Race Review: Women's Magazine Half Marathon

Garmin: 02:10:28 (race results aren’t posted yet, but I didn’t PR so…blah)

This race took place in St. Petersburg, which was really scenic and beautiful. Like, THIS scenic and beautiful.

The harbor where the race started

Michelle and I parked and walked about a half mile to the start, found our corral, and found Tiffany and Mama Connie coming out of the potties.

Sweaters just don’t get sexier than that.

We got in our corrals and didn’t have to wait long to start. One last non-sweaty picture comin’ at cha…

Drink matches the outfit. Nice!

That’s the start…yonder

For a women’s half marathon, there were a lot of men running. A lot of men in pink. And one with pink fuzzy socks. Oh, and I ran by these jokesters.

Enough water bottles to hydrate the homeless.

The race was fairly crowded for the first 10 miles, but it wasn’t too difficult getting around slower runners and walkers. The view was pretty amazing from what I got to enjoy of it (The miles started getting difficult at mile 3. Three! Not good). And this race had the most spectators of any race I’ve done so far which was awesome.

Beginning of the race

St. Pete Pier

We also got to run THROUGH Tropicana Field which was probably the best and most unique part of the race.

Last one or two tenths of the race.

After the race, I helped myself to some cookies at the Cookie Cafe. Ok, maybe the cookies were the best part of the race.

Got a cute finisher’s medal.

And met Moses, the dog.

I want to snuggle him so bad.

Overall, it was a well done race with awesome goodies at the end (bananas, bags of sliced apples, pretzels, yogurt, granola bars, cookies). I just wasn’t in top form for this race, but I would definitely do this one again.


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3 responses to “Race Review: Women's Magazine Half Marathon

  1. infinitefeet

    you did AWESOME! i can't wait for next year! i'm gonna try doing this race standing up next time. sumthin' different.

  2. tim

    your's is my favorite blog in the entire world!!!! come to think of it…. aw, that's not the point.

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