New (un)Style

My hair is all done and purdy-like. I decided to go with the Sandra Bullock style and get more blonde highlights – plus, get the roots done on the highlights I already had.

That was a last minute decision. Walking in, I was just going to have my roots done and have chocolate brown lowlights put in. Maybe next time.

You know how your hair looks better the day after you wash it? Well, mine doesn’t. Mine looks like a greasy burger from Five Guys. I have to wash my hair daily, and sometimes twice a day if I work out. (I’m that disgusting red-faced, sweaty chic at the gym.)

You know when my hair does look good?

Ugh. It never fails.

Here I am getting toned. (Not my muscles.)

I caught up on blogs during my appointment and tried to comment on them from my phone which is really annoying. I wanted to get an oil change afterwards, but I was too hungry and needed to head home to do some damage to the refrigerator.

This was all I had in my purse for a snack during my 3 hour appointment.

Almonds sitting on my girly bits.

Here’s me after the appointment. (Don’t worry, it’s not styled.)

I told my salon gal not to style it – so this is just blow-dried. Usually I forego the blow dry and style to save 45 minutes of my life. Today I wanted it styled but I have a 6pm appointment with the personal trainer in which my man-sweat is sure to derail any good hair day.

I do feel kinda “cutesy” having bangs again. So, I’ll post a better picture later so you all don’t think I just paid $130 to look worse.

Oh yeah, and thanks to my brother for recommending some really great styles for me in the comments. This one got knocked to second place at the last minute.


What are you doing this weekend? (I’m going to try to not drink every beer I see, and stay on the lower-carb diet I’ve been doing this week.)


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19 responses to “New (un)Style

  1. The new do and color looks nice! Its such a great feeling when your hair is done…love that.

    I, too, am that sweaty, red faced girl at the gym. Every now and then, I get a weird look from people. I don’t know what they want me to do; I can’t change it.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Yes! Once she cut 2 inches off my layers my head felt so much “lighter.” So if anything, it feels better. I say we embrace our sweatyness. Makes us look like we’re working hard. 🙂

  2. Random Runner

    Make that 3 for red faced, sweaty girls at the gym! I am right there with you! I can actually wring out the front part of my hair after a good workout and the back is all plastered to my head. So gross.

    Cute new look by the way! 🙂

  3. Looks great and I’m disappointed that you didn’t go for that lat option. I would have expected more from you!

  4. last*

    I don’t know English.

  5. I like it and really like the bangs on you! Meow! Haha.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. tiff

    hotness! and not just at the gym!

  7. I’m digging the bangs! I’ve been thinking about getting me some bang action too, but then my sister in law got them so now I have to wait like a month so I’m not copying:)
    I get really really red when I work out or run, but not very sweaty. Then I’m red for 2 hours after and people ask if I’m ok a lot.

  8. ooh, I like it! The bangs were an excellent decision!

  9. I love it! You look so fresh and pretty!!!!

  10. That last option is pretty sexy. The eyebrows are also noteworthy.

  11. I like it!! Makes me want to make a change.

  12. movesnmunchies

    HOT DANG i love your HAIR!!!

  13. i love your hair! and i just got my bangs trimmed and feel amazing with them as well.

    tonight i’m going to try and catch up on the sleep debt i’ve accumulated…because tmrw night is going out night. and i know i wont sleep a wink

  14. My hair looks worse the day after washing too. I don’t get what people mean that it’s easier to style the day between shampoos! I can barely get a comb through it! haha.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Super duper cute! I love it even unstyled!

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