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Hello from Above

I’m currently writing this post from the sky. See you later, Orlando.

I’m on a (direct!) flight from Orlando to San Diego to visit my family for a week. Come to mama, sweet California weather. Smile

Even though I’m writing this post on the plane, I’m too cheap to pay for the in flight Wi-Fi, so this will probably be published after I land. Gotta love Windows Live Writer. No internet connection required. (If you blog and don’t use it, find someone to slap you repeatedly until you do.)

An early flight today meant an early wake up yesterday to get in my long run. I ran 11 miles, but had to make a quick stop home half way through, so my run looked like this:

  • First 5.5 miles @ 9:52 pace
  • Second 5.5 miles @ 9:53 pace

Not only is that about 25 seconds faster than I have been running, that’s super consistent. I swear I thought last week’s race was a fluke. I’m telling you, if you want to run faster, do HIIT. It works. My slow ass is proof.

Ok, back to today.

I’ve never seen OIA as busy as it was this morning. My flight is on “Delta, operated by Alaska Airlines” so I waited in the Delta line to check my bags only to find out that I needed to check in at Alaska Airlines on the opposite side of the airport. I waited a half hour to check my bag at Delta, then another half hour at Alaska Airlines, and then another half hour to get through security. So, by the time I got to my gate, everyone had already boarded the flight. Eff.

I was hungry and annoyed that I didn’t have time to get oatmeal from Starbucks.  Expensive in flight food to the rescue.

Beef jerky and a fruit and cheese plate for the low price of $13.00, plus a free breakfast cookie that I didn’t eat.

This the first flight I’ve been on that has movie player rentals available.

The player has over 75 movies on it and a bunch of TV shows. It’s $8-$10 bucks depending on the flight length, so it’s not a bad deal especially if you’re watching with someone.

You know what’s awkward? Taking a picture of yourself while the dude sitting next to you watches.

He didn’t even ask why, which I appreciated. However, he did tell me I look like a volleyball player. I don’t know what that means but I’m gonna take it as a compliment. Also, before we ever left the runway, I heard a kid ask his mom if we were still in Florida.

I will be slapping him later.

Edited to add: If you receive posts by email, I have no idea what’s going on with all the funky letters. Sorry about that. 🙁


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Back on the Wagon

Well, I’m back in Orlando and back to work. Remember how I kept going on and on about how California is awesome and better than everyone else? Well, I forgot to share something with you guys. While I was out on my 7 mile run in San Diego, I found out the dogs are better there too. I’m pretty sure they’re literate.

Speaking of being back to work, today I’m listening to the sweet sounds of the dude that can’t stop sighing all day long. He’s really getting in a lot of them today. Probably welcoming me back.

Seriously. You are a grown man and you sigh loudly all day long like doing your job is such a chore. I’m sure there are plenty of people that would love to take your place and would happily do the job while being annoyed silently. I do not need to hear your crap all day. Please take up eye rolling or bitching to your friends on instant messenger like the rest of us.

Anyway, enough about that.

Now that I’m back from my short vacation, I’m trying to get back to eating healthy and exercising. It is not easy. I was still working out on vacation, but that doesn’t really do me any good when I’m eating 1500 calorie meals. Which I was. Hubs was telling me he didn’t think I ate that badly, but I assured him that what he saw in this post was only the pictured things I ate. I did not include the cornbread and biscuits. Or the pie and batch of brownies my mom made that I snuggled with late night.

Last night, I did my first workout to combat the vacation bulge. This workout is from my trainer and it was a pretty good one. We did 7 groups, but I cannot remember one of them for the life of me. I liked this workout because you only do 2 sets of everything, so the workout goes by fast and is always changing.

Also, I should just go ahead and admit that I haven’t been doing that 2 workouts a day twice a week thing like I planned. (Someone even checked up on me about that.)

I did manage it once in San Diego (spin in the morning, 2 mile hill run in the afternoon) but other than that, I’ve been a complete failure. So here’s to a fresh start. I guess the good thing about failing is you can always try again, right? Or something like that.



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10 Reasons I Might Avoid the Scale this Week

You know, it all started so innocently. I was going to spin classes, I was watching what I ate. Then Thursday night at Calypso happened in downtown Encinitas. And Friday night at Miyabi (which I didn’t get pictures of because all Japanese Steakhouses are the same). And Saturday brunch at The Tractor Room. Thanks to those 3 places, I give you the 10 (pictured) reasons I might avoid the scale this week:

1.  Brie in a puff pastry with caramelized apples, candied pecans, and  a marsala sauce. The sauce was really sweet and probably created from puppy tears. It tasted like a dessert.

2.  Crab salad with ahi tuna. The ahi tuna punk’d me because I thought it was tomatoes when I took a bite. I don’t like raw anything but ate everything I put on my plate so I didn’t look like a wimp.

3.  Blue fin tuna. (Here we go with raw food again. My brother ordered this and made me try it because he’s a bully. And it was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.)

Side note: My brother asked the waitress what the difference between the blue fin and ahi tuna was and she said, “they are two different kinds of tuna.” < —– helpful

4. Thai Chicken Salad with a peanut salad dressing on the side. This was my attempt to eat healthy but salads aren’t healthy when you eat off other people’s plates, 2 appetizers, and a dessert with them.

5.  Carrot cake. Easily in the top 5 most delicious carrot cakes ever, and I have had a lot of carrot cake.

On Sunday, my brother went to LA with my niece for her volleyball tournament, so I went to brunch with his friend/business partner/brother from another mother, Oran, his girlfriend, and some of their co-workers at The Tractor Room at Hillside.

No one ever likes dishonest meat.

6. Most of their specialty drinks had bourbon. I can’t do bourbon but there was one drink that looked good. After they told me they didn’t have all the ingredients for it, I ended up with this bourbon/cinnamon/whatever else was in it concoction. It was strong. Really strong.

Still drank it. Still don’t like bourbon.

7.  Bloody Mary’s with freakin’ steak in them. Notice that drink comes with 5 “sides” and is served on a platter.

8.  Lamb scramble with sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, and potatoes.

9.  Peach brown sugar giant pancake. (This one was so good that now I want to know how their banana chocolate pancake compares.)

This is how far we got with 5 of us sharing it.

10.  Drinks at Bully’s after brunch that matched our shirts. (That’s Oran’s girlfriend, Denise.)

Brunch was at 11:30 and I still wasn’t hungry by 9:00pm. The food was so delicious and the portions were so gigantic. I had to look online to see if Man vs. Food had been there (he hadn’t) after seeing the BLT that Sarah ordered.

How do girls stay so skinny here? I need to get back to the same old boring food I eat every day in Orlando before my pants revolt.


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You Think You’re Better Than Me?

I went to another awesome spin class yesterday. It was at a different gym, so it wasn’t just a fluke. California is really trying to prove it’s better than everyone else.

After the class, my SIL and I went to check out the newly remodeled pool at the club where the gym is at.

We get it. You’re pretty. You don’t need to go pushing your nature and beauty and hills in my face all the time.

Just when I was about to declare California the winner of all things that could be won, I found this online.

You are rude, California. And now, you are liars. My mom lives here and she is totally old.


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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

I love my sister-in-law, Janis. She’s a nut and just about the most fun and big-hearted person you’d meet. She and my brother have been married for 23 years, so she’s kinda like the sister I never had. (Here’s the only picture I could find of her on my laptop.)

She loves to workout like I do, so whenever I come into town that’s the first thing she asks me to do. I got a text from her yesterday asking if I wanted to go to spin. So we hit up Frog’s Fitness for a class but got there a little early so we did 15 minutes on the stair climber to kill some time. I LOVE the stair climbers that are actually stairs.

The gym even has gigantic tires you can flip and all sorts of fun classes. Why can’t we have cool gyms like this near me in Orlando? Does California really need ALL the cool stuff?

We did an hour long spin class. It was probably one of the best spin classes I’ve ever been to. Great music, super hard, and a really good instructor that reminded me of Andre Agassi. When he wanted us to increase the tension, he would say, “give me a little tick turn, tick turn” like it was part of the music. Awesome and nerdy all at once.

The classroom was tiered so there wasn’t someone’s butt right up in my field of vision.


Usually I like that. But not in spin classes. Have I mentioned I loved this gym? It’s making me actually consider dropping $60 a month for the YMCA again, because I loved it there and forgot what it was like to love a gym.

Anyway, they also had these spin bikes that were for arms only.


You just stand on the platform and “pedal” with your arms. I’m not sure my arms could take that for an hour but I’m pretty sure I would be ripped if I did it enough.

After spin, my mom and I went to Souplantation (a.k.a. Sweet Tomatoes) to eat our weight in salad and frozen yogurt. Then we saw Mirror Mirror.

My mom loved it. After I woke her up, that is. I heard some heavy breathing around the 30 minute mark and had to shake that woman awake.

I thought it was ok. It was kinda boring at first and then it was more slapstick toward the end which didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. I did like Julia Roberts a lot. I love when she does comedy. And the guy that played the prince really reminded me of Brendan Fraser. Even his voice sounded like him.

I guess I expected more. At least I still have Snow White and the Huntsman to look forward to.



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I’m Breaking Up with Ben Stiller

Greetings from San Diego. Smile

I want to marry the weather here. Everything is better. Including the weeds.

Lilies are the weeds in my mom’s backyard. She didn’t plant them. They’re just growing all over the place.  (Is that Instagram picture better, Miss Picky Pants?)

I made it here uneventfully. Unless you count the part where I missed my connecting flight in LA because my first flight landed 5 minutes before the connection was scheduled to leave. About 8 of us missed it,  so you’d think American would delay their flight for that many people. I mean, they had no problem with the first flight leaving 30 minutes late. Jerks.

While scrunched in the center seat for 5 hours, I read Volume 5 and 6 of Walking Dead. That crap is getting seriously awesome and surprisingly graphic. Michonne is one crazy-ass character (she’s the chic in the cloak at the end of Season 2). I cannot wait for next season.

I had a Diet Coke on the flight.

Coke Light? Whaaa? Is this a new thing? It tasted just like Diet Coke. Are they changing the name?

Then I watched Tower Heist, the in-flight movie.

I felt like I should just finish the movie since I was trapped on a plane and the TVs were in my face, but I’m fairly certain I would have turned that crap off after an hour if I were watching it at home.

I think the sun has set on me and Ben Stiller’s relationship. I used to love him and think he was hilarious. I would see ALL of his movies. Now, I can’t stand him unless he’s doing a Tom Cruise impression. What happened to us, Ben?

Love or hate Ben Stiller? (I gotta stick with his old school stuff like Reality Bites and Cable Guy. Ok, I loved Tropic Thunder too.)


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Weekend Timeline

I flew back from San Diego yesterday (and boy are my arms tired). I’ll be here all night, folks! 😉

I didn’t get to blog much over the weekend, so I thought I would do a weekend timeline and sum up the interesting parts instead of doing a bunch of individual posts. So, here we go.


3:00pm:  Leave for the airport.

4:00pm: Take the shuttle to the wrong terminal at OIA. (Letting my awesome shine through.)

6:30pm: Arrive at Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.

7:00pm: Arrive at my next gate and wait for the plane to board.

7:10pm: Tweet something no one else seems to notice.

7:15pm: Get helpful advice from my friend Jim.

9:45pm: Arrive in San Diego, about 25 minutes later than scheduled. Find my brother waiting for me outside baggage claim.

10:15pm: Arrive at 4th and B downtown.

10:20pm: We couldn’t have made better time. The headliner (TV on the Radio) hadn’t come on yet, so the big bro bought tickets to the show.We got a drink and the band came on about 10 minutes later.

The place was really cool inside with all sorts of fun paintings (not pictures) for sale on the wall.

TV on the Radio was surprisingly good. I thought they would be more mellow from what I had sampled from them the day before, but they were pretty rockin’.

We’re pretty sure we had a forgetful bartender, because we’d order one drink and get two. Or three.

In case you’re wondering, those are vodka and soda. They taste like crap, so I put Crystal Light in them.

12:30am: Show ends (That’s 3:30am Florida time in case you’re not keeping track.)

1:00am: Brother suggests going out for a beer. Sugar Free Red Bull says sister is wide awake and ready to go!

1:20am: Stop at a place close to home. Meet a guy named Coconut at the bar that works at Miyabi (a Japanese Steakhouse next door) as a cook. He tells my brother he’s “not that good.”

2:15am: Arrive home. Ready for bed. That’s 5:15am Florida time.


10:00am: Wake up

10:10am: Brother tells me to get ready. The SIL wants to go work out.

11:00am: Arrive with the SIL for a boxing class.

We took an hour long class that included ab work at the beginning, lots of punch sequences, along with push ups, burpees, squats, running, and wall sits.

The class was fun but a little on the disorganized side.

12:00pm: Head back home to shower. Notice this gem in my room.

Not weird at all.

1:30pm: Head over to my Mom’s place.

3:00pm: Go out to lunch at Souplantation and eat mass quantities of salad.

5:00pm: Nap time.

6:30pm: Meet my brother out at El Torito, a great Mexican restaurant, for dinner with the family. (Best guacamole I’ve ever had.)

I had the Fresh Chicken. That corn ball thing is THE JAM. It’s like what corn bread is trying to be but failing miserably. So good. Corn bread…take note.

My brother had fajitas that included the largest spoon known to mankind.

8:30pm: Head over to Mom’s place. (That’s her in the pink behind me. Tell her to wear more pink, it looks good on her!)

9:00pm: Bedtime.


6:30am: Awake. ugh.

6:45am: Go for a run. 6.25 miles circling around hilly ass neighborhoods I didn’t know.

8:00am: Write my one lone weekend blog post about my run.

10:30am: Leave to catch the Coaster train downtown with my Mom.

This one was my Mom’s idea. “Lay on the tracks. That would be funny and not dangerous at all.”

The train arrived and the trip downtown took about 40 minutes.

It was misting and gloomy in the morning, but we still got some great views from the Coaster.

Once we arrived downtown, we walked around for a little bit. San Diego is definitely ready for the Rock n Roll Marathon on June 5th. There were signs everywhere that made me sad I’m not running it.


We ended up at Horton Plaza, a crazy awesome outdoor mall.

Instead of finding that new and unique lunch spot, I found one of the crappiest salads I’ve ever had. The Chop Salad from California Crisp.

Mom had some sushi from another place that was way better, so I stole some of it.

After lunch, we walked back to the train station to catch the trolley and then catch the bus to Balboa Park.

3:00pm: Became San Diego mass transit masters.

We walked around Balboa Park for a few hours and took lots of pictures.


Casa del Prado Theatre.

The Spanish Village Art Studio

Watching the Carousel.

8:00pm: Finally made it home

9:00pm: Happy Hour with the big bro at the same spot we met Coconut. No Coconut this time. Just lots of tequila and beer.

12:00am: Bedtime


8:00am: Arrive at the airport for the flight home.


8:45am: More helpful advice from Jim.

7:30pm:  Hubs picks me up at the airport.

8:00pm: Get home to a house where the Hubs mopped all the tile flooring, cleaned all the laminate flooring, washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, bought a new patio set we’ve had our eye on, put up a ceiling fan in the office we’ve been wanting forever, and generally cleaned the entire house. < —– Awesome

11:00pm: Bedtime


So, that was my weekend. It was jam-packed busy, but I had so much fun and I loved seeing my family. (Thanks for all the hospitality Mom, Big Bro, and Janis.)

I usually don’t suffer from jet lag, but I’ve been up since 4:30am this morning because I can’t sleep. It’s 6:00am now and I need to take a shower and get ready for work. *sigh* I should have taken an additional day off work but instead I’ll just look like a zombie today. It’s a good look.

What’s the last awesome thing your significant other did for you?


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Hill Street Blues

Workout: Ran outside (hills) 6.25 miles (10:37 pace)

I made it to San Diego in one piece and it’s been busy, busy, busy since I got here. This morning, I got up early and ran outside around my mom’s house. Took a few pictures along the way. It doesn’t suck to have this view a few steps from your place, that’s for sure.

The whole run felt like it was uphill. I mean, with all the uphill, there had to be a downhill somewhere but I didn’t see it. The hills almost killed me.

It was nice to take advantage of the cool weather and no humidity, because this will be the last time I see it until December. <—- Boo Florida

At the end of my run, I realized I was running on this street.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

I’ll have to do a weekend recap next post since I haven’t had much time to blog while I’ve been here. Now it’s time to take a shower and get ready to head out with my Mom. We are going to satisfy my inner tourist by taking the train downtown to explore and then heading over to Balboa Park.

Any good lunch places in downtown San Diego?

What’s there to do at Balboa Park? (I hope everyone is dressed like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky there otherwise that park name is just a cruel joke.)


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Back to Real Life

Happy New Year!
I’m officially back home in Orlando after a fun week of visiting family in San Diego and eating way too much good food. I had a great time with my brother…

(Maybe next time I see him, I’ll even brush my hair. I said maybe.)

The Hubs…

(I was really trying to get the tree in the background. Well, I say, holiday spirit = captured!)

My mama…

(She was really just hanging around for the birthday cake.)

My niece and nephews…

(Masters of the Self Photo)

(More self photos? Well, alright!)

By the way, my nephew on the right has full use of both of his eyes. Not too sure what’s going on there. I’d love to post some pictures of my sister-in-law, but she’d find out and I might not get invited back.

So, after all the delicious food…

My nephews 12th birthday party…

(Picture it. Fifteen 12-year old boys singing karaoke to “Single Ladies.” I’m pretty sure I saw two of them not even needing to look at the lyrics.)

A classy New Year’s party at my brother’s friend’s house…

(Cristal and Easy Cheese. Nothing but the best for this girl.)

We were all pooped and looked something like this…

Thanks for all the hospitality big bro. 🙂 Love ya!


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Lobster Dumplings – did we or didn’t we?

Last night, the Hubs, the big bro, and big bro’s friend/business partner went back to Belly Up to see another show. This time around, it was the B-Side Players.

Of course we stopped at the Wild Note Cafe for dinner and drinks beforehand. I did not rub the Lobster Dumplings all over my body as planned. My brother said something to the effect that the thought of seeing his sister doing that was equivalent to staring into a thousand suns.

Instead, we ordered all this good stuff:

My salad – so good I had to get the full size version this time.

My brother thought it important to share with you my plate after the salad was gone.

Yeah. I’m not a fan of walnuts. But I’ll forgive the salad since the rest was so good.

We also had the southwest chicken eggrolls. You know they’re good when you don’t need lip gloss for a week after you eat them. <—greasy lips

And the Jalapeno Turkey Sliders.

Good, but not hot. Don’t toy with my emotions and put “jalapeno”
in the title if you can’t deliver.

My brother also thought it important that I feature his shrimp and lobster enchiladas. He can eat this and then lose weight.

Good, but I think I expected these to have a kick to them too and they didn’t.

After dinner we headed to the show. I don’t know anything about the B-Side Players but my brother really digs them.

The B-Side Players in all their glory.

I thought the show was pretty good, but I think my brother and his friend were disappointed. All this talk of big bro and no pictures? Well…we need to remedy that right now.

You can tell where he got all his good looks from, no?

Tonight, we are going out to Miyabi Japanese Steakhouse for some more good food. I’ve never been there, but the family says it’s delish. Plus, we will be celebrating my nephews’ 12th birthday (it’s tomorrow) later tonight at the house. I can already hear them playing with the karaoke machine…

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year. And may all the karaoke you listen to tonight not feature 12-year-old boys singing “I’ve Had the Time of my Life” from Dirty Dancing.


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