How Not to Fuel for a Race

This morning I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa. I have a lot to tell you about that race, but first I want to tell you about yesterday.

I have an issue with fueling. My issue is that I have no idea how. I’ve been experimenting with different things, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I also have a lot of stomach issues when running. But again, sometimes I don’t. So, I’ve been trying since last October to find out what works best with fueling and keeping my tummy happy.

Yesterday, I did not find my answer. (You’ll hear more in my race recap about this one.)

For lunch, Hubs and I headed out to our favorite sushi place Fujiyama Sushi. I started with the steak teppan lunch (veggies steamed with no sauce and steamed rice instead of fried.) Steamed rice has worked for me before a race in the past.

That dish included this tasty little morsel.


That’s a mushroom, people. Get your mind out of the gutter.

And no, I didn’t eat it. I have limits. Apparently this is one of them.


We also had a few sushi rolls (which has also worked for me in the past).

Plain crab roll and a spicy yellowtail roll for me.  The yellowtail roll was awful. But, I didn’t realize it was raw when I ordered it. (I don’t like many raw foods, and now I won’t eat raw at all after I got food poisoning from Sushi House by Florida Mall. Rated best sushi my foot.)


Mmmm…soy sauce and wasabi. I like to get in my week’s worth of sodium in one day.


For dinner, I met up with Michelle and her husband Dan in Tampa. We went to Bar Louie after we found out Cheesecake Factory had an hour wait.


We got an appetizer of Bruschetta served in a gigantic martini glass.

Michelle ate the martini glass.


I had the Bleu Louie, which is a burger I am now going to marry. I cleared it with Hubs. He’s cool with it.

(bleu cheese, bacon, hot sauce, pickle, spinach, tomato, and onion heaven)


The burger was a bit on the salty side, but holy crapbag it was good.

Michelle decided to grab my camera and take awkward pictures of Dan and I eating.


Alright, maybe there were more of me. (Dan got a bit of a sunburn during the Gasparilla 5k that morning. He’s not normally that hue of red.)


After dinner, we wanted to find some frozen yogurt. We found Yogurbella right near Bar Louie, so we had to go in of course.


Lots of unnecessary toppings? Sounds good!


I got the vanilla froyo with sprinkles, gummy bears, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate chips.


I look happy here, but the yogurt kinda sucked. The vanilla didn’t have a good flavor, the white chocolate chips were super hard, and the marshmallows were stale. Like, crunchy stale.

How long does a marshmallow have to sit before it’s crunchy stale?

Please don’t look that up and tell me in the comments.


I still ate it all.

There are hungry children in Ethiopia that don’t have stale marshmallows.

After we walked around a bit, we headed over to Walgreens to get a Cliff Bar for Michelle’s pre-race breakfast.

That’s when we walked by this lovely lady.


In case you’re not sure, she is in fact in a wedding dress in Walgreens.

I’m just really curious what she’s buying.

What is a food you know you have to avoid before a race? 


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10 responses to “How Not to Fuel for a Race

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh and kind of cringe at that mushroom. 🙂

    I usually try not to eat more bland foods before a race; nothing spicy and I usually avoid a lot of dairy.

  2. I had to show that mushroom pic to the hubs. Too funny. They should’ve at least cut it up!

    Now…I love sushi…all kinds (well, except the really big roe. Blech). BUT it makes me go aux toilettes within like 10 minutes of eating. So I stay away from that pre-race.

    I focus on hydration most before a race.

  3. Hehe that is quite the mushroom! That must be frustrating to not know what’s going to work for your stomach. Maybe something more plain like pasta would be better the night before a race? Hope you had fun!

  4. Lol no way I could eat that mushroom. I’m still new to racing (I’ve done one), but I’ve found eating pasta the night before I race or go for a run works best for my stomach. Congrats on your half and can’t wait to hear more about it! 🙂

  5. Ronk

    I ran my first (and only) 5k race about 10 years ago. The race was at 5 pm in humid Jacksonville, Florida, so at 2 pm I did the sensible thing and went to Pizza Hut, ate a personal pan pizza, and washed it down with Coke – you know, to carb up. You’d be shocked to learn that I didn’t feel too great during the race.

  6. I’m so glad you got a picture of the lady in her wedding dress at Walgreens because that would have totally been my first reaction too.

  7. Omg can’t get over that mushroom! Hilarious! After getting food poisoning from a restaurant once (NOT before a race, thank god) I am actually terrified to eat out before races, and in the past have stuck to cooking my own food. Of course, if you are headed out of town, that’s not really an option. My usual meal is whole wheat pasta with tons of veggies and some sort of protein, my favorite is salmon, or a black bean burger. I try to avoid anything with a lot of fat or grease (tends to sit in my stomach) or anything I haven’t eaten before. I love the bruscetta in a martini glass too!

    • You know, maybe that’s what it was. I did have a burger and fries and there’s a lot of fat and grease in there. I think you may be on to something there! I’m gonna try pasta/protein for my next race. That seems to be the big winner. 🙂

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