Lobster Dumplings – did we or didn't we?

Last night, the Hubs, the big bro, and big bro’s friend/business partner went back to Belly Up to see another show. This time around, it was the B-Side Players.

Of course we stopped at the Wild Note Cafe for dinner and drinks beforehand. I did not rub the Lobster Dumplings all over my body as planned. My brother said something to the effect that the thought of seeing his sister doing that was equivalent to staring into a thousand suns.

Instead, we ordered all this good stuff:

My salad – so good I had to get the full size version this time.

My brother thought it important to share with you my plate after the salad was gone.

Yeah. I’m not a fan of walnuts. But I’ll forgive the salad since the rest was so good.

We also had the southwest chicken eggrolls. You know they’re good when you don’t need lip gloss for a week after you eat them. <—greasy lips

And the Jalapeno Turkey Sliders.

Good, but not hot. Don’t toy with my emotions and put “jalapeno”
in the title if you can’t deliver.

My brother also thought it important that I feature his shrimp and lobster enchiladas. He can eat this and then lose weight.

Good, but I think I expected these to have a kick to them too and they didn’t.

After dinner we headed to the show. I don’t know anything about the B-Side Players but my brother really digs them.

The B-Side Players in all their glory.

I thought the show was pretty good, but I think my brother and his friend were disappointed. All this talk of big bro and no pictures? Well…we need to remedy that right now.

You can tell where he got all his good looks from, no?

Tonight, we are going out to Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse for some more good food. I’ve never been there, but the family says it’s delish. Plus, we will be celebrating my nephews’ 12th birthday (it’s tomorrow) later tonight at the house. I can already hear them playing with the karaoke machine…

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year. And may all the karaoke you listen to tonight not feature 12-year-old boys singing “I’ve Had the Time of my Life” from Dirty Dancing.


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2 responses to “Lobster Dumplings – did we or didn't we?

  1. Cute picture of you and your brother!I'm so disappointed that you didn't slather your body with those dumplings – although the eggrolls look pretty good.Happy New Year! Looking forward to LOTS of running with you in 2011!

  2. Sounds like you had a great new year! Your brother sounds like my husband, he can pretty much eat whatever he wants and then skip one dessert and lose 10 pounds….

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