Three Things Thursday

It’s time again for a little Three Things Thursday action. I’ve already talked about my mom and dad, so it’s only fair I cover my other family members, right?

Today’s post is dedicated to my older brother, Tim. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever grown up with older siblings. I’m talking about the kind that can drive by the time your one and can kick your butt because they weigh 7x as much as you. But it goes a little something like this:

And like this:

My, that’s a sexy half shirt and shorty shorts you have there.

Let’s just say that both of my brothers gave me plenty of sisterly torture growing up. But I gave them plenty of poopy diapers in return. And that was just last week.

Of course I grew up, they stayed skinny, and I got fatter than them so it’s much harder for them to torture me now.

Sometimes having big brothers wasn’t so bad. Like here:

And here:

Pretty sure Tim has a beer there and there’s liquor on the coffee table in the background. Maybe that’s why I think there’s someone on the phone.

So my three things today are my favorite memories of my brother Tim (my other bro, Tom, will get his post later). Winking smile

1. Growing up during my school years, Tim lived in Illinois and I lived in Florida. So, he would fly down to visit my mom and I. I always looked forward to his visits. Honestly, I thought having older brothers was the coolest.thing.ever. (Still do!)

During one visit, Tim promised he’d take me mini-golfing. (Remember, he can drive and has a job. I’m 10 and think a quarter is a lot of money.) Instead of taking me, he set up a cup in the house, gave me a putter, set a golf ball like, 10 feet away from the cup, and told me he would only take me mini-golfing if I made 3 putts in a row.

I tried. Missed them all. And was sufficiently traumatized for life.

(By the way, he eventually took me. He just waited it out a littttttle too long.)

This was when my mom and I visited Tim in Manhattan Beach. I was probably 19 or 20 and was wicked awesome at styling my own hair. 😐

2.  During one of my trips out to San Diego to visit Tim, we went to a wine bar to meet up with a couple of his buddies. One of Tim’s favorite phrases is “Doh!” so he was trying to convince his friend that he was a writer on the Simpsons for 3 years. The conversation went like this:

  • Friend to me: Did Tim write for The Simpsons for 3 years?
  • Me: Well, it was more like 2 1/2 years.
  • Tim: True, there was the 6 month internship.

We were laughing over it later on but didn’t realize he actually believed us. He called my sister-in-law the next day to confirm with her.

Lesson learned: If it sounds too amazing to be true and it’s coming from our mouths, it probably is.

3. If you’ve been reading this blog for a little bit, of course you know this had to make the list. My brother gave me away at my wedding. Smile

Thanks for stepping in when Dad couldn’t make it, Big Bro.

Us at dinner after the wedding.

Honorable Mention: Tim taking me to my first R-rated movie. Well, not the first one I had ever seen, but the first one where he considered me “old enough” that I was worthy of seeing an R-rated movie with him without yelling “boobies!” if I saw them. It was Rainman.

Do you remember the first R-rated movie you saw? I remember the first one everyone in my family took me too. Mom (Cocktail), Dad (Nuts with Nick Nolte and Barbara Streisand), and Tom (Link – a monkey-horror movie with Elisabeth Shue).

Yeah, “Watch” isn’t in my blog title for nothing.


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14 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. Marilyn Fluegel

    Fun to remenice……..PAM

  2. Katie G

    Excuse my tactlessness, but that there is a good-lookin’ fella :-).

  3. What a sweet brother!!
    I think the first Rated R movie I remember seeing was Fear and I was maybe 10. I was at a slumber party and the girls mom let us watch it and I thought I was quite the rebel. : )

  4. oh wow, you’re making me miss MY brother!! (sigh….thank God for Skype.) you must’ve had a beautiful wedding, where did you get married? (p.s. i’m racking my brain about the movie but i just can’t think of one. Cocktail was probaby up there though!)

  5. LOVE this. Tributes are my favorite. Your brother was a stud. O man…I love the Simpson inside joke thing. Gullible people rock. 🙂

  6. T

    you had to do it, didn’t you? busting out high school pictures. D’Oh! remember, it was the 70’s. everybody looked like that. amazingly, the outfits haven’t improved much as evidenced by my freshman daughter and her friends.

    but now we have a little problem. you’ve published unapproved pictures of me. i feel obligated to do the same.

    while i’m flattered to be the topic of your prestigious blog, i am having trouble connecting my dot to either the EAT, WATCH, or RUN dot. although, i did eat a burrito for lunch, which caused the entire office to watch me run to the….

  7. This post is perfect. LOVED the pictures- you and your brothers look hysterical!

  8. Mammabird

    It’s a trip down Memory Lane for sure.

  9. Stacie

    I just the old pictures of you and your brother. It seems like you have a really special relationship with him (even when he was choking you!) haha

    I don’t remember my first R rated movie but I remember being SO embarrassed when I was 15 years old and my sister, her husband, and a boy I liked came over and they wanted to watch the movie Old School. My dad wouldn’t let me watch it because of the BJ class scene. SO embarrassing!!

    • T

      old school may possibly be the best movie ever made. after caddyshack. although step brothers and talladega nights are right up there.

  10. Probably Titanic? Lol lol how lame :-p
    You are too die for in your wedding pictures 🙂

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