Three Things Thursday

Today’s three things are all about my hubs. If you don’t know him personally, he’s a shy and quiet guy until you get to know him or he’s had a few adult beverages.  I’m just loud all the time, so I make up for him. Because he’s shy, I’m sure he will love having a post all about him.

Alright, here we go.

1.  He’s a black belt in Taekwondo.

I would have to search high and low to find a picture of him doing his black belt testing, so instead take a look at our bunny taking a nap yesterday.

Now take a look at what he does when I ask him to pose for a picture.

Now, what was the first thing I wrote about him?

Sheesh, you guys. There’s gonna be a test after this. Keep up! Smile

2. He’s a really good hula hooper. And by really good, I mean he has actually taught hula hooping classes at high schools and he can do all sorts of cool tricks and stuff.

He also makes and sells his own hoops. We have a TON of hoops in the garage.

Everyone thinks it sounds girly that he hoops until they see him do it, and then they shut their mouf. Smile

3.  He’s really into making his own Halloween costumes.

Usually he works on these costumes on and off for months. This is pyramid head from Silent Hill. He made the “head” from scratch and glued everything together individually and then spray painted it. I really think the ironing board captures the creepiness of this costume.

And for comparison’s sake:

Here he was a TV Newscaster. (And I totally take credit for giving him the idea this year, he just executed it better than I would have.)

Here he was Big Daddy from Bioshock. (Bioshock is a video game for all of you non-geeks.)

And for comparison’s sake:

Are you and your significant other alike or complete opposites? If you can tell me in a rhyme, you get extra points.


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20 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. tiff

    whoa! awesome costumes! *impressed* can he make me one that makes me looks like a skinny fast runner? thanks!

  2. Oh my gosh, your hubby wubby is so creative.

    My and My Guy are similar, but not exactly the same!

  3. Mz. Teri

    LMAO! I remember seeing your hubs in a couple of those costumes trying to win the street party costume contest held downtown O-town. I think the year he wore the tv newman costume is the year I started calling him “Fabman”… because of the “FAB 35” news channel emblem. 😀

  4. Your hubby wubby cracks me up! I love the pictures of you two in the car.. Classic!! 🙂 And how does he make hula hoops look so cool!? I wish I had one! Good exercise, right?!

  5. Oh this is fantastic. His costumes are GREAT!
    My kiddos at school always want me to hulahoop with them so I’m positive he would be a huge hit!!

  6. In a word-Wow. His costume renditions are crazy good. And hula hooping is not girly. I hate that! I couldn’t hula hoop to save my soul and I AM a girl.

  7. Those are some major costumes! I’m thinking girls night at your house sounds fun with all the hula hoops! After a few drinks I’m sure I could do some fun tricks!

  8. I am a bit different than my man in several different ways.
    He likes movies-I like plays.
    I’m a chatterbug
    and he’s rather quiet.
    But when we’re drunk together….
    we are quite the riot.

    I think your hubs (hubby wubby) sounds like an incredible person with extraordinary talent. I would LOVE to wear more costumes for things but it’s always the whole time to make it part that sucks for me. He should go into business re-creating costumes! Hula hooping takes some serious skillz. I give him a TON of credit for doing his own thang. I’ve said it before…but I think you guys would be HILARIOUS to hang out with!

  9. Danielle

    Tells your hubby wubby he’s the shit…oh and he’s a shit for not coming out to play with me tonight 😉 But steal me as hula hoop and we’ll call ity even..

  10. My favorite costume was “the Birds”. 🙂 Back in the day. Interesting – by day the mild mannered graphic artist…..who knew about all that other stuff.

  11. Hula hooping?? Seriously? That is cool!

    And holy cow on the creative costumes!

  12. Me and my boyfriend are opposites. Haha yours kinda reminds me of mine in that he’s also really into nerdy references from sci fi. My boyfriend has a bunch of random hobbies, like me. But we’re different in that he is so rational and stress free at all times, and I’m a little emotional and more prone to stress at times. Sorry for not rhyming, haha, I’m not as clever as you!

  13. Major props to your husband because I definitely cannot hula hoop! It’s harder than you think! He comes up and executes the coolest costumes!

  14. mad hoola hoop skills will definitely come in handy down the road

  15. Like everyone else on here, I am really impressed with your husband! Those costume are out of control. For Halloween, I put on a fake mustache and think I’m the queen bitch, but those are so far beyond that. He needs to make you guys tons of money with his genius creativity!

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