Weekend Recap

This weekend has felt short but it’s been fun. It started out with a little visit from my friend Kristianna on Friday afternoon.

Yep. That’s me. As a blonde.

We had a nice relaxing afternoon and watched a movie I’ve been wanting to see for awhile – Love and Other Drugs. (Yes, On-Demand’s favorite customer is back!)

Wow, there was a lot of nudity in that movie. Did not expect that. And I just don’t understand the poster for it either. If you watch it, their body language in the poster makes no sense with who their characters were in the movie. But whatever. Jake is half naked, so I shouldn’t be complaining.

Anyway, we all (hubs included) liked the movie. Something happened to my tear ducts toward the end, because an unidentified liquid started coming out of them.

I looked like this.

Saturday night, the hubs and I met up with my bestie and went to Shaker’s Lounge, a Bennigan’s turned night club in Casselberry. We aren’t into the club scene at all, but we meet up there every now and then because the place has the craziest mix of people for a club, so it’s just fun to people watch. Plus, they have awesome martinis and if you get sick of the music inside, you can chill at the tables outside.

Lisa is often in awe of what I’m saying, as evidenced in this picture.

For me just extending my arm, that is an awesomely centered pic.

They had a pole dancing contest that night, and the bouncer told me I should enter because, “I’m not ugly.”

Thanks? I think.

This morning the hubs and I hit up the Sweet Tomatoes breakfast buffet with the in-laws. Now I’m off to do some chores and buy some weed killer. I’m starting a new project called “Make-my-yard-look-less-crappy.” Right now it looks like this.

Maybe I can even get a run in later tonight. *fingers crossed*

Does anyone like gardening out there? Do you want to do some at my house? I’m really good at killing plants and forgetting to water them, as evidenced by this photo. It’s a good thing I don’t have kids because I’d probably forget to water them too.


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7 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Love the blonde. Oodles.

    I absolutely adore the fact that you used the phrase “as evidenced” twice in this post. It has, of late, taken a back seat to its Generation Z cousin, “obvi.”

    I so want to see this movie. Jake G. is a hottie.

    AND I love to garden – food products, mostly. And I’m only slightly jealous that my gardening dreams will have to wait another couple months to come to fruition. We here in Snowball, OH have to wait until after Mother’s Day to plant.

    • I didn’t even notice I did that twice. I think that’s like, one of the first signs of old age. If you’re ever in Orlando, I’d be happy to make your gardening dreams come true. I have a brown thumb. And wow, that sounds wrong.

  2. 1. I LOVE blog posts that include random pictures of Dawson
    2. best arm – extension picture I have ever seen
    3. did you enter the contest and kick ass or what?
    4. I read “I need to get some killer weed” TWICE before I finally understood that sentence and realized that I was right in my original thoughts that you are not, in fact, a drug addict

    • I did not enter the contest. You never know where those poles have been, that’s what I say. 😉 Hilarious about #4! It makes me think there are probably some really disappointed dyslexic drug addicts out there.

  3. We watched Love & Other Drugs the other weekend and it was good….the brother definitely is the funniest part of the movie!

  4. I definitely need to see that movie.

    I love gardening in that–I love the produce…I love being outdoors working on my tan…I love organizing where the plants should go. But…like weeding and taking care of the plants…yah..that’s Ryan’s job for a reason. I’ll just keep watering the kids instead. 🙂

  5. Paula, i just found your blog and i’m lovin it! (er, did Joey just leave Dawson again??) gotta admit, i do NOT have a green thumb. i tried growing parsley on my balcony once and that didn’t last over night. 😛

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