Work Holiday Party

Last night was my work holiday party. Usually the party takes place at the Hilton in OIA but this year the party took place at a new spot downtown called The Mezz. This place is inside The Sanctuary. The owner of the company I work for owns part of this building, so this was the first party held there.

People were literally working up to the day of the party getting the place ready because all the finishing touches that contruction does wasn’t complete (like lighting, mirrored walls, etc). They are even constructing some type of venue downstairs in the building that will probably compete with the business the Bob Carr Theatre gets. So…accoustic Tori Amos and Jerry Seinfeld, here we come!

Anyway, the work paid off. The place was beautiful and the lighting felt very noir like you were inside a Veronica Mars episode.

Table settings were pretty dang fancy

The colomns with lights kept changing color

The food was amazing. More amazing than past Christmas parties and I’ve been at the company a long time. I’m not a big fan of salads that I didn’t construct myself (I need to know what’s in them so I can count calories) but the appetizer salad was SO amazing.

Nuts, cranberries, and goat cheese.
And I don’t even like nuts and cranberries
on a salad. Until now apparently.

The waiter put a salad plate at the empty chair next to me. No one was sitting there and I didn’t want to get the waiter in trouble, so I did the only thing I could do to save his integrity and his job. I ate that one too.

Amazing prizes were given out as usual. Visa gift cards from $25 to $1000. This was the first year we had a live band too. Our friends Nicole and Kevin (who also work at my company) played with their band, Krazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Thanks for this pic, Ricardo!

I’d have to say, it was a pretty awesome party this year. Good food, good music, good friends. We even headed out to one of our favorite places downtown afterwards, The Celt, where Kristianna and Steve joined us.

Hubs and I at the party.

Kristianna and I at The Celt

By the way, Kristianna didn’t go to the holiday party but decided to dress up since everyone else was. She showed up in this little kick-ass number. Then she put the moves on my man.

But then she decided she was going to keep her man. *whew*  That was close. 

Needless to say, it was a late night and I didn’t get to bed until 3am. I’m tired today but I’m going to force myself to do some treadmill running at the gym. I’ll hate it during, but after I know I’ll feel better. After all, I need all the energy I can get for Paramore tonight at House of Blues Orlando!

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