Will Run for Cupcakes

Workout: Tempo run outside 5.1 miles (46:29) / 9:07 pace

Number of honks from passing cars: 4
Number of cat calls: 0

Not even one “hey baby” yelled out a car window tonight. I’m kinda disappointed.

This was a great run except for the cramping around mile 2.75 that slowed me down for awhile. My body refuses to cooperate with me on runs lately.

Is this really a tempo run when mile 4 is slower? Now I just need to keep up that pace for 8 more miles and I am set for a 2 hour half at Gasparilla. < —wishful thinking


In other news, I’d like to take the time to tell whomever it was that brought Sweet! mini-cupcakes into work today that…I love you.

I got the last one.

I would have body checked your mama for this cupcake.


I think it was peanut butter and jelly flavored.

It was either that or that dark stuff in the middle means the cupcake was really old. Still ate it.

Filling on the inside!

Very good but cookies and cream is still the best.


I’m a little weird about eating certain items people bring into work. Particularly if they are homemade. You never know who’s licking fingers or not washing their hands after the bathroom. And trust me, we have people like that at my work. People that I’m sure shake a lot of hands during the day.

Does anyone else feel weird about eating food when you don’t know who made it? What’s your favorite food? (Mine, hands down, is cupcakes.)


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11 responses to “Will Run for Cupcakes

  1. That cupcake seriously looks delish. I want one. NOW.
    I would eat food from pretty much anyone I work with, but my kids bring me food all the time. My favorite was a cake that already had a couple of pieces missing. And, a couple of spots where you could tell a finger had been drug through the icing. YUMMM!!! : )

  2. tiff

    i’ve never met any food that i’ve been afraid to eat. mold does NOT scare me! fuzz can make things taste good! or, at least give you something about which to comment on other’s blogs. *will not end this sentence with a preposition…and unsure how to spell preposition*
    you rocked your tempo run, lady!!! woot! and i’m sure you looked FINE out there runnin’ it! *cat-calls you from the other side of the state*

  3. Said it once and will say it again: If I don’t know you well and you are making food for me, I want to see a certificate from the health department on the wall. Especially for the lunch pot luck.

  4. Look at you miss speedy pants!

    That is most definitely the PB&J cupcake from Sweet. Hee.

    We have A LOT of potlucks at work and I pretty much trust everyone who brings in food. If it were a bigger group, I would be more hesitant.

  5. My sister says that pie is the new cupcake. (:

  6. You’re running Gasparilla? I wanted to try to make it this year, but am just too busy. Hopefully next year!

  7. i worked in restaurants for the longest time, so i’ve taken more than one food safety course. oh gosh, now i’m obsessed! not really with other people’s sanitation, but my own practices. oh well, at least you know you can trust me to make you something. 🙂

  8. Kim

    I usually use this recipe book for foods for dinner parties, potlucks, or bake sales. http://www.cookingwithcum.com/

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