Race Review: Melbourne and Beaches Music Half Marathon

Chip time: 02:11:30

That’s my second to worst time right there. But that’s ok, this was a hard race.

No Expo stories to share with you. I used my friends wisely this time and had Michelle pick up my race packet for me on Saturday.  Later I’m going to have her do my dishes and braid my hair.  Winking smile 

This morning, I woke up at 4:00 am, got ready, brought my breakfast with me in the car, and headed over to Melbourne (just over an hour drive from Orlando). I met Michelle at the race shortly after 6:00 am and we did what any runner would do. We headed to the port-o-potties. And then took pictures of ourselves.


I think it was during this time that my Garmin decided to lock up and completely reset itself. Everything got wiped. I even had to reset the time.

Michelle said she could hear me setting my Garmin in the port-o-potty. 

I like to multi-task.

After my Garmin freak out, we got in the pacer area and took more pictures of ourselves.


Michelle made sure I knew that she planned on running this race in ONE hour. Or she wanted me to pull her finger. One of those.


Getting ready to start!


The race started and the weather was pretty dismal. It was misting for half the race and just overcast and gray. But the views were still pretty.

Michelle’s head to da right!



A few people saw us taking pictures of ourselves and offered to take pictures of us. One guy actually ran backwards in front of us for about a minute to get a good picture with Michelle’s camera. Very cool.

I lost Michelle in all her speediness around mile 4. The race started getting hard around the 5 mile mark when we crossed a never ending bridge.

Can you see the bridge in the distance and gloom?


Apparently the guy in purple runs faster than me too. Get back here!


Getting to the top of the bridge was a relief, but there was another one at mile 11 that wiped me out.



After the first bridge, I put my camera away. Which was a shame really because we ran by some AMAZ-ing houses. There were also 10 bands along the way. I particularly liked the band that was just a violinist and a bongo player named Nuclear Umbrella.

Really? With a name like Nuclear Umbrella, I want everyone to have a mullet, wear skinny jeans,  play electric guitars, and try to sleep with me.

The course also had real billboards with inspirational quotes, which were really fun to read (you can tell a lot of money went into this race). My favorite quote that made me laugh out loud:

Shake and bake, baby. If you ain’t first, you’re last. – Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights)

Around mile 9, I started having some serious stomach pains which really worried me. I’ve only recently stopped having stomach issues when running long distance and I do not want them back.

Around mile 11, my hips started to ache, so I was glad the race was almost over.

When I saw the finish line, I gave it all I had. My Garmin said I was running at a 7.8 speed – because I messed up and didn’t set it to “pace” like I meant to after it locked up.

Whoah there lady in green! Celebrating a little prematurely, are ya?


Yes, that’s a sweat rag in my hand. I’m a sweaty girl.

I crossed the finish of my 6th half marathon, and the best part? My friend Liz from high school was there to cheer me on!


I have never had someone waiting for me to finish a race before that was there just for me. It was AWEsome! All I could think about the last two miles of the race was Liz waiting there and I hope I don’t look like a d-bag running to her.

By the way, Liz took those photos of me coming in at the finish above.  Thanks, Liz! ❤

She also brought Michelle and I some vitamin water and protein bars. She’s so sweet.

Then I made Michelle and Liz pose in a picture. Yes, Michelle and I are really tall.


That guy holding the banana isn’t look so hot behind Liz.

Am I disappointed I didn’t PR? Not really. This was a hard race and I was not feeling well for several miles of it. But I finished.

During the race, a girl in front of me stopped dead because of a leg cramp. After the race, I saw a girl barfing her lungs out, and then I saw more than a handful of people limping. None of that happened to me.

Ok, maybe I did some terrible, terrible things in a port-o-potty – but it happened after the race and not during.

And the medal was super cute.


All things considered, this race was a win. Smile


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18 responses to “Race Review: Melbourne and Beaches Music Half Marathon

  1. Becky

    Congrats Paula! Nice pics, sorry you had some pain, but again Congrats on a finishing a tough race! Hope you are feeling better tonight..guess enough to post this!

  2. tiff

    awww i love this!!!!

  3. Marilyn Fluegel

    Congrats on a tough run…I admire my little neice
    Love PAM

  4. I LOVED the name of the violinist. Totally cracked me up. Finally got my post up – feel free to steal my picture of us running 🙂

  5. Good job for finishing!! I bet it was sweet having a friend waiting there at the end for you! I ran a 12.4 mile race last summer and my mom and aunt brought my kiddos to see me finish. When I came in I didn’t even care about the time…I was just so excited to see them all! I’m jealous that you got to race in a sweat tank. Next weekend I’m running a race in the cold. Should be a good time. 🙂

  6. Look at you spitting out these half-marathons like they are nothing!

    Hopefully this comment doesn’t go to spam : )

  7. ahahah that visit to the port-o-potty after a long race is bad news alwaysss- but i love the honesty! congratulations on finishing your 6th!

  8. Great job! I wish I lived in Warm Weatherville so I could run races year-round. Wednesday’s low? 2. That’s right, 2. (:

    • Yeah, 2 is on the nippy side. 🙂 Although, we can’t run races during the summer. It’s way to hot. I’m lucky if I can get 3 miles in at night because it’s so humid it’s hard to breathe. So, I gotta get my races in while I can!

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  10. Great job, love the medal! I wish I would have been into racing when I lived in Florida, there’s sooo many I would have ran in! Super jealous 🙂

  11. Stacie

    Great job pushing through the race. That was so awesome that your friend was there cheering you on. You rocked it, girl!

  12. Congrats on your half marathon! Question for you- how do you like running with the camalbak? Do you feel it at all? I am thinking of getting one for my first half, but can’t decide if it’s worth the money or not.

    • In this past half, my shoulders/back were really sore afterwards. But I think it was because I wasn’t feeling well to begin with. During the race, I don’t even notice it’s there. I wore it for another half that I did and had no problems whatsoever and it just SAVED me. I’ve wore in for long practice runs too and had no problems. If you can wait for water every 1.5 miles for the water stops or don’t mind holding a bottle while you run, I’d say don’t get one. But if you get can’t (like me), I would definitely recommend it. (It’s nice to keep your keys/ID/snacks in too)

      • Thanks for the information! I’ve tried holding a water bottle before and it’s definitely not for me. I think I might buy one soon and start wearing it while I do my longer training runs for my half marathon…that way I get used to it and it doesn’t throw me off my “kicking the half marathon’s ass” game!

        • Ha! Totally! Good luck with your first half. That’s exciting. 🙂 Even wearing the CamelBak, you’ll still need a water station here and there for Gatorade. (Or you could mix half water/half gatorade in your rockin’ new CamelBak.)

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