Hills. Ugh.

Why is it so hot and muggy here? Didn’t California know I was coming?

The high is supposed to be 72 and the low 55. That is the only weather I will accept. Get with the program California. And here I thought you were perfect. Hmph.

Don’t even get me started on the hills.

Mygodthehills. They’re everywhere. If I wanted to run up a hill, I would increase the incline on the treadmill which I’m not going to do because that’s just silly.

What I’m trying to say is, I ran. During that run, I took a turn on a street called Cerro, which was just a bad idea all together. Luckily, this was part of my view.

And that right there is how California tricks you into coming back for more.

I ran 2.5 miles (9:43 pace), stopped back at the house to walk a mile with mom, and then ran another 2.5 miles after I dropped her off. The second half was slower by 10 seconds. I felt super impressed with myself because I hated every hot, hilly minute of it. Even though it was split in two, I’m calling that my long run for the week.

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  1. That gif dog is a genius. Who needs humans when you have cement?

    Hills are awful. I don’t trust anyone who claims to love them.
    Kara recently posted…Chaptico 10K Race Recap: The one where I’m a freeloaderMy Profile

  2. Melissa

    I miss running so much. Ugh.

    Also, that weather is lightyears better than what we have here, and I’m guessing what you would have in Florida right now? So I shant feel sorry for you. I twon’t.

  3. Oh man, Evan sent me that dog gif the other day and I was mesmerized by it for about half an hour. Can not turn away.

    That view is gorgeous! But yeah, looks hilly. I just refuse to run up hills. I’ll walk or avoid altogether. Works out well.

  4. I just watched that dog gif for far too long. Well played.
    Colorado Gal recently posted…Thanks for Everything, AlaskaMy Profile

  5. big baby. go get your binkie and hush. everlast acoustic tonight… that ought to pump you up.
    big bro recently posted…Hills. Ugh.My Profile