Race Review: Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

Chip Time: 02:09:14
Date: October 24, 2010

Expo: The Expo was super small and in the lobby/outside area/meeting room of the host hotel, the Marina Inn. Packet pick up was really fast, but other than that…nothing really stood out. Oh…I did buy a Bondiband at the Expo. It’s cute. It does not stay on my head.

Packet pick up. That’s the right side of my Hub’s body on the right.

Swag: Lotta cool samples including Sunflower Spread, which I’ve never had. It’s very tasty in a peanut butter way but without the peanuts.

All the race goodies. Look at my cute pink polka-dotted craptastic Bondiband

I ran this race with my friend Linda and her husband Jimmy. We got up early to catch the hotel shuttle to take us to the start. This was the inaugural race, so I don’t think the traffic congestion was thought out well. Even though we were on the race shuttle, we didn’t think we were going to make the start. And we didn’t even get scheduled for the last shuttle.

Linda and Jimmy – ready to rumble!

The shuttle dropped us off, and we walked to the start with a few minutes to spare.
You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seem some Medieval Times craziness as a pre-race motivator. A beach themed race…with horses.

There were no corrals, so we butted into the 8 min mile area. I’m normally a 10 minute mile, so I must have been in the Liar’s Corral because everyone ran at JUST my pace. This made the start of the race SO NICE. I didn’t have to dodge ANY walkers OR slower runners.

Can you see the random roller coaster ahead on the left?

At mile 2, there was a fairly steep overpass that I sprinted up. That was the last I saw of Jimmy as he blew past me and Linda.

At Mile 5, Linda’s short little legs went all crazy train and she ran ahead of me too. I didn’t see either of them again until the end of the race.

The race course was decent and I felt pretty good for the whole race. The last half mile was along the beach and it was really beautiful but hard to enjoy when you’re trying to pound out those last steps. I always think making that last part of the race scenic is like putting on makeup to go to the movies. No one’s gonna see it, man. No one.

Me and Linda rockin’ medals and bananas

After the race, I felt awesome. I was so worried about getting sick. But nope…this girl was rockin’ the runner’s high. There was lots of food after the race – bananas, bagels, cereal, dried fruit packages – and it was SO much better than the Disney race. It felt managed better, it was cheaper, and the goodies were better.

All the finishers after the race.

Oh…did I mention I beat my first race time by TWENTY minutes? Score! I wasn’t even trying for time.


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