Hurts to Laugh Abs

This week went considerably slower than last. I’m still spending mass quantities of time in the gym, but mostly because I don’t want to sit in my hotel room and stare at a wall. Therefore I’ve been doing lots of miles on the treadmill. Most of those miles are walking but I’m still working on that one speedy mile.

  • Friday’s mile: No speedy mile. Went to bed early.
  • Saturday’s mile: Race day and we know none of those were speedy.
  • Sunday’s mile: 8:34 pace.
  • Monday’s mile: Tried an 8:27 and lasted one whole minute.
  • Tuesday’s mile: 8:27 pace.

Those miles are getting considerably harder to maintain. I’m still aiming for something in the 7’s by next week.

My trainer also sent me a workout to do in my hotel room that I thought I’d share. Let’s just say I haven’t done a plank in probably two years or a pill bug ever, so I was feeling this.

How to do:

A few of those videos have beginner and advanced moves, so if you’re just starting out, don’t be skerred.

Get ready for those abs to hurt. Probably a good idea to give all your unfunny, depressing friends a call after this one. You’ll want to hang out with them.


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  1. Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry says

    I guess we can’t hang out then. We will laugh WAY TOO MUCH.
    I loved your Wildflower race recap by the way. I was laughing the whole way through it. I tried to comment but I was on my phone when I was reading and it was having an issue. Sorry about your almost PR! Life’s a bitch.
    Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry recently posted..Brotherman’s SlawMy Profile

  2. Amber K says

    Dang it, another body part I have to work on. Why can’t my abs work themselves? Is this possible in the future? I should get on that.


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