Tasty Treats Tickle My Tummy

We just had our annual Valentine’s Day Raffle at work.

The Social Committee sets up cute decorations.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen area and waits for our number to be picked to get some tasty treats, like cookies, cakes, candy, and other random assortments. This year, there was a “big” prize – two Universal Studios tickets. So, there was a big turn out.

Not that I’d know, because I never participated in the raffle before this year. *greedy*

I did what any blogger would do. I posed with all the prizes before the raffle began.

I wanted this bear so bad. We are MFEO.


Blue monkeys!

Cupcakes!  (I really wanted these too. Denied.)

Don’t worry though, I did win. It’s a good thing too because someone would have gotten their treats jacked today if I didn’t.

I won chocolate/sprinkles/nuts/coconut/red hot dipped marshmallows. Thank goodness I got these because it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten soft marshmallows and then had a red hot directly lodged into one of my fillings. Happy Valentine’s Day to me! 

I took a picture of me eating one of the marshmallow treats but hubs told me that the picture looked like a graphic artist’s delight when it came to Photoshop.

Decided against posting that one. 

Hubs also won a tasty treat. He won heart-shaped whoopie pies that rocked. 

Then he left them at my desk to stare me down.

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, so I’m pretty sure that half of a whoopie pie that he shared with me was my gift.

There was also a “surprise” prize this year – the owner of the company is lending his brand new Jaguar to someone to take to lunch with three of their friends next week. W.T.F? 

Are you doing anything special tonight for Valentine’s Day? (I’ll be eating my weight in whoopie pies and phallic marshmallows while sitting on the couch watching House and Chuck.)

Would you take your bosses brand new Jag to lunch knowing it costs more than you make in a year? (HELL no. I was having heart palpitations at the thought of winning it.)


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7 responses to “Tasty Treats Tickle My Tummy

  1. Mz. Teri

    I will be running my sweet valentine children around to various locations to get things they need. It will be a usual Monday night, just like any other. Greg and I celebrated our Valentine’s over the weekend, so don’t go feeling all bad for me now. lol

  2. Ha! Never in a million years would I drive someone else’s Jag. When you mentioned your work had a Social Committee it made me think of The Office! Do you watch that show?

  3. Oh holy yum. I want to come work with you!!!

    But no way in the world would I ever drive my boss’s car. And it isn’t a Jag..but it is still a super nice Escalade. No thanks! I’ll stick with my Toyota…

  4. tiff

    ❤ whoopie pies. wow. and it sounds like your boss just wants to be stroked for having a fancy car. i'm so not impressed 😛

  5. Hahahahaha. I think the jag ride is a ego trip joke of a prize. How is that a reward? I’d feel punished. I am the WORST driver so why would I want to suffer through that paranoia? Lol.

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