Three Things Thursday

Workout:  Ran on treadmill 2.2 miles (20 min), walked .8 miles (11 min)
That was me getting my ass out of bed this morning at 5:30.  (Holla!) Then I ate a huge cookie for breakfast. (Stop holla-ing!)

(last night’s) Workout: 1 hour w/ personal trainer

3 sets:
10-15 L pull-ups
25 squats on a balance thingy (that’s the technical term)
Walking planks with a power wheel

3 sets:
25  medicine ball slams (15lb)
15 decline push-ups
100 bicycle abs

After each set, we did a .25 mile run.  Very booty kicking workout. I love that!


Now it’s time for Three Things Thursday. Today will be 3 random things about me cuz talking about yourself is the coolest.

1.  For a year, I took Capoeira, which is a Brazillian dance martial art.
(That link is to a Capoeira demo from my instructor. The video is dark, but you can still see how awesome he is. He’s the one in the black t-shirt in the picture.)

Can you spot me? Cowering in the back.

Capoeira is pretty much the most awesome looking martial art out there. And it’s HARD. If you’ve ever played the Tekken video games, the character Eddie Gordo fights with Capoeira.

I quit after a year, because I was just horrible at it. But, if you can do it well, you look like one bad-ass mother. If you can’t, like me, you look like a Richard’s Simmons workout video.

2.  I change my hair color. A lot.

Blondie bear

Hello red!

This wasn’t black, but it looks close. (I’ve done black too.)

Au naturale – strawberry blonde

There have been a ton of in-between colors too, but you get the idea.

3.   Even though my natural color is red, I have very little Irish in me. I’m mostly German. Which basically means I’m taller than everyone else and can drink you under the table.

Lastly, in the spirit of the holiday, I will bestow some St. Patrick’s Day knowledge on you (and I just learned this from Facebook so it has to be true).

A lot of people say, “St. Patty’s Day” which is incorrect. Patty is short for Patricia. It’s actually, “St. Paddy’s Day.” Paddy is short of Patrick. Now go forth and tell people how wrong they are all day when they use “Patty’s.” They’ll love it!

 What are you doing for St. Paddy’s Day?  (I’m going to a happy hour tonight. This might be the first time I’ve celebrated the day in years!)


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11 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I challenge you on #3. Will be by your desk shortly with a measuring tape and a bottle of whiskey.

  2. Mz. Teri

    HA! You and I are cut from the same cloth – strong German heritage (with a wee-bit of Irish mixed in), “big boned”, and we can handle our alcohol. You are taller than me though, so I’ll give you that one. 😉

    Too bad I can’t come out to celebrate St. Paddy’s day with you tonight. My oldest daughter leaves for her firt over-sea trip tomorrow, and she’s staying at my place tonight so I can make sure she has everything packed and ready to go. However, if all goes well early in the evening, maybe I’ll be able to get out a bit later and join you. Text me where you will be celebrating. 🙂

  3. I change my hair color A LOT too. I’ve been doing it since I was 13 I think.

    I’ve heard that tip about St Patrick’s Day and forgot all about. Now I feel like an idiot for writting Patty’s all over the bloggy world. DOH!

  4. Yay for red heads! I colored my hair black before and it was a DISASTER. My pastyness but black hair looked disgusting. Never doing that again.
    Capoeira sounds interesting! I would suck.

    I probably wont do anything tonight. No one needs a tipsy person on crutches. That might be a huge mess.

  5. when i was in high school i changed hair color CONSTANTLY. i was all over the place. love the red on you. stunning!

    i think i’m celebrating st. pattys day tmrw. hollller 🙂

  6. thank you so much for the Richard Simmons reference, i actually laughed out loud at that one. 😉

    and you and me both girl, i’ve been every color of the rainbow. i’m naturally extremely dark, but i’ve been various shades of red/yellow for the past 15 years. have a great time at happy hour! have one for me too!

  7. You look good in all colors, I especially love the red! I’m totally loving that t-shirt! I’m mostly German as well but somehow missed the tall gene.

  8. I like the blonde best. (:

    I’ve always wanted to do medicine ball slams. So angry. So fun.

  9. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I typed it wrong all day! At least now I’ll be prepared to correct everyone I know next year… 😉

    That style of martial arts sounds nuts! …in the best way possible. It’d be so cool to have those skills, but I can’t imagine I’d be all that good at it. I had to quit gymnastics at level 3 because my flexibility/coordination isn’t exactly stellar….and all the younger kids were passing me. This is why I stick to running these days.

  10. Major kuduos to you for getting up at 5:30am to work out! I can barely get out of bed at 6:40am!!

    Playing with hair colour is fun! I’ve had blonde, super blonde, red underneath, brown, dark brown, etc. Never black though

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