The Hills are Alive

Workout: Ran outside 4.25 hilly miles (45 min)

Well, hello California hills. How you doin’? This was a hard run since I’m not used to hills but it was really pretty. Plus, I’m still sore from Extreme Body Sculpting on Tuesday and the Kettle Bell class yesterday so I’m sure that didn’t help my energy level.

Here’s a few pics from this morning’s run:

Speaking of Kettle Bell classes…has anyone ever taken one of those? Yesterday was my first time and I thought it was really interesting, challenging, and different. I might have to see if there’s anything like it in the Orlando area.

Last night, Hubs and I stopped for dinner #1 at Casa de Bandini. Now, I have no idea if this is a chain or not, but the place was super cute.

I really loved the inside atmosphere.

That lady is really concentrating on her phone.

I had a pumpkin margarita.

Not so guuud

And a Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.

Hubs liked this. I did not.
It tasted like licking a dirty kitchen sink…with shrimp.

And a chicken and black bean tostada that looked more like a huge salad.

This was really good. It was on the “light” menu which apparently
is possible at a Mexican restaurant.

Hubs had a chicken and pineapple dish that he really liked. No picture of that one since that’s the number one rule of the League of People Who Hate Pineapple on Meat. 

Oh, the waiter called us “senor” and “senorita” the whole time, which I kinda dug.

Dinner #2 at my brother’s house was my mom’s famous meatloaf and some killer apple pie that my SIL’s sister made. 

She said the pie had half the sugar…so I had two pieces to make up for what was missing.

That blur in the upper left is the Hub’s fork.
He can’t even wait for the pic. Sheesh.

Today we’re heading downtown to check out some Aircraft Carrier Museum, which sounds pretty cool. And then tonight we are heading back to Belly Up where I might actually get the chance to rub those Lobster Dumplings on my body.


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3 responses to “The Hills are Alive

  1. Mmmmmm . . . dirty sink shrimp. One of my faves, right up there with greasy pork sandwiches served in dirty ashtrays.

  2. SO jealous of your pumpkin margarita! Sounds like heaven. Hills are so rough but I feel so proud of myself every time I actually tackle them!

  3. I *heart* San Diego. A pumpkin margarita?! Very cool! Happy New Year!

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