Food Confessions

Workout: Ran 2.1 miles on the treadmill, walked .9 miles

That’s day three of waking up in the morning and working out. This waking up thing really sucks and I considered going back to bed. I didn’t want to feel like a loser so early in the morning (usually I reserve that for the afternoon), so I forced myself on the treadmill (in a completely platonic way).

I’d do more than 2 miles, but honestly, I don’t want to wake up earlier. It takes all I have to get up 30 minutes early right now.

Three days down, two to go.

Even though it’s only three days, I’m noticing a lot of changes:

  • I have way more energy all day.
  • I’m in a MUCH better mood.
  • I’m eating a healthier breakfast than normal. Usually I’m not hungry right after a workout, so I’ve been drinking a protein shake every morning instead of eating a PB&J English muffin and cheesecake. (I wish I was kidding about the cheesecake.)
  • I don’t eat as many sweets throughout the day.

You’d think with all these benefits, I’ll keep doing it. But I probably won’t. I’ll revert to bad habits, but for now I’m enjoying the benefits.

With all these GOOD things happening, it’s making me remember all the bad things I used to do. Or maybe I still do them. But unless you stalk me in person, you’ll never know.

So with that, I give you…my food confessions!

  • When I was in middle school, my mom always had cream cheese frosting in the house. So, when she wasn’t looking, I would lick 2 huge spoonfuls like a lollipop. She would notice the frosting was missing. I would pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about. Eventually she noticed I never touched the chocolate frosting, so she got wise and only bought chocolate so I wouldn’t eat it all.

  • I eat cheesecake backwards. Graham cracker crust? Umm…best part! My hubs hates this because by the time he gets to it, the crust is gone. That’s what he gets for eating cheesecake like a normal human. Sucker.
  • Food that I need to stop eating to avoid eating every other sweet in the house? Graham crackers. In particular, Goldfish Grahams or graham crackers with cream cheese frosting on them. (I’m seeing a pattern here.)
  • I just bought a box of graham crackers (that I didn’t even want) because they were shaped like bunnies. < —- 12 years old

  • You know how they say if you have one indulgent meal that you should just get “back on the wagon” for the next meal? Well, I can’t do that. Once I’ve eaten crap for one meal, the rest of the day is shot and I will eat anything put in front of me. Well, not poo.

By the way, I completely blame my mom for my love of frosting. She told me that when I was a baby, I wouldn’t take a pacifier. So, she would put lemon frosting on it and I would suck on it for hours.

I’m pretty sure she doomed me from the start.

What’s YOUR food confession?


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19 responses to “Food Confessions

  1. I love how I feel after working out in the morning. I eat healthier all day, feel more energized, sleep better at night, am in a better mood…but it is SOOO hard to get in the habit once you get out of it!!

    Good luck and hang in there–it is SO worth it!

    ps-what’s wrong with eating cream cheese frosting straight from the fridge? 🙂

  2. Ali

    We must be in sync for realz, because I am about three days away from a post about food guilt and the results of my attempts to make it to a 6am spin class (HA! Double HA to that kitty treadmill pic).

    Your post is super encouraging. I’m hoping I’ll get more energy, but betting I’ll be dragging ass until my body realizes I’m not kidding…

    Keep it up woman! You’re an inspiration!

    (but that backwards cheesecake thing is just weird….)

    • It’s totally worth it! It just doesn’t seem like it at 5:30am but I try to forget that part and just get my ass out of bed. You can totally rock a 6am spin class. I did a 5:45 am one (on Mondays no less) for about 6 months and it was awesome because there’s only like 10 people in class.

  3. Keep going girl, I have been getting up for years before school at 4am. It does get easier, and I love getting my workouts over for the day. The only thing hard about it is if you have had a late night the night before.
    Food Confessions….hmmmm mine woud be PIZZA and Ice Cream. A while back,if I had any unhealthy junk I would retreat to taking the entire day of eating crappy. I have been doing better in the past year or so allowing myself small portions here and there.
    PS I love your blog 🙂

    • Yes! That’s the worst part. I don’t get to bed until at least 11pm every night. So that wake up call hurts. I have a weakness for ice cream too. With crushed up graham crackers on it or an oreo. So good. 🙂 Thanks for the comment! I think I’ll go over and check out your blog now.

  4. Don’t give up! Keep going! To be honest, I can’t wake up super every day. 2-3 days a week is all I’ve got in me.

    Graham cracker crust is DEFINITELY the best part of cheesecake (honestly, you can keep the cake part).

    My food confession — I can eat an entire (BIG) bag of salt and vinegar chips in one setting. Hmmm…maybe if I do that one Saturday night I’ll run super fast on Sunday?

  5. Mammabird

    I totally forgot about putting lemon frosting on the pacifier
    But it worked!!!

  6. My food confession? I once bought Philadelphia pre-made cheesecake filling and a tub and would just eat it out of the tub with a spoon. No joke. Lol.

  7. I need to start working out in the morning like I had to for college practices. I had so much energy throughout the day and got up at 5:30am, but that won’t happen. I understand the need to sleep!!
    Food confession? I LOVE cool whip. Seriously, I buy it and eat it all out of the tub. It’s a really bad habit, but I can’t help it. It’s delicious!!

  8. I am the same way about getting back on the wagon after a bad meal. It is all downhill from there. End of story. FYI: the time changes this weekend so the sun will be up earlier in the morning. I am holding out hope that this will make morning running a little easier.

  9. I love the cat treadmill picture! Sorry I had to comment just to say that:)

  10. Stacie

    True story. This post made me go to the grocery store and get graham crackers and cream cheese frosting. Holy Yum!

  11. Milk with everything. And I mean everything. Pickles especially.

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