Moves Like Jager

It took a little over a week of being back on track but I’m happy to report I’m out of my workout and eating funk. Finally! I know it only lasted three weeks, but that’s a long time when it comes to your waistline. I’m still not back to where I was pre-gluttony and I still may be thinking back lovingly to that day a week ago when I ate nine marshmallows dipped in Jif chocolate peanut butter, but things take time. (I don’t recommend that by the way. I mean, I do. But, I don’t.)

Anyway, my biggest fan recommended I post some pictures of myself doing Crossfit. Since I’m such a people pleaser (not really), I’m going to do just that.


On Saturday, we did a modified version of the Dirty Thirty.

Modified Dirty Thirty

There are usually squats and lunges in there, but our trainer was being nice since he mutilated our legs during our workout two days earlier.

Also, if you like the workouts I post, you can follow my Workouts pin board on Pinterest. I’m not on Pinterest much, but I try to post them all there when I think about it. I also keep them in an album on my blog Facebook page. A lot of the workouts are no equipment needed, so if you’re looking for something new, check them out.

Ok, so here is me doing Crossfit in all my glory. Also, it might be helpful for any of you who don’t know what these sweet moves look like.

Wall Ball

No, I did not change outfits in the middle of my workout. It was a different day. Although, I do aspire to make my workouts like a Celine Dion concert of outfit changes. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Kettle Bell Swing

I am smiling because my trainer makes me laugh, not because I love jumping pull-ups.

Jumping Pullup

The push press is one of my favorites. It’s awesome for the shoulders and makes it hurt to wash your hair for two days. Oh, and if this girl says anything about me not having extra weight on that 45lb bar, I will shank her. I did 30 of them for time, I don’t need to be getting crazypants.

Push Press

So, there you have it. Just a little peek at what I do during Crossfit every week. :-)

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    • Paula says

      You and me both. Tell them you’ll buy their cookies if they pay for your gym membership. I think that’s fair.

    • Paula says

      I have those too! I have a faded Depeche Mode shirt I refuse to get rid of because it fits so well and is good for treadmill running. :-)

    • Paula says

      Those are my moves like Jager (which you have already seen). I think we should all incorporate leisure wear outfit changes into our daily lives. I was thinking of what I could wear before and after I microwave my lunch today.

  1. Melissa says

    Crossfit still looks terrifying, but I approve of your form. I am going to do some jumping pull ups since I still can’t do real pull ups unless assisted by RJ. Ok, I can do maybe one. Mayyyybe.
    Melissa recently posted..A Post About NothingMy Profile

  2. Leigh says

    Haha I wasn’t even thinking of saying anything!! I seriously hate wallballs. I think it’s because I am so short that I have to add a jump in there to help get the ball up the wall. Lame I know. Also, push press made me cry once in a workout. I just wanted to dip to get the bar overhead, and that isn’t allowed :( Great shots though! :)
    Leigh recently posted..Highlights of the weekendMy Profile

  3. Michelle says

    I’m pretty sure those push presses would make my arms fall off at my shoulders. I have really defined shoulder muscles for some reason, but they are so weak. I don’t get it. I can’t even imagine what I would look like if I could lift a 45lb bar 30 times.

    Those kettle swings look fun — I think I need to buy some kettle bells. #randomthought
    Michelle recently posted..Weekend Full of HormonesMy Profile

    • Paula says

      I love kettle bell swings! They really get your hamstrings too. Plus, I don’t feel like I’m working out with those. I just feel like I’m swinging crap around. haha

  4. Amber K says

    And that is exactly why I will never do Crossfit. You see my workout today was reading a magazine while on some type of elliptical. I was beet red, sweating, heaving beast afterwards, and still that’s it for me.

  5. Stefanie says

    How do you just not pass out after those workouts? MAN. You are a champ. Marshmallows and chocolate peanut butter ….I shouldn’t try it. Because I wouldn’t be able to stop.


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