You Look Waffle!

(awful…waffle…get it? Yeah, well. I tried.)

Workout: 1 hour with personal trainer

It’s been a month since the hubs and I have seen our personal trainer. Holidays and vacations kept us from her bi-weekly torture.

She looks sweet. But inside, she’s the devil.


That month off gave her a lot of time to think of new ways to torture us, because today’s workout was killer. We walked to her back yard to find she bought 2 semi tires and a sledgehammer.

Our workout included hitting the tires with a sledgehammer, lifting the tires and flipping them down her yard and back, fireman runs with a 50lb bag of bird seed over our shoulder, pull-ups, kettle bell swings, and squat thrusts with push-ups. I felt like an ironman. Smile

Before the workout, I busted out my brand new waffle iron I got from the bestie for Christmas. I’ve never made waffles before so I bought a mix that only needed water added.

Also, I’m that lazy.

Thanks to the flash, I apparently ate “butt milk” waffles. Mmm…butt milk.


(On a side note: Krusteaz has the BEST fat free brownie mix. SO gooey and delicious and better than most regular brownies I’ve ever had. You just add water to those too.)

I had to read the directions on the waffle iron because I didn’t know how to use it. 

 The directions called for a wire whisk. I actually  had one, which is amazing. I never have the right kitchen tools.  I’m pretty sure I bought the whisk a long time ago because it has a face.

I like things with faces.

The potato is a chip clip. They’re friends, so I asked them to pose together.


My first waffle looked like this:


Non stick waffle iron doesn’t mean you don’t use non-stick spray. It didn’t say THAT in the directions.


I still ate it.

And then I ate this one too cuz it looked prettier.


After our workout, the hubs and I had some lunch and caught up on The Office on the DVR. Does anyone else watch that?

I don’t know if I’ll like the show when Steve Carrell leaves this year. Hubman and I agree that he’s most of what makes that show so charming. I mean, I love the other characters too but I’m gonna miss him.

What are your favorite shows?

I can’t remember life without a DVR. We watch everything…House, Chuck, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Raising Hope, 30 Rock, Supernatural, True Blood, Dexter, So You Think You Can Dance….

Ok, I have no life.


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4 responses to “You Look Waffle!

  1. Mz Teri

    Greg and I watch The Office. That show is like watching a peep show… things happen that make you feel uncomfortable for the characters, but you can’t help but watch anyway… and it leaves you wanting for more. lol

  2. Kim

    I watch the Office but my favorite new show is Modern Family it makes me seriously laugh out loud – oh – and I love Tosh.0 – another show that makes me LOL. Love the Blog – keep it up!

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