I Hate Your Favorite TV Show

 You guessed it, it’s TV Tuesday!

Last time, I posted my 5 favorite shows of all time. Since then I’ve thought of a billion more that I loved that could have made the list, like Weeds, Pushing Daisies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (unless you’ve seen this series, you may not speak ill of it!), Lost (the first season only), Moonlighting, X-Files, and Soap.

Does anyone remember Soap with Billy Crystal? I haven’t seen it in forever but I remember thinking it was hilarious.

Something tells me that picture probably doesn’t sell it for you.

Today, I’m going to list my LEAST favorite shows.

Let me preface this by saying, almost every blog I read out there LOVES these shows. My closest friends LOVE these shows. So please don’t hate me and stop reading my blog forever. Remember… I still love you and read all your blogs even though you watch crappy TV. 😉


Criminal Minds

Ok, I admit, I’m not a fan of the crime drama genre in general. (Drama genre! Haha, rhymes are fun.)  However, I can recognize when one is good. I’ve seen several episodes of CSI (the original) and have liked it but it never intrigued me enough to keep watching. Criminal Minds is on a whole.nudder.level.

I watched an episode during a Criminal Minds-a-thon one day and let me just say that the acting and the writing are terrible. I tried to find the actual episode I watched online, but they all sound exactly the same. Kinda like this:

“The team tries to identify a serial killer based on a shaky profile with devastating consequences.”

Well, if that doesn’t help you identify the episode where they were all trapped on a bus with a gunman, I don’t know what does.

Oh, and if you and 10 others are trapped on a bus with one gunman standing in the middle of all of you, while sobbing, and scratching his head with the hand he’s holding the gun with – I’m pretty sure you can ambush him and grab his gun. I should write these things. I could have shaved 30 minutes off that storyline.

Why are 2 of them smiling inside the mind of a serial killer?

 The Bachelor

Oh I can hear the rumbling now. Blogland loves this show. My best friend loves this show. I’m not a fan of reality TV in general, but this show is like my bunny’s litter box after a long day at work.


People love it since it’s been on the air for 85 years and makes every magazine cover know to man.

Why 20 women would want to complete for one d-bag’s love, and cry when they don’t make the cut after knowing the guy for all of a week is a mystery to me.

Alright, he is pretty cute. I’ll give you that.


 Two and a Half Men

I will watch Hot Shots over and over for my Charlie Sheen/Jon Cryer fix, thank you.

At ease!


Let the rioting begin! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 15 episodes of Glee. I even DVRed the one after the Super Bowl (but haven’t watched it yet). I like Thriller. So, I’ll give that episode a shot.

I can see this show is cute. But…it’s the singing. I can’t stand it. If the show had no singing at all, I would like it. I figure the singing won’t stop anytime soon since the show is actually called Glee. And also, how do they all afford different, matching outfits at the end of each show? I work full time and I can’t buy all that stuff.

Also, Rachel has about the most annoying character I’ve ever seen.

Yes, Finn. I expect you to stop playing football at school and spend all your time fawning over me. If you can’t do that, then we must break up. That is how normal relationships work.

And with that, I’ll probably watch Glee tonight.

 Jersey Shore

Ok, I’ve never seen an episode of this show. And I never will. But this is my blog and I can put it on my list if I want to!

Best thing to come out of Jersey Shore:  SNL’s impression of Snooki.


Honorable mention: The Cleveland Show (This show took a trip to Terrible Town.)

 Do you agree or disagree with my list? I know you Bachelor/Jersey Shore lovers will have something to say! What are your least favorite shows?


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15 responses to “I Hate Your Favorite TV Show

  1. Connie

    Okay, so I’m not the only person on the whole planet who has never seen an episode of Jersey Shore!! Good to know, and welcome to the community of people with at least SOME taste! Sheesh! I also never miss an episode of Two and A Half Men, so great choice there on your part! And shockingly, I’ve never seen Glee, and The Bachelor is just a giant step in reverse for womankind. Hoo Boy, I feel better already. Thanks for that!

  2. LIke the least favorite TV show list. I agree on them all!

  3. Mz Teri

    I agree with you on almost all of them. I’ve never watched an episode of Criminal Minds, so I couldn’t really say whether it’s a least favorite or not, but seeing as it’s probably very similar to CSI, (which is a show I will only watch if there is absolutely NOTHING else I want to watch on tv), I probably wouldn’t care much for it.

    I do not understand peoples’ obsession with shows like Glee, The Bachelor, or Jersey Shore. I don’t care much for reality-tv either. Although I have to say, the only thing I do like about Glee IS the music numbers. The characters and the story line are absolutely ridiculous!

    I’ve never seen a full episode of Jersey Shore either, I’ve just seen clips from a couple shows, probably during news/media stories. Looks to me like it’s another one of those senseless, mind-numbing reality crapshoots.

    As for Two and Half Men, I just don’t get why people like that show so much. There are SO many sitcoms that are MUCH better and funnier than that one.

  4. HILARIOUS! I’ve never seen Criminal Minds. I HATE Two and a Half Losers. Never seen Jersey Shore either. Never plan to. Can’t stand Glee either except for the Gwyneth skit. Which I didn’t think she sang that well actually. I haven’t watched this Bachelor but for me…part of my old love for that show is because of its ridiculous factor. It made me feel better about my life. 🙂 Oh…and I loved Buffy but I loved Angel even more. 🙂

  5. Nikki

    I agree with 4 out of 5, so we can be dentists together…. Get it 4 out of 5 dentists oh I crack myself up. I guess I missed your fav 5, have to go search for it now!

  6. I have never seen the Bachelor and am so sick of hearing about it! I’ve seen one episode of Jersey shore, not totally sold on that. I hate American Idol though, which pretty much makes me un – american. I also hate football and watching those dumb viral youtube videos, so basically I suck at pop culture. I don’t like crime genre shows either, why would I want to slave away at work all day then watch someone get murdered or raped in my free time?

  7. I hate “Jersey Shore”! It is sooo dumb. I have never seen “Glee” or “The Bachelor” and you couldn’t pay me to!
    I have been watching “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” just to see what all of the hype my friends talk about is and I don’t get it. This girl is sleeping with this guy…this girl is pregnant with this guys baby, but she is now dating this guy…this girl is a goody good and the “bad boy” is trying to get in her pants….and all of them are in high school!?!? Hmmm…I don’t get it!

  8. I haven’t seen an episode of Jersey shore, either. I just can’t force myself to watch it. And, I’m with you on Glee. I have DVR’d it several times but I can’t ever make it through an entire episode.

  9. I’m with you on 3/5. I will occasionally watch Criminal Minds but that is mainly to drool over Shemar Moore. I do watch the Bachelor or Bachelorette, but I don’t DVR it. If I miss, oh well. Sometimes we use it for an excuse for a girls night. The other 3 I completely agree. STUPID!

  10. Ronk

    According to the post I got sent to my email, you originally called it “Three and a Half Men.” I liked that because I think that burly housekeeper or mom or whoever is definitely one of the men.

  11. Katie G

    Rewatching the Buffy series as we speak. There’s something to be said for the writing and characters that, even after seeing some episodes a jillion times, I still laugh and cry. And agree that Angel (and I think Buffy too) had stellar series finales.

  12. Glee. The Office. The Bachelor(ette). Dexter. 30 Rock. Jersey Shore.

    No thanks!

  13. I also hate the Bachelor. Showing women at their absolute worst while they fight over a guy whose ego gets so inflated he probably wouldn’t know love if it hit him in the eye. Ick.
    I do kinda like Two and a Half men, but I haven’t watched any of the others on your list. I haven’t watched Glee; I’m turned off by the signing without ever having tuned in.

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