The Devil Made Me Do It

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie review, so I’m gonna bust one out right now. Last night after dinner with friends and some returning of Christmas gifts, the hubs and I got home and began to stare at each other blankly on the couch. Usually that can give us a whole night of entertainment, but then we decided to browse through the on demand movies instead.

(We have The Backup Plan at home from Netflix, but apparently that’s not good enough for my manly husband.)

After my suggestion of Salt was shot down, we settled on Devil.

Devil was written and produced by M. Knight Shamalayan – the guy that directed The Sixth Sense and Signs. So we thought we’d give it a shot. However, M. Knight also directed The Happening and The Last Airbender, so we were also prepared for it to suck.

By the way, googling “devil” brings up some interesting pictures. I’d recommend being more specific on that search.

Wil Ferral as the devil on Saturday Night Live

If you haven’t seen the skit with Wil Ferral and Garth Brooks, you need to. Click HERE…and laugh my friend.

Devil (the movie, not the guy) is about a group of people who get trapped on an elevator. Weird things start to happen and they start blaming each other, but another force is at work. During this time, the police can see the people on the elevator through a camera feed and are trying to get them out.

This movie is a lot better than I expected. It manages to do suspense and terror without showing much and without being cheesy. It features a cast of people you will think you’ve seen before but you just can’t place. And that will drive me you crazy. At least we recognized the guy from Super Troopers:

We’ve probably seen this movie one too many times to recognize him.

Devil doesn’t have a new formula, however it is done well which makes it stand out more than other “trapped in a small place” movies.

Without giving much away, I think Devil is worth the rental. Both the hubs and I liked this one. It’s only 80 minutes long and it’s PG13, so you’re not going to see anything too gory but you will see just enough to give you that occasional shiver down the spine.

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