Do I Look Like a Juicy T-bone to You?

I’m not a fan of dogs. There. I said it. But let me tell you why.

If any of you have run in a park before, you know that is the spot to find a lot of people walking their dogs. Or, I should say a lot of dogs walking their people.

***DISCLAIMER: This post contains quasi-graphic photos.***

I’ve had numerous occasion on runs in the park or in my own neighborhood where a dog would run after me. These are dogs without leashes or their owners in sight. These are dogs without leashes and their owners shouting for them to come back. These are dogs on leashes that are way too long.

About a year and a half ago, I left my house like any other weekend to go for a run in the park. I was walking on the sidewalk and headed to the entrance of my neighborhood. I got about 4 houses down where my neighbor was standing in her yard with her leashed dog when this happened:


A Scottish Terrier thought I was a threat to its territory, ran toward me, jumped up and bit my thigh. (By the way, that’s my upper thigh. Those dogs can JUMP.)


After the bite, I went home and cleaned the wound with Betadine Solution and consulted my mom (who is an RN) about whether I should go to the hospital or not. (I was having delusions of foaming at the mouth.)

I went back to the neighbor’s house and asked to see the dog’s shot records. The records were up-to-date thankfully. So, I didn’t go to the hospital.

The bite took about 6 weeks to heal completely.


Week 2


Week 3  (Those lines are the teeth marks.)


Week 4


Week 5

I want this post to be a reminder that not all dogs are friendly, and that even the friendliest of dog can feel threatened and want to protect itself or someone else.

I was lucky that the owner’s of the dog kept its records up-to-date. But you really never know what can happen.

So, be careful out there.

Does anyone else run the other way when they see a dog? I try to get maximum safe distance for sure.


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14 responses to “Do I Look Like a Juicy T-bone to You?

  1. Katie G

    This is a subject that makes me insanely mad, as you will soon discover.

    I am going to make a blanket statement here that may make other people mad. I don’t care. Any owner who lets his/her untrained dog run around loose/on one of those mile-long spool leashes is a selfish asshole. Leashes should be short AT ALL TIMES. Like, so the dog stays right next to you or has a MAXIMUM of six feet to pee/poop. Anything longer than that is totally irresponsible–the dog could run out in the street and get hit, run ahead of you and get creamed by a bike, run into a group of other dogs and get mauled, run up to someone and maul THEM, gobble up a nice mouthful of juicy roadkill, etc. Plus, jerky owner doods, if you have been paying the slightest bit of attention to anyone other than yourself, you know your dog’s behavior. You know whether or not it will chase joggers. Yet you STILL let it do whatever it wants? Your behavior is the equivalent of texting while driving–completely selfish and oblivious and stupid, and you don’t give a flying rat’s ass if anyone else gets hurt.


  2. Ugh – that does not look fun! I’m sure he was imagining you as a juicy steak.

  3. Wow – this post really frightens me due to my pre-existing deathly fear of dogs. When I was 3 a dog attacked me and lets just say I never got over it. I completely agree with you, Katie! People can be totally irresponsible. I also hate when people let their dogs jump all over me but insist that “she’s friendly!” While you might know that about your dog, I do not and having a dog jump on me is truly terrifying to me.

    Thanks for the safety reminder!

  4. OUCH. Lol. Is that how you left it with those neighbors? Do you have to live next to that dog still?

    • Yeah, that’s basically how it was left. I never talked to them again. I did see them walking their dog a few times and noticed they had two of the same dog. We moved about 6 months ago, but my husband does still own the house.

  5. Stacie

    Dang! That is so scary. I am super apprehensive around new dogs. It takes me a while to warm up to them. You just never know if they are nice or not.

  6. yikes! Wow-that’s horrible!!!! I always get nervous when I hear dogs barking during my run…even more when they are darting out of a house at you-electric fences don’t physically hold them back!!!!

  7. Ouch! That doesn’t look fun! Who would have thought all that from such a tiny little thing?

  8. Ronk

    Ouch, Paula!

    I got bit by a blind miniature dachsund I was trying to help. That thing was pathetic. And it was also a stray they couldn’t catch, so I had to get a tetanus shot, some kind of anti-viral shots, and four weeks of rabies shots. It cost me a grand and my insurance about 8 grand altogether. But now since I’m rabies proof, I can roughhouse with all the strays I want.

  9. Mz Teri

    I am not a dog lover either. I can tolerate being around them, but I have found that most dogs are a nuisance.

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