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Worst Concert Ever #LMFAO #XL1067

Last night, LMFAO (and Jason Derulo, Karmin, and Outasight) played at the House of Blues as part of the XL 106.7 XL’ent Xmas concert series. LMFAO was the headliner, so tickets sold out pretty fast. Hubs regretted not buying tickets before the sell-out because he’s been liking LMFAO more and more recently. A couple days ago, tickets opened up again on Ticketmaster so hubs was all over it. We were LMFAO bound!

We arrived at HOB over an hour and a half after they opened the doors and still didn’t miss any of the opening bands (which was our reason for arriving late). So, we hung out at the bar for awhile and people watched while Outasight (not too bad) and Karmin (terrible) performed.

There was a really good view from the bar, particularly when the tallest man ever stood in front of me.

I saw one guy accidentally spill a drink all over his girlfriend and then ask her why she did that to herself. She was not amused. That was fun. We also noticed someone with a clever drink holder.

Jason Derulo finally came on stage. I don’t know anything about him except that song that reminds me of Beetlejuice, but I thought he was pretty good. He definitely has a good stage presence. And abs.

At the end of his set, he did back flips across the stage and a hand-stand where he was popping up and down on his hands. The dude has some serious acrobatics in him.

Finally, we were ready for our headliner. LMFAO is two guys. But only one of them was there.

I wasn’t familiar with their first song. The second song was I’m in Miami Bitch, the third was Shots, and the fourth was Party Rockin’. By the fourth song, I was getting worried they were slamming out all their hits so fast. I mean, I’ve been to a LOT of concerts and no artist does that.

The fifth song was I’m Sexy and I Know it.

And that was the end of the concert.

Five songs, 30 minutes, for the bargain price of $60 per ticket.

We stood there dumbfounded after the concert because we couldn’t believe it was over. And we were PISSED. I’ve never seen a headliner play shorter than an hour and 15 minutes, even with other bands. If the tickets were $20, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. For $60, we feel so ripped off. So of course I started tweeting nasties after the show. To LMFAO’s credit, they have he has a lot of energy on stage, sounds good, and can work a crowd. For 5 songs.

The XL 106.7 XL’ent Xmas concert series has shows every year at HOB and I will never go to another one after this. Giving LMFAO another chance is up in the air.


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Fun on a School Night

Last night, hubs and I met up with our friend Joe to see Bassnectar at Hard Rock Live. I bought the tickets for hubs for his birthday, so I guess we’re still celebrating that damn day. Winking smile

The audience didn’t get probed by an alien spaceship. That’s just the stage set up.

This night marks the momentous occasion in which I didn’t take any pictures of myself or my friends. Those drinks must have been potent. So, instead I’ll show you a few more shots from the concert.

Why are people always putting their hands up right when I take a picture?

Can you see the DJ? Think Cousin It with more musical talent.

The show was sold out and had some really strict policies: no crowd surfing, no glow sticks, and I wasn’t allowed to have the cap to my water bottle. Good thing too because I was going to turn it into a deadly weapon.

He didn’t play my favorite song (I run to that song ALL the time) which I was really bummed about but the show sounded awesome and we all had a really good time.

What’s your favorite song to run to?


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Instead of a Tempo Run, I Did This

Last night, the hubs and I went to the 10 Years concert at The Social.

The Social is a small live music venue in downtown Orlando that caters to small bands and local bands. It’s one of my favorite places, not only because it’s 15 minutes away from my house, but also because no matter where you stand, you’re close to the stage. If you’re standing on the right side of the stage, the band members have to walk by you to get on the stage, which is also fun. 🙂

Sometimes The Social books some really cool shows and they are always super cheap. I’ve seen Lisa Loeb there a few times and hubs and I have seen Sneaker Pimps, Seether, and Papa Roach. I don’t think any of those shows were more than $20.

Most of my pictures came out blurry. Probably half because of the mass beer consumption and half because of the annoying guy standing behind me that was eventually kicked out. So are a few of the better shots from the show.

I have all of 10 Years’ albums (there are 3) and have loved them for years but had no clue what the band looked like until last night. <—– bad fan  The lead singer reminded me of Christian Bale.

We were really happy to be at a rock show again. There’s been so much Britney, Katy, Ke$ha, and Gaga in our life that it was nice to be at a show where everyone isn’t 13 and slutty.

During the show, I went to the bar to get a drink and there was a drunk chic passed out at a table by herself. I felt bad for her for a few seconds but then, you know that moment when you’re faced with a dilemma and you need to quickly choose between right and wrong? 

We’ll just add that to the reasons I’m going to hell. But at least I’ll have company because the trend caught on and everyone was taking pictures with her.

Overall, I had a lot of fun! There are a few songs I wish they would have played instead of others, but they were still great and sounded really good. Oh, and the concert was definitely better than the tempo run that I was supposed to do last night. 🙂

Updated: The drunk girl woke up a few minutes later, so she was ok, by the way.


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It’s Britney, B!tch

Before I get into the night, let me just clear this up. For anyone who saw my tweet last night, I meant “spelled” not “forked.” For the love of auto correct, I swear I wasn’t drunk…yet.

After work, the bestie met up with the hubs and I at our house. We had a drink while we waited for the cab to arrive to take us downtown. And of course, we took pictures.

For this concert, we had box seats. I’m not sure if you know anything about box seats, but know this: they feed you and there is free beer and wine. And that right there is what makes them awesome.

The box area was set up with high-top tables and couches and two buffet tables. It looked like a little wine bar.

The buffets had make your own chicken and beef tacos, nachos, rice and beans, penne pasta, Cesar salad, garlic bread, antipasto, and some chicken dish.

The chicken was AMAZING. Here’s the hubs forking his. (See? I meant forking that time.)

At 8:30, they brought out the desserts – brownies and different varieties of cookies. I showed a brownie and a couple cookies who’s boss. Then we took more gratuitous pictures of ourselves.

Nikki Manaj opened but just before she came on I got a shot of the crowd from the box area. Cool looking, no?

There was another act before Nikki Manaj but I cannot think of the name of the band for the life of me. The only thing that comes to mind is Jessie and the Rippers and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

I don’t know one thing about Nikki Manaj, but I thought she was great. I didn’t even know her last song which is apparently her hit that everyone else in the audience knew.

After Nikki finished her set, there was a short intermission. There were screens on either side of the stage showing a countdown to showtime.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that at a concert. Usually a show just starts and you just need to make sure you’re out of the bathroom or any lines on time. So, that was pretty cool.

Britney opened with Hold it Against Me and did most of her hits.

Here’s a few more shots from the concert.

The guy sitting in the middle was brought up from the audience.

Overall, all three of us were really disappointed with the concert. Hubs and I saw Britney for the In the Zone tour and her show and song selection was so much better.

Also, one of the things I didn’t like was that she shortened about 5 of her songs. So she would start playing My Prerogative or Piece of Me, but she would only do about 30 seconds of the song and then start singing something else. And of course, they were all songs I wanted to hear.

She played a handful of crappy songs from her new album. She also did S&M from Rihanna. I’m thinking if you can’t even finish your own songs, you probably shouldn’t do someone else’s. Also, she didn’t do Circus which was a major bummer for me.

Her last song was Till the End of the World. She did the remix version with Nikki Manaj and Nikki didn’t even come on stage. They just played a video of her singing in the background. Um…didn’t she JUST open for you? Least you can do is get her ass on stage.

The show ended with a bunch of confetti which always looks awesome from afar.

I know it seems like I’m hating on this concert a lot, but I did have a lot of fun and I’m glad I went. I also enjoyed her songs and show. I was just disappointed. The bar was set really high after her last concert and after Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha (twice!) pretty much blew us away.

After the concert, we went to Ember downtown for a short time.

We got a hummus platter and some beef skewer appetizer and both sucked. So we consoled ourselves with alcohol and more pictures.

If anyone is interested in how to make your head look three times larger than your husband’s and best friend’s head put together, I have the answer.

If you want to see more Britney pictures, I’ll be putting them up on the blog’s Facebook page sometime today. So stop on by!

Now I need to decide if I have enough time to get my training run in before my dermatologist appointment. I have another chemical peel today in an effort to make myself look 20 again.

What’s your favorite skin care product you use? (I need to look younger, give me your secrets!)


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California Girls, They’re Unforgettable

Well, last night was FUN.

The Hubs, bestie, and I went to the Katy Perry concert at the UCF Arena. Usually when concerts go on sale, we wait to buy tickets because good seats almost always become available last minute. We could tell it was going to sell out, so we bought some seats in the stands (that were ok, but not great) so we were guaranteed to go.

A few weeks later, we got lucky when Hubs scored some general admission tickets on a brokering site. They were slightly more pricey, but we’re suckers for being as close as possible. (We sold our other tickets on Craigslist.)

Before we left for the show, we took a few pictures. Hubs and I actually got a good one!

He looks taller than me there too. I assure you, he is not. I hold the Amazon title in this family, thank you.

Robyn was the opening act. We also saw her last year at Club Firestone. Her music is good, but the woman could benefit from a few dance lessons. I am not exaggerating when I say 50% of her dance moves involve air punches.

She could also benefit from a stylist and a haircut that doesn’t represent 1987 Mary Stuart Masterson.

Sweet Lord those pants. I made sure I got a close up for you.

WTF pants?

During her set, she peeled and ate a banana.

And then threw the peel directly at the Hubs.

Whoever that is that is standing barefoot on that floor. Girl. You are nasty.

After Robyn, we took a restroom break where Lisa and I met someone with this opening line.

We talked to her (formerly a him) for awhile and learned that she’s a sex therapist, gets her hair done in Ft. Lauderdale, and just had her upper lip “done.” Then she looked at me and said, “we have the same boobs.”

That did not win me over.

We got back to the general admission area right as the concert was starting. Katy puts on a FUN show. Check out the awesome stage setup.

If it looks like we were close, that’s cuz we were. Smile

She opened with Teenage Dream. Those mints on her dress spun around.

She had lots of costume changes! She even changed her outfit a bunch of times during Hot and Cold with magic tricks, which was freaking awesome.

Lots of lasers during Circle the Drain and ET.  (Circle the Drain = often on my running playlist.)

There were a bunch of girls at the concert with blue and pink wigs on. It made me wish I wore my blue wig. Maybe I’ll wear it to work on Monday instead. I’m sure everyone at work will love that, maybe more than they love that I shop Old Navy during meetings.

I can’t remember what she was singing here, but I love this picture.

Last song of the night – California Gurls.

I took a ton of pictures, so instead of boring you here, I’ll put them up on the blog’s Facebook page if you’re interested in seeing more. Smile

There was a shower of heart confetti at the end.

The extra ticket cost was so worth it. These were some of the best general admission tickets ever. Not only were we close, but they didn’t oversell the area so there weren’t a bunch of a-holes pushing and shoving to get to the front.

After the show, we went to Tailgaters for a drink *cough*andfood*cough* so we could miss out on the parking garage mayhem that ensues right after a show. There were some nachos involved, I’ll admit. But I didn’t eat that many of them so the diet wasn’t totally ruined. Happy now, Jason?

Now I’m going to take a nap and probably stress out about the fact that my Reader has 80 unread messages after only one day. 🙂


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Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

Day 2 was just like Day 1, except there were a lot more people.

The lineup this time around:

Yep, don’t know any of them either except for Benny Benassi and DJ Icey.

This time around, our friend K joined us.

Oh, and I found my new sunglasses. $12.50. Thank you.

People were still dressed up in cool costumes.

I think the watch is the most crucial part of that green outfit.

The hubs hooped, which always draws a crowd. People like watching that boy hoop.

His “hooping is so easy I don’t even need to move my arms” pose.

Of all the artists, Benny Benassi was definitely the best. DJ Heavygrinder was really good too.

Hubs even had a shirt made.

The front of the shirt says, “I am the bass” and she has a song called “The Bass is my Boyfriend.” She saw him in the crowd and gave him props twice.

K and I went on a few rides while the hubs hooped. While we were waiting in line, a guy standing in front of me told me that I didn’t look like I should be there. That I looked “innocent” and “like a teacher.”

I don’t even know what that means.

He asked me my name and when I told him, he told me even my name sounded like I should be a teacher. Oh, and the first thing he said to me was “how old are you?”

I’m just glad that’s still not giving me a complex today. And as you can imagine, it’s really making me look forward to my birthday in a week.

Here’s a view of the crowd from one of the rides.

Not the best pic, but I had to take it quickly before the ride dropped us.

Right before we left, we hit up one more ride.

Someone threw up on the ride right before we got on.

The best part of being first in line: avoiding the barf seat.

We all had a great time. I think I liked Day 1 a little better just because it was less crowded and no one called me old, but other than that, they were equally a good time.

Do you like rides and rollercoasters? (I LOVE them all. Hubs isn’t a fan and he knew I wanted to go on them, so he surprised me and invited K along for the second day so I would have someone to ride with.) 🙂


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Electric Daisy Carnival Day 1

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a 2-day techno music festival with carnival rides that takes place at Tinker Field. There are 4 stages and tons of artists that perform throughout the day. It’s basically a smaller version of Ultra Music Festival (UMF).

Besides Orlando, EDC also takes place in Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver, and Puerto Rico. I think this is the first year the festival has come to Orlando. Here’s the Orlando lineup for Friday

I have no idea who any of those people are except Tiesto and Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon. And even then, you could play their whole album for me and I wouldn’t know it was them. I just know the names.

We stood in line for about a half hour to get in when we arrived around 3:00.

Pretty sure the guy standing in front of us had Ke$ha underwear on.

Once we got in, we walked around and checked the place out.

There were five different rides.

We got on this one which was like hang-gliding. (If there’s no dash in hang-gliding, there is now.)

While they had all the regular carnival food (hubs and I shared an awesome burger), there was also a General Store where you could buy anything from cigarettes and snacks to ear plugs and aspirin. And there was a Fresh Fruit, Kettle Corn, Sno-Cone, and Taco Stand.

The festival also encouraged recycling. You are able to buy water canteens for $10 and fill them up for free at filling stations for both days of the festival.

Hubs and I walked around from stage to stage checking out the artists. And the beer. And the vodka. And the Pitron. We wanted to make sure it was safe.

It was.

I like EDC so much more than Ultra Music Festival. It’s set up better, the port-o-potties are spaced out and in four different areas so it’s not a total cluster like UMF, they have more to look at and do, and more people are dressed up in fun outfits.

Check out this chick’s hair. Awesomeness.

Toward the end of the night, it started storming. Everything closed down for about 20-30 minutes. We hunkered down under the box office and never got wet. Once the lightning passed, everything opened up again.

All the lights and decorations were really cool.

Of all the artists we saw, Downlink was by far the best. They’re Dubstep, which is pretty much the only kind of techno I love. We’re buying some of their music today.

Now, it’s time to get ready for Day 2! I have lots of chores to do. One of them is very important. I want to find a pair of Aviator sunglasses, because I think those are rad. Plus, I keep looking at Megan’s twitter picture and drooling over her them.

All day festivals make for less blog reading time. I’ll catch up with what you all are doing on Sunday and Monday. But just so I’m not missing anything, tell me something you’re doing today in the comments. Smile


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Ke$ha for President! (Part 2)

Yesterday around 5:30 I was typing up my Ke$ha blog post and remembering how much fun the concert was. Then I got a bright idea. Why don’t I go to the concert AGAIN.

The show was sold out, but I checked Ticketmaster just in case and called House of Blues (no answer). Hubs and I decided to drive to Downtown Disney to see if we could find a scalper. Once we arrived, I checked the HOB box office to see if any tickets happened to free up. They had one. So, we bought it and so began our hunt for Ticket #2.

I asked the box office lady if she had seen anyone selling tickets and she said there were a couple around. So we stood around for an hour trying to find someone.

No dice.

I asked someone who looked like a concert promoter about potential scalpers too. She said that Disney shoos them away and is really strict about it and to walk around with my finger up.


We felt like total d-bags doing this. We walked around, fingers up, waiting for a scalper to approach us and it didn’t happen. Finally, I decided to stand right in front of the box office with my finger up and hubs kept walking around.

Within 1 minute, a guy approached me, asked me how much I wanted to pay, I told him, and the deal was on.

I really liked the way this guy sold tickets too. I gave the ticket to Fabian, he got in, when I saw the ticket was valid, I paid the guy (who looked a lot like Ewan McGregor).

Happy to be inside!

This time I didn’t focus as much on taking pictures as I did on rocking out. Smile But I did get some good ones.

Ke$ha and hubs are twinsies!

This time around I noticed a little tidbit about her backup dancers.

This picture is a little dark, but I love it. Around this time, Hubs started talking to a random chic who told him that she thought Ke$ha was fat.

Um. No my friend. She is not.

At one point, I went to the bar to get a drink. When I went to pay for it, some guy knocked my hand away. I was confused. I thought he was drunk and just being an ass. The bartender informed me he wanted to pay for my drink. So that’s the way you guys do it these days. I’m so old.

I told him thank you and asked him if I could take a dirty picture of him.

Look how cute he is! I had my glasses on and 8 chins and he still wanted to buy me a drink. <3 <3  I do feel a little bad because I don’t think he had any idea I ordered a shot AND a beer.

Anyway, if you are reading this cute drink buying man – thanks again. That made my night.

There was a point in Friday night’s show where Ke$ha brought a 13 year old kid up on stage and Saran-wrapped him to a chair.

This was right before she sang “Grow a Pear” so there was a guy dressed in a pear costume on stage and another guy dressed as a penis. I don’t remember this part, but apparently the guy dressed as a penis was slapping his B’s on the kid’s face.

So, so wrong. Even Ke$ha said, “well, this is a new one.”

Pretty sure she got in trouble for that because at Saturday’s show she said she normally does that song but couldn’t do it because Disney didn’t want the penis on stage. I guess with Disney, penises are only ok for The Little Mermaid cover. (Remember that?)

She also dropped “The Harold Song” and didn’t add any new songs, so that was a little disappointing but the show was still crazy fun.

After the concert, the “Ke$ha is fat” girl was trying to schmooze the bouncers to get backstage. I had just enough beer in me to call her out to all her friends and the bouncers. I think I yelled something to the effect of, “she told my husband she thinks Ke$ha is fat!” She admitted it but Hubs thinks I ruined her game because she got a little embarrassed and left.

The girl was probably 15 years younger than me and 9 inches shorter, so I would probably leave if a strange Amazon lady called me out too. But if she got backstage somehow after dissing Ke$ha, I would have flipped out. Smile

Once we got outside of HOB, hubs wanted to wait in the area where all the musicians leave to see if we could see Ke$ha leaving. I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked down to the public one in the Downtown Disney area. While I was there, I could hear a lady with her son in the stall next to me. Her son was crying and she was smacking him and yelling at him to stop whatever he was doing. I must have drank the “special” beer last night because I yelled for her to stop smacking him. She said, “I’m not.” And I said, “Yes you are because I can hear it.”

Anyway, after that exchange the smacking stopped, the crying stopped, and I waited for them for a few minutes to come out of the stall to make sure the kid was ok. I could see the mom cleaning up the floor while I was waiting, so I think the kid couldn’t make it in the toilet and that’s what she was pissed about.

When they came out of the stall, she was just pulling him along to keep up with her but he looked like he was ok so I walked back to find hubs again.

So, there you have it. Night two of Ke$ha. I’m definitely glad I decided to go a second night. Selling out two HOB shows in a row probably means she’s on to bigger venues for the next tour, and those shows are never as fun.

On a final note, neither morning after Ke$ha did I wake up feeling like P. Diddy but I do think her love is my drug.


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Ke$ha for President!

Last night, a bunch of us went to see Ke$ha at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Before I tell you about the night, just know that there is no way in hell that I wasn’t going to take advantage of taking this picture.


I don’t have a sticker on my shirt. That’s on the mirror.

Lisa, Becky, and Pete met up with the hubs and I at our house a little after 5:00 where we saved some money by having one or five pre-concert drinks.


Hubs decided it would be fun to rent a limo for the night and make sure our neighbors knew we were high rollers and meant business. Our lawn may  not be mowed and our fence door is hanging off it’s hinges, but we ride in limos. Take that HOA.


The limo was really nice. Plus, limos ensure we don’t interrupt the constant flow of alcohol.


On an interesting side note, the limo company told the hubs not to drink out of this bottle because they don’t know where it’s been.


There was some sort of clear liquid in it with suspicious looking floaty things. I didn’t drink it. I sniffed it, of course. You get told not to drink something and you at least sniff it.

The limo ride down was FUN. We had drinks, jammed to music, and I got my drunk tweet on.


Pete and the hubs are trying to figure out how to hook up the iPod in the back.


The drink? Parrot Bay Key Lime rum and Sprite Zero. THE JAM.


When we arrived at Downtown Disney a little after 7:00 and quickly found some spots to stand inside House of Blues and got more drinks.


Beer out of a can. The only thing that could make these better is if they were served in paper bags.


Beardo opened for Ke$ha.


To say this guy was weird and a major creepster would be the understatement of the century.

I was blown away when the whole crowd was actually singing one of his songs.


We were confused. WHO ARE YOU BEARDO?


After the concert was over, Beardo was hanging out in the crowd hitting on teenage girls, taking pictures with them, nuzzling their necks, and giving them glitter condoms.


Then some cross-dressing lady-man came out of nowhere and Hubs hilariously photo-bombed them.


Beardo didn’t play long. Thank God. And then Ke$ha came on and all was right with the world.


Love her microphone stand.


I think she’s singing The Harold Song here. LOVE that song.


She sang “Dirty Picture” (her song with Taio Cruz) and we were all pretty shocked she sang that one.


I really only wanted to take a couple pictures, put my camera away, and enjoy the concert but it was SO hard to get a good picture. That girl does not stand still on stage and there were so many taller people in front of me that a lot of them came out blurry.


Ke$ha was awesome. The show was sold out and I wish I had tickets to see her second show at House of Blues tonight because I would totally go a second night in a row.

I found this picture of her on Wikipedia that I thought was awesome and just wanted to share.


After the concert, we met up with Pete (he didn’t go to the show but hung out for the limo ride and chilled in Downtown Disney while we were in House of Blues.)


Who’s awesome at taking pictures of 5 people by just holding out her arm? I am!(Oh, and that’s glow in the dark tape on the hub’s face.)


We got back in the limo and went to Ember downtown. We didn’t stay long but we did get some food. I want to rub their empanadas all over my body. They’re that good.


I stopped taking pictures once we got to Ember because my ass was beat tired.


After Ember, we came home. Lisa, Pete, and the hubs went for a dip in the pool while Becky and I stayed dry because we are sane people.

Overall, that was one of the most fun concerts I’ve been to. I love me some Ke$ha and all the haters can suck it. Smile

Who do you love that you get crap about?


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2011 Monsterball Tour

Last night, the hubs, my bestie, and I went to see Lady Gaga at the Amway Center.

The Amway Center is a brand spanking new arena in downtown Orlando that is meant to bring bigger names than were getting booked at the old Amway Arena.

The place is beautiful. A major upgrade from the old arena and the area across from it has exploded with new shops, bars, and restaurants.

We left early because we had VIP tickets that allowed for early floor entrance. We also took a cab so we could all drink without having to worry about driving home.

We waited in a line outside. And once we got inside, waited in another line.

We were behind this guy:

We waited for at least an hour and when they let us in, we got right up on the stage. We stayed there for about two seconds until we realized we were starving and needed alcohol.

So we hung out at the lounge inside the stadium for a little bit.

If you find yourself staring at this picture for a long time, that’s just Lisa entrancing you with her sea blue eyes and supermodel nonchalant smile.

The show was sold out.

There were a LOT of people dressed up like Lady Gaga and I wish I would have gotten some pictures of them, but I felt a little weird about it.

Semi Precious Weapons opened and I really liked them. I might have to do a little Amazon mp3 shopping today…


After the opening band, we were waiting for LG to come on stage and I witnessed unbelievable bigotry. It blows my mind that this crap still happens in 2011. Anyway, some redneck dude was getting in the face of the guy standing in front of me. The guy did nothing to provoke him and even said nothing to him after the guy called him a fa**ot. I mean, really? At a Lady Gaga concert of all places? I think heterosexuals were the minority there. (Oh, and he wasn’t even gay. His girlfriend was in the bathroom.)

Later on during the show, the redneck dude was trying to push his way through the crowd to get to the front when another guy called him out to the guards and they took him out of the crowd.

Ahhhh. Karma. Sometimes you do work.

He didn’t get kicked out though. I saw him again standing in the back of the general admission area when I went to get a drink during the show.

Of course, Lady Gaga was effin awesome. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

My only complaint about the concert is that Lady Gaga had a huge walkway in front of the stage and she barely used it. That was a bummer but she was still amazing.

After the show, we got a cab ride home. The driver decided to put ALL the windows down. WTF?

We all had an awesome time! And we get to do it all again this Friday when we see Ke$ha at House of Blues. Smile Can’t wait!

What’s the last concert you saw and who would you love to see in concert? (I’ve seen almost everyone I’ve wanted to see because I’m such a concert junkie – but I still haven’t seen PJ Harvey, Placebo, or 10 Years and I really want to!)


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