to be Alyssa Milano.

  11. Mz. Teri

    Love me some sexy, sexy Keanu Reeves! On a related note, I think my MEB has a man-crush on Tom Selleck. lol He has a Tom Selleck costume that he’s been dying to where sometime!

    And I’m totally impressed that your brother was willing to let you stay at his place on a Friday night when he was that age. He’s a keeper! 🙂

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