Crossfit Kicked My Arse

Don’t mind my ADD today while I play with the look of the site. If you read my Blogger vs WordPress post, you probably know I’m having issues with WordPress anyway. I want my blog to look clean yet fun.  You know, just like I look.

Today, Hubs and I went to our very first Crossfit class.

It was probably one of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done. It’s similar to my weekly Martial Arts Fitness class, except it’s shorter but more intense. I have no comparison for other Crossfit classes, but this is how mine went.

First, we did a number of stretches, push-ups, and sit-ups. During the push-ups, I thought I was wicked awesome because all the other girls were on their knees.


There were 5 different stations set up. At each station, you do as many repetitions as possible (using proper form, or they don’t count) for one minute.  A bell sounds at the end of the minute and then you switch to the next station. Since this was our first class, we had someone with us the whole time counting our reps and making sure they were done correctly.

The workout, which they told us was modified because we were beginners, went like this:

Repeat 3x with a 1 minute break in between rounds

  • Minute 1: Ball wall (Using propulsion from a squat to throw a large medicine ball over your head to tap a particular spot on the wall. My ball was 8lbs but they went up to 20lbs.)
  • Minute 2: Rowing machine (The goal is to burn as many calories as you can within a minute.)
  • Minute 3: Military press. (I have no idea how much weight I was using. Maybe 30lbs? I know it hurt and by round 2, I was dying.)
  • Minute 4: Box jumps (They had different height boxes from 12 inches to 22 inches) 22 inches! Where are we? Sparta?!
  • Minute 5: Bent leg dead lift with an upright kettlebell row

Round 1 went fine for me. It was round 2 and 3 that the wicked awesome started to wear off. They gave us an option of doing 2 extra rounds, which I think everyone wimped out of…including me.

You might notice that is only 15 minutes of actually working out. Well, we are WIPED out. Hubs thinks that the place is run by ex-Marines or ex-Navy Seals because of the decorations. Also, everyone that worked there looked like they could kick my ass. Even the babies.

I would definitely recommend Crossfit to anyone that is looking for a challenge, but not to people just beginning to get in shape. We’re thinking of signing up to take a couple classes a month to spice things up a bit. I liked that it was fun and super fast-paced. This girl loves her some challenging workouts!

Today it looks like some house cleaning is in order. We also finally put the Christmas decorations in the attic. What are you doing this weekend?


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7 responses to “Crossfit Kicked My Arse

  1. How do you find so many awesome pictures! That baby made me snort!

    I’m headed to some MCC fights tonight. 🙂

    That crossfit class looks like something Ryan and I would have a blast doing together.

    Rock those pushups!!

  2. Marilyn Fluegel


  3. Crossfit is no joke! I’ve heard their training philosophy (or whatever you want to call it) really helps you run faster. You’re gonna be running 7:00 miles in no time. Wish I had time to take a Crossfit class!

  4. That workout sounds hardcore – nice job! That’s fun that you and your hubby can do it together.

  5. I really want to try Cross Fit. It sounds intense and I love that!

  6. Stacie

    That picture of the baby is hilarious! Dang that workout sounds crazy! That will get you toned up in a hurry. Can you imagine the looks on everyones faces when you bust out 100 push ups 😉

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