The End of the Race Season

I registered for two races today.

The Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater on April 10…


…and the Sarasota Half Marathon next year on March 11. It’s a year away, but I know I want to do it. And right now, the price is $20 less than what I paid to run it this year.


I may or may not being running Iron Girl alone. Michelle can’t decide if she wants to run it or not. Go over to her blog and tell her how lonely I am without her and that she needs to run it. It’s on the beach! I think that’s reason enough.

(Edit: Ok, it’s NEXT to the beach. Not on sand people, I’m not that crazy. ;-))

After the Iron Girl Half, I will be taking a little break from running. I’ll still do one or two 4-7 milers a week, but nothing long distance. I need to get my lady-muscles back, so it’s time to start focusing more on strength training. (I might even do some before/after pics.)

I’ll worry about the running in June when I start my marathon training for the Savannah Rock n Roll Marathon.

Speaking of marathon training, Michelle is signing up for Track Shack’s Marathonfest to keep her motivated during training. It’s basically a group marathon training program. I do think running with other people and being accountable to show up for specific runs will keep my training in check. Plus, I might make some new running buddies that will eat cupcakes with me afterwards.

By the way, I googled “running while eating” in hopes of finding a funny picture to insert here. Instead, the search gave me this:

You are welcome.

Training starts June 4. The part I’m worried about: running in the Florida heat. I was really considering doing a lot of my marathon training on the treadmill. Running last year outside during the summer nearly killed me – and I only ran at night.

Biggest Pro for me:

  • The course is planned out for you and it’s different each time – so I won’t have to circle around a neighborhood 8 times trying to get a specific distance while looking like a sweaty neighborhood stalker.

Biggest Con for me:

  • Waking up at 4-4:30am one day on every weekend from June until my full marathon. (Which is almost necessary because of the heat. It’s hotter at night than in the morning because the pavement hasn’t had time to cool all night.)

What do you all think? Have you followed a plan like this when all you want to do on the weekends is drink beer and sleep in?

All this marathon talk is really making me look forward to my break in running.

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