Two Years Ago Today…

My big brother walked me down the aisle…

To music by a violinist that really looked like Roy Orbison (it was weird)…

My best friend stood beside me…

While I married my (other) best friend…

Our amazing friends and family flew out to Las Vegas (from Orlando, Reno, and San Diego) to see us…

And they took better pictures of us than the stupid photographer…

We had a great dinner afterwards with a toast from my big brother…

And danced the night away… (Hubs doesn’t dance on top of bars, but my girls do!)

We stayed for a day of fun afterwards with a couple of friends and then headed to Maui for our honeymoon…

Happy Anniversary, Wookie! Smile


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11 responses to “Two Years Ago Today…

  1. Corey - The Runner's Cookie

    Such beautiful pictures!! Happy Anniversary, Paula! Hope you and your husband have a great time celebrating 🙂

  2. Congratulations on 2 years and 7 on top of that! What a great accomplishment. You’ll eventually get your hubs to run! : )

  3. T

    way to think it through frank….

  4. Pretty pictures! Your dress was pretty 🙂 You mentioned it in an email/comment, but what went wrong with the photographer?

    • Originally we had a fabulous photographer lined up in Orlando, but when we decided to go to Vegas, we got a wedding package that included the photographer. We spent 2 hours with him taking all sorts of pictures and we liked about 15 of them. Also, most of them had this “grainy” look to them and they weren’t crisp at all. We were so bummed. A lot of the pictures from this post were taken by friends.

      • Ah that sucks big time! So disappointing when a vendor doesn’t produce the results you had hoped for. Have you thought of re-doing the pictures in your hometown with a better photographer? Could be fun to get pictures you love and to wear your dress again 🙂

        • The girl actually offered that to us because she didn’t return our deposit. We just keep postponing because someone gets sick or something comes up. I’m not sure I’d want to get in my dress again though. Maybe that’s because I probably won’t fit in it. Or at least, don’t want to know if I won’t fit in it!

  5. You looked so beautiful on your big day. Not that you didn’t look amazing on all the other days of the NINE years you’ve been together! Congrats you two! You look like life is a blast together with all that costume partying!

    PS. Love the dark hair, actually!

  6. Your dress is gorgeous, and the pic of you two in front of Mandalay Bay is awesome. The Vegas wedding looked like so much fun! Dancing on the bars is mandatory for girlfriends, for sure.

  7. Gorgeous pictures!! Happy anniversary 🙂

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