I’m Breaking Up with Elliptical Machines

Last night I tried the treadmill incline workout that was featured on Peanut Butter Fingers. It was definitely a challenge! The whole workout is close to 2.30 miles, and by the 11% incline, I had to hold on the the machine intermittently to keep up the pace. Today, my buns and hips hurt. And that’s a good thing!

I didn’t run the whole time, so do I add that to my monthly miles? I’m kinda torn on that.

After the incline workout, I hopped on the ellipical for 20 minutes. Then I decided that the elliptical is the most boring machine ever. The ellipticals at my gym make my feet fall asleep. They look like this one. So, you can’t increase the incline – only the resistance. Maybe that’s why my feet fall asleep? Or maybe it’s a stroke from the bottom up.

I was trying to think of things I’d rather do than be on an elliptical. I knew it wasn’t for me when I decided I would rather be the person working at Catering Connection that makes sure 1000 toothpicks go into every box. And that they are in fact, “double pointed.”

Speaking of toothpicks, if you ever don’t know what to do with yours and you have a friend that passed out who happens to have a fro…


Just a suggestion.

Last night, I also did my “initial test” for the 100 Push Up Challenge. I was able to do 16 consecutive push ups until I wanted to “rest” at the top position. This was after my workout and I was still sore from my Cardio Fitness class the day before, so who knows if I could do more. But I’m gonna go with it anyway. I’m starting the challenge on Monday!


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7 responses to “I’m Breaking Up with Elliptical Machines

  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one hating the elliptical. I get off and feel like I didn't do crap even though my legs were flying. And my feet ALWAYS go numb on them. The only time I feel like it worked is if I get way up on my toes. 16! WTG! I started at 12 and finished at 45. Better than 0, right?

  2. My feet fall asleep on the elliptical too but I can't give it up because it burns a lot of cals. It is fun seeing me trying to adjust my feet while still maintaining a high pace. Awkward!

  3. @Stephanie – 45 is A-MAZ-ING. Even when I was practicing before, I couldn't do more than 25. So I can't wait to see what happens with this program! 🙂

  4. i have been trying to work on doing the elliptical some as good cross training with out the pounding on my knees

  5. Hilarious! I can handle the elliptical if I have a magazine, otherwise, I'm in your camp. At my gym you can increase the resistance too. I also like to download interval workouts from motion traxx so I don't just zone out and burn 10 calories in an hour….

  6. LOL The elliptical makes my feet fall asleep too. I hate it!!

  7. 13point1miles

    OMG that toothpick afro picture is the funniest thing ever! LOVE it! hahaha

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