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The G Word

I don’t believe in resolutions. Maybe it’s because I never keep them? I do believe in goals but I hate making them in the new year because then it seems like a resolution. Although, I don’t achieve my goals either, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Anyway, usually I don’t talk about goals for that reason but even so, I’m going to put this out there.

I made a goal.

I’m sure this actually achieving goals thing has to take at some point, right? So here we go: I want to lose 13lbs by the end of April.

That’s the amount of weight I’ve gained in the past two years and if I lose it, it will open up a whole new wardrobe already in my closet, including two really cute pairs of white pants that I’ve never worn but I’m sure had to fit me at some point because I bought them.

Besides being able to wear pants that button again, I also made this goal because I recently made plans to go to Key West in April…with friends. That’s a week in which 80% of my time will be spent in a bathing suit…in front of friends.

So here’s my plan for the month of January, which I’m currently eight days into and going strong:

No booze. There may be two exceptions to this rule. I’m still deciding. If I do end up drinking, I’ll continue this for a couple weeks into February so I really do a whole month not drinking and don’t feel like a loser.

Also, what exactly does one do when they don’t drink? All I could come up with is watching movies and going to bed early.

Drink only water and unsweetened tea. Unsweetened tea tastes like water steeped in feet. I don’t know how anyone can drink that crap. But just like I had to acquire a taste for Diet Coke, I am trying to make myself like unsweetened tea.

So far, not working.

No artificial sweeteners. So long my loves Diet Coke, Crystal Light, and Sugar Free Red Bull. You will be missed. What’s my liver supposed to process now?

Less sweets and junk food. That does not mean no sweets or junk food. I’m not crazy. Or rather, I don’t want to go crazy because I will. But sweets is my biggest downfall. So it’s (mostly) gotta go.


While the first couple of days sucked, it’s getting easier. The only reason I think this plan may stick this time around is because I actually felt guilty eating sugar free jelly on my PB&J during the race on Sunday. So maybe that’s a sign?


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