My First Full Marathon

Well, I did it. Today I registered for my first (and possibly only) full marathon – the Savannah Rock n Roll.  


Yeah, baby. I’m actually feeling a little woozy thinking about it. And I might have to poop a little. As Anthony Michael Hall once said in Weird Science, “I’ll see ya in the emergency room.” 

I also registered for the Gasparilla Half Marathon next month. I’ve been putting this one off but it’s been on my radar for awhile now. Only $60 – that’s a cheap race!


This one is sponsored by Publix, and they seem to put on a good race. The Women’s Magazine Half that I ran in November was sponsored by them too. Lots of goodies afterwards. And by lots of goodies, I mean there were cookies.

I’m also about THISCLOSE to registering for the San Diego Rock n Roll half in June. But really, that race is just an excuse to get to see my family more often.


So, how many of you have already run full marathons? Go ahead and tell me how your first one was a breeze and you loved every minute of it and that I have nothing to worry about.


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12 responses to “My First Full Marathon

  1. Connie

    You’ve got this! Piece of cake!

  2. 13point1miles

    Yes yes yes… DO the San Diego half! I am planning on signing up tomorrow! If you sign up tomorrow (or on the 13th of any month and use the coupon code “lucky” you get $13 off! 🙂 I have never done a full and it kinda intimidates me, but I know you will do awesome!

  3. SkinnyRunner

    im running savannah too. the first one is always fun bc its so exciting… until mile 20. then you just want to die.
    but it will be fun, i promise.

  4. Susan Cooley

    My first marathon sucked. It was 95 degrees outside, and they ran out of water at the aid stations. SOOO, my mind said, “Well, it has to be better than this NEXT TIME.” It’s all a slippery slope from there. You’ll do fine and join me in Maniac status before the year is up.

  5. Congrats on signing up! I can’t even imagine!

    Seen your comment at HTP and wanted to check it out – I assume the “Watch” referred to TV (I’m slightly addicted to movies…) – but I’ll browse around to see 🙂

  6. I’m so excited that we are doing this!! Yes, we are crazy, but it’s gonna SO FUN.

  7. So excited for you! I felt like it was a big joke when I signed up for my first full too. I ran with so many people who said it would be their only one too and now they are all addicted. My first was AMAZING, one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll love it. Of course it was incredibly tough but I don’t have any of the horror stories that people love to scare you with. The race was on a Saturday, and on Tuesday my training group went to happy hour (and we were all upright and mobile) and all we could talk about was what marathon to do next – does that help?

    • Yes! It does! Thank you 🙂 I got really sick after my first half and still did more, so us runners never learn, do we? There is a half I’d like to sign up for that’s 2 weeks after the full, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. So, it’s nice to hear you were mobile by Tuesday!

  8. 13point1miles

    Yes, yes, yes… DO San Diego!!! It will be SOOOO fun! I just signed up for the half today! I know you will do great on your first marathon. You will be signing up for your next one before you know it! 🙂

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