Day 3 and Chuck

Well, it’s Day 3 of Heathe Trim. I must say I notice the caffinated “energy” but not so much the appetite suppressant part as evidenced by my two plates of desserts from the potluck I tried to avoid. And don’t think I didn’t stow away extra stuff for today too…

You know it’s good when grease from the cookie allows you
to see through the napkin.
Guilt set in, so I went to cardio fitness class last night and then did 15 minutes of sprints on the treadmill when I got home. And of course I had some red velvet cake for breakfast.

I said this blog was about eating…not eating WELL.

Let’s talk about Chuck. If you don’t watch that show you should, because it’s funny, it’s cute, and because Zachary Levi is SO adorable.

That’s him at the Tangled premiere.
Plus, with awesome guest stars like Dolph Lundgren and Linda Hamilton, you can’t go wrong. And how cute is it that is co-star Yvonne Strahovski showed up to support him?  *secretly wishes I was dating him they were dating in real life*

In completely unrelated news, I also ran across this picture of Hilary Swank wearing a large amoeba. Boys DO cry.


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3 responses to “Day 3 and Chuck

  1. tim

    my favorite blog of all time!! keep writing girl!

  2. Dood. Those frosted cookies are AWESOME. But . . . wut is that little brown pile next to the cookie?

  3. That my friend, is chocolate cover pretzels/peanuts. And it was AWEsome.

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