Christmas Goodies and Badies

Workout: Ran outside 5 miles (48 minutes)

This picture wasn't necessary, I just wanted photographic evidence of my rose bush blooming in the background.


Holy headwind, Batman. That was a tough run. I’m tired from all my other runs this week, and the headwind didn’t help. This would have been a rest day if it wasn’t for me sitting on an airplane all day tomorrow. (At least I’ll finally get to read the rest of The Scorch Trials!)

Santa was very good to me this year. He knows I like running, so he got me a few running goodies.

Experia running socks, a hand-held water bottle with a pocket, and a Sony Walkman wireless mp3 player


I wanted to do a quick review of the mp3 player. I first learned about it from a SkinnyRunner post. Santa was nice enough to bring them, so I tried them out today on my run.

The Good:

  • It’s super easy to change songs, pause, and adjust the volume.
  • No headphone wires to tuck into my shirt.

The Bad:

  • I look like a tool.

Imagine the biggest Blu-tooth ever. On both sides.

  • The headphones are fairly heavy, so they flop around. I had adjust them continuously and was uber aware they were on the entire run.
  • They aren’t great for running. Maybe they’d be pretty good for a weights workout at the gym, though.

I’m not sure I’ll keep using these. I might let the Hubs try them out and see what he thinks.

Once I turned off the headphones at the end of the run, I found that my neighbors were blasting Careless Whisper by Wham! in their back yard. Merry Christmas, indeed.

I’ll be away from the blogging world for a week. So until then, have a safe and happy New Year. xxxooo


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4 responses to “Christmas Goodies and Badies

  1. I love my iPod Nano. I recently splurged on the newest model, (I have a touch, but I wanted something smaller to exercise with.) and I LOVE it. It comes with a built in clip, and it's the bomb. Apple is kind of pricy, though. So that's the biggest downfall. The Shuffle is the same size, and much cheaper I believe. I've never had one, though, so I can't give an accurate review.

  2. ok i was really wondering about these, so thank you for the honest review. I wouldn't want something heavy floppin around

  3. I have a Nano too and I love it…it's the wireless aspect that really drew me to these headphones. It was nice not having to tuck a wire from my headphones into my shirt. If they actually stayed in place, I'd happily look like a tool running. 🙂

  4. I hate the wires flopping around too! If I leave them too loose, they wave around and pull out of my ears. If I tuck them in too much into my shirt/ bra, they still pull out of my ears! I had thought that the ones you reviewed above would solve my dilemma…too bad. Thanks for the review though.

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