Here are a few of the blogs I love in alphabetical order, because I’m anal like that.

All You Need is Love – Leigh is a cute little thing who loves running and Crossfit, just like me.

Crazy Running Legs - This is my good friend, Michelle. We have run 90% of our races together. I would have never run a full marathon or most of my other races if it wasn’t for her. She is a big part of what keeps me running.

Happy or Hungry - If you like cute and funny stories with adorable illustrations, you will love this blog. I guarantee if you read her blog for a week, you will want to hang out with her.

It’s a Dog Lick Baby World – Just an all around good blog without all the lame sponsored posts. Kara is smart, honest, and talks trash.

Peanut Butter Fingers - One of the only healthy living blogs I read. She posts a lot of simple recipes (i.e. very few ingredients) which is exactly what I need because I am a mess in the kitchen.

Running off the Reese’s - Funny and a little off her rocker. But in a good way.

So these are my thirties (formerly Melissa Runs) – I read her blog for a long time and then she becamce a real-life friend. She’s just one of my favorite people all around and I wish she lived closer.