Yesterday, Hubs was lucky enough to win two tickets at work to see Wicked at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center (helloooo prepositional phrases!).

After work, we ran home, changed clothes, and were out the door to pick up our tickets at the venue. Ok, we didn’t literally run home. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be regretting all the food and drinks I consumed last night and my jeans wouldn’t be baking a fluffy new muffin around the belt area. #BackOnDiet

On the way to the show, I lost my awesome blogger license because I completely forgot my camera. I only ended up getting a few crapular pictures with my cell phone.

Unless you live under a rock (like me), you probably already know that Wicked is a Broadway musical of the witches of Oz.

Now, before I say anything else about this play, I need you to know a few things:

  1. This is the first play I’ve ever seen. (I did see Stomp in NYC, but that was more like a concert with brooms.)
  2. I don’t normally like musicals however, I loved The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, and Chicago.
  3. I knew absolutely nothing about this play going in except that it was the back story of the witches of Oz.

Now, you have those 3 items above in mind, right? Ok, good.

Wicked was not what I expected. It’s called Wicked, for one. And look at that poster that screams “secrets” and “little flying monkey thingys that will poke your eyes out!”

Secrets and Monkeys!

I mean, I thought the play was going to be much darker, so the humor really threw me for the first half hour. I guess I should have taken the clue when I saw several little girls (and one older one) dressed up like fairy princesses.

Other than not being what I expected, I thought the stage sets were amazing.

The transition between scenes in a play is so cool to see. Also, I could see the orchestra conductor which was fun too. I thought conductors were like mystical unicorns and only existed in movies like Mr. Holland’s Opus, so seeing that was a lot of fun. The acting of the main cast (Galinda and Elphaba) is impressive and of course both actresses have beautiful voices.

After the play, we went to the cast party which was held in The Mezz downtown (the same place where we had our work Christmas party.)  The tickets to the cast party were compliments of work too. The Mezz was pretty hoppin’ like a club, there was finger foods, and drinks, and it would have been awesome if I would have recognized any of the cast members.

But I didn’t.

Probably because our seats were here:

We had a really good time, anyway, chatting with some co-workers and didn’t get home until the wee hours.

Looking back on Wicked today, there were so many things I liked and so many things I thought were cute. I wish I would have known more about the play going in so I didn’t expect one thing and get another. I think this is one I’d like to see again now that I know what it’s all about. Also, I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I was sitting closer because it’s easier to get lost in the story when you don’t see the back of 2000 heads between you and the stage.

To sum it all up, everyone and their brother loves this play, and I think you will too.

Have you seen Wicked? What other plays have you seen that you would recommend?


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13 responses to “Wicked

  1. Wicked’s humor is what got me hooked. Lines like Elphaba’s “I swear some day they’ll be…a celebration throughout Oz that’s all do to with me!” and Galinda’s “You know black is this year’s pink!” just make me chuckle. I think it’s hard to see a show like Wicked without knowing anything about it, because there are so many subtle hilarious lines that you miss when you’re trying to get the big picture. My favorite song is “One Short Day.” I am a musical dorkface and proud of it.

  2. Wicked was here in DSM but I never found time to go. Interesting because I thought it would be dark and eerie. Not so?? It’s really strange because I love music, I love singing, but for some reason musicals have never set well with me. Unless you count Grease the movie as a musical.

    • Yes! I thought so too. Definitely NOT dark and eerie. And I feel the same about music, singing, and musicals. And I loved Grease too. Forgot about that one. Add it to my list!
      Not to be creepy or anything, but it sounds like you and I could be BFF. 😉

  3. Random Runner

    I am going to see this in May in Omaha. My sister gave tickets to Brian and I for Christmas. I have only heard good things about it so I am glad you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see it. I LOVE theatre productions. I have seen STOMP twice now! Loved it! I have also seen Riverdance (not really a play but entertaining) and will be going back to see that again in March here in Sioux Falls. In high school I went to Minneapolis to see Beauty and the Beast Broadway. It is my favorite Disney movie and so I just had to see it. It was amazing. It is actually going to be back here in Sioux Falls in April so I am going to that again. I just hope I am not disappointed after all these years! 🙂

    • I don’t know much about plays, but there were a few others I wanted to see in NYC. We had Legally Blonde on the list (is that even Broadway?) but picked STOMP because it was the most affordable of what we wanted to see. You will definitely love Wicked, tho!

  4. Mz. Teri

    I SO wanted to take my oldest daughter to see this show, because it’s one of her favorites. But alas, the tickets are way too expensive (even in the nose bleed area where you two sat), and I already spent enough money on her to be able to send her to London (with the Honors/AP English class) during spring break. She’ll just have to wait to see it on her own some day when she can afford to take herself… and maybe her wonderful mom! 😉

  5. That’s fun that you got to see it for free! I’ve never really been any big musicals/plays like that. Sounds like you had a great night!

    Random question- I know you are from Florida, but not sure where. Anywhere close to St.Pete’s beach? I might be coming there in June as my husband has a conference

  6. I saw Rent but other than that my play-viewing is pretty limited. Call me un-cultured but Las Vegas shows are more my style. I could watch “Le Reve” at the Wynn over and over.

    They are turning Little Miss Sunshine into a play at a theater in San Diego and I’m pretty stoked about seeing that bc I love the movie. I cannot wait to watch Olive’s final dance number live.

  7. Like you, I didn’t know anything going into seeing Wicked. I left loving it! Bought the soundtrack and listened to it all the time. It really shocked me how good it was.

    I’ve actually seen it 2 times now and wouldn’t mind seeing it again 😉

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  9. I’m completely obsessed with Wicked (and commenting on your blog). It was one of my life goals to see it, so my hubby got me tix for xmas last year. Then he became obsessed with it too. I’ve seen a lot of plays but in my opinion Wicked is in its on universe. I don’t think a day goes by in our house that the soundtrack is not played. Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera are some of my other favorites.

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