By the Numbers

I couldn’t log into my blog on my home internet for several days because of some server-side error with my host. Then the firewall at work was raised to Defcon 5 so blogging was out there too. Not that I’d ever blog at work because that would be wrong.

What I’m saying is, I have been denied blogging for too long and now I have a lot random stuff to talk about:

1. After many, many years of “putting it off” (a.k.a., being lazy), I decided to go back to school.

I’ve been accepted to the Instructional Systems Design Master’s program at UCF and I’m registered for my first, very expensive class. This works out perfectly because I’ve been looking for something to do with a bunch of 24-year olds that will make me feel even more ancient than I already am. I hope to be done with the program before I’m in adult diapers, or shortly thereafter. I’m flexible. My work offers tuition reimbursement so the plan is to get smarter without getting poorer. More poor? I don’t know words. So obviously I need to learn more of them.

2. I feel like this has been a crappy summer for TV, so hubs and I have been getting our monies worth out of Netflix. He decided we should watch Archer.

I was not loving season 1. It wasn’t bad but I also didn’t want to keep watching. Luckily, Seasons 2 and 3 got much better. I feel like a horrible person for laughing at most of the jokes because they are just wrong but then I remember that I’m running a race for charity so that karma thing should all even out.

3. Is anyone watching The Strain? I’ve been looking forward to it for months because I loved the book, but the first episode was just terrible. The acting. My God, the acting. So, so bad. Also, I’m having a really hard time accepting that this guy:

Is the same person as this guy from House of Cards:

The second episode was much better so the jury’s still out on this one. I’ll pretty much watch anything at this point because I need a new show.

4. I’m on Day 30 of no sugar. Screw you, sugar. You don’t own me!

Everything is going well. I’m still 5lbs down and I think I’m going to go another two weeks because my trainer promised me a particular gourmet cupcake at the end of the month if I did and I will do anything for a free cupcake. So, I’ll update you all in another week or so. Also, I apologize to sugar for saying I made it my bitch. I didn’t mean it and I still love you.

5. Finally, this week I will be myself again on Facebook. SEE YA, “Rhonda!”


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Running So Far

It’s only been three weeks, but I gotta say marathon training has been going pretty well so far. I haven’t pooped my pants or cried once, plus my calf issue seems to be officially better. Knock on wood.

I had my calves raked finally. It felt like it  sounds, but surprisingly hurt less than when my trainer tried to work the knot out. I’ve never had a sport’s massage so I’m not sure what the difference is, but I imagine raking is similar. Basically, the massage therapist put lot of pressure on my calf with his thumb starting at my ankle and working up vertically to the back of my knee. I guess that’s the “raking” part but there was also deep, horrible massaging involved. If massaging is what you want to call it.

Ever since that massage, my long runs and speed runs have been pain-free and mostly delightful. Of course, my shoulder is still hurting so I think next month I’ll get a “massage” there as well. I plan to get one every month until the race just to be safe because my luck this year is leaning toward the shitty side.

Speaking of luck, I also managed to twist my ankle last Friday night in front of some dude talking on his cell and the window of an extremely packed restaurant. I didn’t fall but instead groped at the air awkwardly until I corrected myself. I looked back where I tripped and saw nothing that would have caused it, so that was embarrassing. I thought I was ok because I wasn’t limping or hurting afterwards but I woke up that night to extreme throbbing pain. I had a long run in the morning, so I texted Brad to tell him I might not make it. Then I took some aspirin, iced my ankle, and went back to sleep with it elevated on some pillows. I woke up feeling great which I found very suspicious and I proceeded to run a very cautious and pain-free 12-miler.

Dodged that bullet. Sheesh. I swear my body doesn’t want me to run this marathon.

I have 14 miles planned in the morning and then I have a date with a pretzel bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s in the afternoon. I’ll be going to bed early. I need beauty sleep so I look good for my date.


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That Time I Quit Sugar

I love sugar. I am not exaggerating when I say I have dessert after every meal (yes, even breakfast). I don’t always eat a giant cupcake. Sometimes it’s half a donut, a small cookie, a couple of Peeps, or a piece of Dove chocolate, but it adds up throughout the day to a lot of crap. Of course, when I eat a lot of desserts, I “make up for it” by eating the lowest calorie, lowest carb, highest protein meal I can find. So the “real” food I eat can be minimal. (It can also be a lot, let’s get real. I’m no skinny minnie.)

I’ve been hearing a lot of stories lately of people quitting sugar and losing weight. Quitting sugar sounds terrible, but sheer morbid curiosity made me look up how much sugar I eat on a daily basis.


It was 400-500 calories a day. For those not counting, that is 1/3 of my daily food. I can’t decide if that’s sad or impressive.

I don’t talk about my weight a lot on the blog but I’ve been trying to lose 10 lbs…for three years. I’ve only gained weight so obviously I’ve been pretty committed to reaching that goal.


So I decided to quit sugar because what the hell.


I love that that gif exists.

Besides being curious to see if I could last more than two days, I wanted to see what would happen other than my likelihood of committing murder increasing. The plan: cut all desserts (not all sugar) except for one a week. I still eat fruit, peanut butter, and sauces with sugar, like ketchup. Cutting 500 calories of sugar a day means I need to eat more regular food to make up for it, so I’m also eating bigger meals.

It’s been 18 days, so here’s how it’s going so far:

Day 1:
I didn’t want sugar all day until after dinner and then I wanted it like whoah. I ate half an apple. It was meh. Apples are not ice cream sandwiches, which is what I would have had.

Day 2:
I wanted something sweet all. damn. day. I went to the grocery store during my lunch break at work to buy some blueberries for something sweet. I ate them and pretended they were blueberry donuts. It didn’t work and the whole day sucked.

Day 3:
I didn’t crave anything all day at work. After dinner, I wanted something sweet. Hubs ate ice cream and I asked for a bite and then caught myself. He laughed because I couldn’t eat all his ice cream. (Psh, like I would do that.) After Crossfit, I made a chocolate protein smoothie with half a banana and that helped my sweet tooth.

Day 4:
Again, no cravings in the morning. Although, I have taken a liking to Diet Snapple and all its aspartamey goodness. It was Michelle’s birthday, so we stopped for 4 Rivers gourmet cupcakes after her birthday lunch. I shared one. It was delicious, but I didn’t feel like I needed it and kinda wish I had waited till later in the week when I really wanted something. Later that night, I wanted something sweet again but watched hubs eat ice cream instead which was just as good. (No it wasn’t.)

Day 5:
Today I’m down 1.5 lbs. I’m not sure I attribute that to no sugar. Usually I gain weight on the weekend and lose it during the week, however I usually work out more so it was surprising. I skipped both my weekly runs and both of my Crossfit workouts were really easy in comparison to usual. Still craving sweets in the evening.

Day 6:
There are times throughout the day when I want sweets, but I usually ask myself if I’m hungry or if I just think it will taste good. Usually it’s the later which made me realize how much I eat when I’m not hungry. Went out for drinks which took my mind off sweets. Ahh booze. You do amazing things.

Day 7 – 10:
Again, I always want sweets in the evening. I tell myself that after my workout, I can have a chocolate/banana protein shake. When it comes time to actually have the shake, I usually don’t want it anymore or am too lazy to make it. Lazy finally pays off.

Day 11:
The first day I didn’t want dessert. All hail day 11!

Day 12:
That didn’t last long. I wanted dessert all day. Instead I had a sandwich.


Day 13 – 18: Ok, I got a little tired of writing down how I was feeling each day but during these days, I was finally noticing I wanted sweets less. I didn’t have my one dessert during week two because I didn’t feel like anything was worth it. I did have three sips of hub’s vanilla shake if you want to count that.

A few changes I’ve noticed:

  • I eat what I want now. I order the cheeseburger or rice bowl on the menu (instead of the salad) and I’ve had pizza at midnight on both weekends.
  • I don’t feel guilty about anything I eat.
  • I stopped watching carbs but most days they are around the same grams per day as when I was watching them.
  • I’m down about 5 lbs and I notice a few of my skirts fit more loosely.
  • I’m in a better mood. It’s weird. I pride myself on being bitchy. 😉
  • I feel really good. I don’t want to kill kittens in the morning when I wake up and I don’t have those dips of being really tired at work.

My goal is to make it 30 days and see how I feel after that. I don’t plan to cut all sugar from my diet so maybe next I’ll work on that Diet Coke habit that just got worse when I quit sugar. Can’t win ’em all.

Have you ever quit sugar? How long do you think I can last? (Don’t answer that.)


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A Decent Run and a Good Cause

I mentioned that marathon training started last weekend. I met up for my first long run with my training bud, Brad, on Saturday. I guess the run went ok for my first 10-miler in three months. My shoulder was hurting again (it’s been a year since that’s bothered me), my calf ached for miles 5-10 because of all the uneven pavement and brick, it was face-of-the-sun hot, and the humidity made breathing suck but, I didn’t wish for actual death so I’m going to consider that one a win.

Since my calf is still the bain of my existence, my Crossfit trainer recommended a massage guy to me that “rakes” calves. I don’t know what “raking” calves means and I’m scared to look it up. Raking anything sounds terrible.

I finally made an appointment, which I’ve put off for a month because I know it’s going to hurt and I’m a big baby. Why can’t problems just disappear if you ignore them? I would rather get a pap smear if that tells you how much I don’t want this “massage” but I would also rather not limp the marathon. So, I sucked it up. I’m tempted to live tweet the massage so we can see what new swear words I invent.

You probably know by now that I’m running Chicago in support of the American Heart Association. Well, I’m also supporting another charity event – the Taste of the Nation Orlando – which raises money for the Share our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger. This is the same event that Michelle and I supported last year.

Back in the days of long hair and new boobs. This year I’ll support them with short hair and old boobs.

This is also the event in which I ate and drank my face off and posed with food.


Ok, that’s all events but this one has all sorts of different food and drinks from awesome restaurants in the Orlando area. Plus, everything that is left over is donated so nothing is wasted.

Taste of the Nation Orlando is running its final discount code. So if you’re in the Orlando area, you’d like to support a great cause, and want to test the limits of your stomach and liver with me, you can get $10 off your ticket through the 11th. (Buy tickets with this link.)


The deets:

Saturday, August 9, 2014
6:45 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Orlando World Center Marriott
8701 World Center Dr., Orlando

Now, who knows what raking calves is and what am I in for?


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I’m Sorry Sugar

I have been super busy lately. Busy watching TV and neglecting social obligations! (High five?) Well, neglecting this blog for sure. It even went down for a few days when my web host’s server was hacked. But no one noticed – including myself until well into day 2.  Anyway, it’s back up so I can tell you the important things like how I finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Hubs made me stay up until 2am on a school night just to watch the last three episodes. If there’s anything I love more than TV, it’s sleep. So trust me when I say that was not my choice.


And because animals falling asleep are adorable.

I need a duck and a meercat.

I loved season 2 as much as season 1 but I think it took 3-4 episodes to get going. Those first episodes didn’t have any direction, which really bothered me, because my entertainment bar is set too high apparently.

Then I finished season 2 of Orphan Black. On demand is a beautiful thing. I didn’t really care for the finale, but then again I didn’t really care for the season 1 finale either. It’s still a great show and you should watch it so we can talk about it.

Now I’m moving on to season 8 of Weeds. Where have I been that I didn’t know Weeds ended two years ago?

After Weeds, I will be out of shows to watch so I’ll either need to find something new or do something with my life.

Last weekend, hubs threw a pool party at the house for his work peeps because he’s an appreciative guy like that. He set up the whole thing, cleaned the house for weeks, picked up some BBQ catering, and spent the whole party making frozen pina coladas and margaritas for everyone. I did nothing. Ok, I helped in the only department in which I am useful – booze and desserts. I made this s’mores dessert.


It was delicious and just so bad for you. You could feel a future heart attack with every bite. I did use fat free Cool Whip, so I guess it was kinda healthy. Plus, Cool Whip is basically dairy and dairy has protein, which is good for you. Logic.

I also made these “swimming pool” blue-raspberry Jell-O shots with coconut vodka.


I know. Adorable. But it doesn’t end there. I also made these giant “beach” Jell-O shots.


I’m quite the hostess. It’s true.

The sweets kept on coming as people arrived. My friend, Jamie, made boozy pudding pops with Kahlua that were pretty amazing and these roasted s’mores shots. I repeat, roasted. s’mores. shots.


Basically I ate sugar all day long. I’m not proud. Well, I kinda am proud because it was impressive, but no. It was bad news. It made me reasses my eating habits because the party was not a one-time thing. I eat a lot of crap. So after the party, I decided to quit sugar.

I know.

I know.

Sugar is the the reason I exist so don’t think I’m happy about it. It’s only been 8 days and I want to make it to 30, which is like a year in Paula time. So we’ll see. I’ll write more on my complete misery without sugar in a week or so. The good news is my work twin, Cheyanne, quit sugar with me so it makes my heart happy to know she is miserable too.


I’m definitely drunk there.

Oh and lastly, marathon training officially started Saturday with a hot 10-miler and an early wake-up. I will miss my sleep-ins and leisurely runs at the gym while watching bad TBS movies. Now that training started, I’ll be updating my FB page a little more than usual with running bitching updates since the blogging thing seems to happen once a week these days.




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That Time Jimmy Fallon and I Had a Moment

I think it was more my moment than Jimmy’s but we’ll say it was ours.

Yesterday, hubs and I went to see a taping of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon at Universal Studios.


Jimmy is filming in Orlando this week and once I found out, a lot of internet stalking was involved in getting tickets because JIMMY. I just love him. Originally I scored tickets to the Monologue Rehearsal, but angels descended and I was able to get tickets to see the show instead (way preferable but I’ll take Jimmy however I can get him).

We got to Universal early and waited in line for our tickets.


Even though this girl went the day before and told us we didn’t have to be there early, we got there around 8:30am just to avoid stress or inadvertantly being rushed. That worked out well, because we didn’t hit traffic even in morning rush hour, met up with our friends, Teri and Greg, who were also going to the show, and got our tickets easily.

Well, mostly easily. We waited in line for about an hour and a half for the ticketing area to open and it was HOT. Like, no breeze Florida shitty hot. So we came prepared with umbrellas while the other suckers baked in the sun.

After we got our tickets, we had almost all day to wander around the Universal Citywalk area. So we had lunch at Antojitos. And by lunch, I mean margaritas.


Then we stopped for some frozen yogurt and shopped around for things we didn’t need – like moustache ice cube trays. (I’m serious. Hubs bought that.) Eventually, we met up with my friend (and boss!), Jackie, and her husband who were also going to the show.

A few margaritas and shots happened and then it was close to showtime, so we lined up to get into the studio (no pictures allowed – sniff) and found our seats.

Ok, so I don’t want to diminish the fun of the day here. I got to take a day off work in the middle of the week, laugh all day, have margaritas, hang out with hubs and some great friends, and see my man Jimmy in the flesh (so cute!). BUT, I have to say I was a little disappointed in the show.

When we were seated, we got really pumped up by a video montage of Jimmy’s hilarious skits and some improve by Seth Herzog (a comedian that’s one of Jimmy’s writers.) So I was ready for a great show. The show started with the monologue, of course, which was ok. Then there was a mascot dance-off that was super lame, like they were trying to fill time but couldn’t think of anything better. Rosario Dawson was the guest, and unfortunately, there was nothing interesting about her interview. (She replaced Tracy Morgan after his accident.) Jeff Musial, the animal guy, was the second guest. I don’t know anything about him but he was the best part of the show. He’s funny and played off of Jimmy well. He brought out a giant albino alligator, which was cool, and an elephant that ended up pissing all over the stage.

That was funny, but probably not to Jimmy’s poor crew who had to clean it up. During commercial breaks, The Roots played while Jimmy talked to the crew. The Roots were amazing. Jimmy was great too (of course, because he can’t not be) and didn’t make any mistakes, although he did have to do one of his introductions four or five times.

The musical guest (Fun.) didn’t play until later that night on the Main Plaza Stage inside Universal, so the show was only about an hour long. It just seemed to go so fast. I guess I was expecting more but I can’t really complain over a free ticket. Either way, you can tell a lot of work is put into the show and the behind-the-scenes stuff is still cool to see. I know I’m complaining, but I’m really glad I went. I didn’t love the guests, but maybe that’s a good thing because if Kristen Bell or Amy Poehler was there, I would be dead from a happiness heart attack. And then how would this tale be told?

After the show, we exited into the park where Fun was doing a sound check. They sounded awesome and I’m not even a fan of Fun (ha) but they weren’t going onstage for real until after dark and a two hour wait was too long for our old, tired asses. We were wiped out from spending 11 hours in the park. So we walked around a little with Teri and Greg and then headed home.

Overall, I had a great day with friends and I got to do something I’ll probably never have the chance to do again. Totally worth it.


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Lazy Weekend

I spent my weekend being a 9 out of 10 on the lazy scale. I rarely have weekends in which I am that unproductive and useless to society, but I managed to get next to nothing done.

The lazy started on Wednesday, because why wait till the weekend? Hubs was out of town for business all week, which meant I couldn’t watch any of our normal shows because we watch them together. I generally try to avoid new shows because my life is consumed by enough TV and not enough social interaction, then along comes Jim, who recommends a show I’ve never heard of.

It’s free on Amazon Prime video, he says. Just check it out, he says. Well, I did and three days later, I’m done with season 1. Hot damn that show is fun. So if you’d like to suck away three days of your life shirking all responsibility, I’d highly recommend it. Season 2 is also on Amazon but it’s not free for Prime members and it’s $3.00 an episode. I just want free stuff! Life is so unfair.

I’ve also never used the word shirking before and I gotta say, it felt good.

On Friday, I had my trainer work on that knot in my calf that is making running suck. Usually he just foam rolls my calf because he’s able to put so much more pressure on it than I can at home. I mentioned before that he tried to work the knot out with his thumbs and gave me a 3-inch long bruise in the process. Despite the bruise, my calf pain diminished by 70% after that so I asked him to work on it again now that the bruise is gone. It was super painful, expletives flew, and I have another bruise, but my calf feels so much better now. I don’t want to jinx it and say it’s 100% better buuut it’s leaning that way.

Saturday I was so worn out from barely sleeping all week (when hubs is gone, I just lay in bed and think every noise I hear is an intruder), that the day involved lots of napping and leisuring on the couch. I even finished another book.

All Our Yesterdays has been on my GoodReads read list for a long time. I don’t remember putting it there and it wasn’t recommended to me but I thought I’d read it anyway because I like danger. The danger of non-recommended books. It was really good. It’s a young adult book about time travel. It’s nothing life changing – just a good, fast read. Oh, and it’s not a trilogy so it was nice to finish a book and be done with it for once.

On Sunday, I got off the couch briefly to run 7.5 miles on the treadmill. Those were some long, boring miles but if I don’t have a friend to run with outside, I run with my three besties inside – the AC, the toliet, and the TV. I’m building mileage for the start of marathon training at the end of the month. The run was decent for the treadmill and more importantly, I did not feel ANY calf pain during or after the run. I was so relieved.

Sunday was Father’s Day, of course. I’m not a fan, mainly because mine isn’t around anymore. All the pictures of dads and daughters posted on FB and Instagram make me sad. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about my dad, especially since I’m running Chicago in his memory and so many of you were kind enough to give to my fundraiser. Maybe that post will happen; I’m still thinking about it. In the meantime, I went through my pictures to find ones of him. I think I mentioned before how he made instant friends with anyone? Well, that goes for animals too.

Dad, Snowball, Kelsey 2

That’s the double-pet. The cat and dog were usually sitting on either side of him and my dad would have both petting hands going at once. I ran across three pictures from different times exactly like this, which I found funny, so I thought I’d share.

Anyway, Father’s Day wasn’t all bad. We were lazy most of the day, had a nice dinner with the in-laws, and watched the season finale of GoT. I just love Tyrion.

Now on to season 2 of Orange is the New Black.




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Another Year Older

I had a fabulous birthday in which I was definitely intoxicated enough to forget how old I’ve become.


Seriously, how did this picture even happen? I’m very excited about that shot in my hand. Am I in the wind? Did I whip my hair back and forth?


That gif makes me laugh a lot.

Hubs and I drove out to Cocoa Beach and stayed at one of the hotels out there for a quick little birthday getaway. Over 10 of my favorite people came out to help me celebrate, so it was a good time. We spent the day at the pool.

Yeah, the beach was right there but the pool had a bar and bars win. At night, we hung out at a few pubs and enjoyed drinks paired with general laziness.

The whole Rhonda thing doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


My friends made sure the band sang Happy Birthday Rhonda to me as well. And of course all of my Facebook friends made sure to get in on the action.





We got a lot of comedians out there.

By the end of the night, I was answering to Rhonda on instinct. Also, I was told that I was offered donuts and declined them. I’m not even sure if that’s true or not. Paula would never do that but maybe Rhonda would. I’m not liking this Rhonda chick so much anymore. Forty-seven more days I can be my donut-accepting self again.

The next morning, we all went to IHOP, which I think is just what you do after a night of drinking. I mowed down a lot of pancakes. So, so many pancakes. That made up for the lack of donuts the night before.

Ken decided the syrup looked like Wolverine, so he asked the server for toothpicks and scotch tape, which she provided without question. What exactly are other people asking for that she didn’t question the toothpicks and scotch tape?


I hope the next people at our table enjoyed their syrup.


Besides all the IHOPing and beaching bar’ing, Hubs and I saw The Fault in Our Stars on Friday night. I can’t even with that movie. I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest and stomped on for the last 30 minutes.


The dude that played Augustus was just about the most adorable thing ever and he was perfect for that role. So the movie was really good (and hubs even liked it) but I’m just not emotionally equipped to handle that crap in public.

On Sunday, we saw Edge of Tomorrow, which I liked a lot. It was fun and I dig a good Tom Cruise action flick. Oh, and I didn’t cry during it. That was a nice change. Overall a really good weekend but I’m sad it’s over because that means my movie picking privileges have gone from 100% back to 50%.

A last note for anyone who’s local: Michelle and I will be at the Mellow Mushroom on Wednesday from 5:00-9:00pm. Well, maybe not the entire time, but we will be there for a lot of it. If you come in during that time and say you’re with spirit night, 10% of your bill will be donated to the charities we’re supporting for the Chicago Marathon. So come on out and have a beer with us. 🙂

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By the Numbers

I try really hard not to number things all the time, but it’s hard to write a post with one cohesive thought. The numbers – they call to me…

1. I bought my plane tickets to Chicago, so I guess I’m really running this thing.

My calf feels a lot better but it’s still not 100%. I can at least run on it now, but it feels tight afterwards. I was able to do 150 wall balls and box jumps last night, so it must not be that bad. Still, I don’t want it to get worse so I’m trying to baby it 80% of the time. Hopefully it will be all better by the end of this month.

2.  At work the other day, my co-worker called me Rhonda. Not a big deal, except that was the fourth time someone has called me Rhonda since I started.

Each time it’s been someone different, so it’s not even a fluke. I must put off a really strong Rhonda vibe.

Each time I’m Rhonda’ed, I update my Facebook status to document the continuging saga of my Rhonda-ness. This time around, I mentioned that it would be easier for me to just change my name. So I did, because I thought it was funny. And it was. Until it wasn’t. Did you know you can only change your name every 60 days on FB?  Yeah. So now my name is Rhonda on FB until the end of July.

Joke regret. I gots it. Now everyone either calls me Rhonda or asks if I changed my name. The Rhonda that I work with even changed my name tag at work. So that’s gonna be fun for the next 60 days.

3.  Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual. I finished Red Rising (at Michelle’s recommendation).

I loved it! Red Rising is a trilogy so don’t read it yet unless you like waiting. The second book doesn’t come out until January. It was hard to get into at first and I stopped reading for awhile because of that, but Michelle insisted it was great. So I begrungingly picked it back up and I’m so glad I did. The characters have their own slang that’s hard to understand at first but once you get past Chapter 4, it really picks up and eventually turns into a Hunger Games type thing (but in a good way, not in a total rip-off way).

4. I also read this one.

Because of course I did. #fangirl. I LOVED it despite the terrible title which had very little to do with the book. It’s just like reading an episode but with F-bombs. If you liked the show or the movie, you’ll like the book. I hope Rob Thomas writes more because me wanty.


I mentioned awhile back how this is the best book I’ve read in years, so I need to see this movie in a bad way. Plus, Saturday is my birthday so there’s no way anyone can say no to me. It’s my weekend and Paula (or Rhonda, whoever) gets to pick the activities so hubs better pull out his crying and romance pants, cuz we’re going to the movies.

6. It’s a birthday weekend movie extravaganza, because Edge of Tomorrow comes out tomorrow and I really want to see that too. I love me some sci-fi action and I love Emily Blunt, or at least, I think I love her. I might just love her because of her husband.

Cutest couple ever.



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Four More Sleeps

I reached my fundraising goal, guys.


I have the feels. All of them. Relief that I made my goal when I wasn’t so sure I could going into the fundraising thing for the first time. Happiness that I might be helping someone out in need. Gratitude that so many people in my life were willing to give. ALL THE FEELS. There is no way I’ll run this race without crying. I can already tell I’m going to be a hot mess. So thank you all who donated again. I swear I’ll stop thanking you at some point. Maybe. Probably not.

It’s almost June so that means I have exactly four Saturdays left to sleep in until marathon training starts.


I’m trying my hardest to make them count by drinking as much as possible so I’m unable to get out of bed. It’s the little goals.

I’m actually looking forward to training this time around. I say this having not run in humidity in a year, so plan on that perspective changing.  My runs lately have been short and all sorts of crappy because I have this giant knot in my left calf that hurts like a bitch. I told my trainer about it (I thought it was a pulled muscle) and he worked it out as best he could while dealing with all my squirming and complaining.


I legit broke a sweat while he was “massaging” my calf. I use the term massage lightly because the next day, I had a 3-inch long bruise on my calf from his thumb. The good news is, it’s 70% better but I need it to be 100% before I start this long run business back up otherwise it’s just going to get worse. It’s getting better way too slowly for my taste so now I’m icing and stretching and foam rolling. All the things I hate.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I’ll be doing all my training with my friend, Brad, this time around.

I met Brad in my running group a few years ago and he ran the Savannah Rock n Roll marathon (my first) with Michelle and I. We’re pace twins and we both have no problem walking if the other one is dying, so we’re a good training match. If you’re wondering why I don’t train with Michelle – it’s because she needs to do her long runs on Sunday because of her hub’s work schedule and mass quantity of children, and Saturday runs work better with my schedule. It’s not because I hate her.


Anyway, Brad and I have one goal for marathon training this year: not gaining weight. So we’ll see how that goes. I’ll try to remind myself that burgers for every meal on days I run over 10 miles isn’t a good plan.

Speaking of that goal, my work is trying to kill me with delicious food and desserts. We had a Memorial Day potluck. Who does that?


Well, I did. But besides that. (Stole that pic from Michelle.)

I’ve never worked at a place that has so many damn potlucks. My last job had one a year, at Thanksgiving. I have been at my current job for eight months and we have had EIGHT potlucks. A breast cancer awareness potluck (not kidding) and then one for Thanksgiving, Christmas, two going away potlucks, one baby shower potluck, and one team potluck. Even when I avoid them, the leftovers are in the kitchen afterwards. And don’t even suggest using “self-control” and “not eating the food in the kitchen” because that isn’t a thing in which I’m capable.

In addition to the potlucks, we have breakfast on Friday, birthday cake once a month, and random donut bringer-inners. I can’t win this fight.



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