“High School Skinny”

Well, this weekend was a good one. I had just the right amount of relax time and just the right amount of fun time. That doesn’t happen too often. I had a great time Thursday night celebrating the bestie’s birthday.

Does she look 29? (Again)

I went to bed early on Friday night for my race on Saturday morning, and watched a funny movie Saturday night. (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World…SEE IT…it’s so quirky and funny. And of course Hub’s liked it cuz the movie was like a combination of a video game and a comic book – the only 2 things he loves more than me and food.)

Today is the first day I’m trying out Healthe Trim. It’s a diet supplement that promises you’ll “get high school skinny.”  Now, I’m not sure I want that. If anyone in high school saw me, I was more like “high school heavy.” So, I’m really going for “2008 weight.”

Hubs suggested I take this, which is a modern miracle in itself. He hates pills like this, but he hears about it all the time on a morning show he listens to (the DJs have had a lot of success with it.)

Here’s what you do:

  • Take 2 pills in the morning with a full glass of water.
  • Don’t eat anything for 2-3 hours.
  • Then eat as you normally would.

The pill is a thermogenic energy booster and appetite suppressant. For maximum results you are supposed to drink 8-10 full glasses of water a day and avoid artificial sweeteners and caffeine (each pill itself has the amount of caffeine in a normal cup of coffee).

Besides oxygen, which I’m sure is in my blood somewhere – you will also find caffeine and Splenda. In fact, I think you can actually see packets of Splenda in my body under an x-ray. So, this will be an interesting challenge to avoid my first, second, third, and fourth love (Coke Zero, chocolate, Crystal Light, and Splenda). 

If those 4 things were what I was married to, and I were Bill Paxton, Big Love would be a MUCH different show.

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