Fee *Pho* Fo Fum

Workout:  Ran 2 miles on the treadmill (9:05 pace) and walked a little bit for a warm up/cool down

By the way, those miles were logged THIS morning. I don’t do morning workouts, so that’s pretty hard core for me and I might be feeling a little bad-ass. I also have an hour scheduled with the personal trainer tonight. And I might do 2 more miles after that if I’m feeling spunky.

Speaking of the personal trainer, last night the hubs and I headed over to Linda’s house for a small dinner party. There is only one thing you need to know about Linda besides the fact that she has continuously kicked our butts with her workouts for almost 2 years.

The girl can cook.

She makes the most amazing pho soup…evarrrr. She was running a little behind when we arrived, so I offered to help. A quick lesson later, and I was rolling summer rolls with Linda’s neighbor, Tammy.

The Hubs can take a rockin’ picture of me, no? I particularly like the way my eyes are half-closed and how the stripes on my face match my sweater.

My first two summer rolls. I was so proud. I think I’m giving them the “double guns” here for being awesome.

Linda also gave me the job of putting the onions and cilantro in the soup. You don’t have to say it. I know. I’m quite the helper. Only the big, important jobs for me.

I discovered I love lots of lettuce in my pho. I could have dumped that whole plate into my soup. But it was too pretty, so I took a picture instead.

Linda also makes her own peanut sauce that will make you declare your love to it in haiku.

I love you so sauce.
You make me happy and fat.
Get in my belly.

Sometimes my talent for poetry can’t be controlled.

Soup’s on!

Still steaming.

Linda also made an awesome dessert but I didn’t get a picture because it was consumed so fast it broke the sound barrier.

We’ll call that Detour #2 on no sugar week.

How many of you are nerdy enough that you actually counted the syllables in that haiku?


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3 responses to “Fee *Pho* Fo Fum

  1. tiff

    LOL *raises arm* i totally counted the syllables 😛
    what kind of noodles goes in that soup? i tried making pho soup and couldn’t find the thicker rice noodles. prolly hafta go to a speciality store, no?

  2. Hahaha you are hilarious! Those spring rolls look delicious and your Toy Story picture made my day 🙂

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