Home for the next Two Weeks

I made it to Arizona.

I flew into Tucson on Sunday and my plane was 45 minutes early. I’m not sure what the deal is with me and early flights lately, but I’m kinda liking it.

I found my co-workers at the airport and we made the hour drive to Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca. This is my home for the next two weeks.

Once we settled in, a few of us (that are staying the full two weeks) made a trip to the grocery store. I bought the essentials.

I just wish I would have noticed that a couple were missing when I bought it. How’d those go missing?

My room is about four doors down from the gym, which I will need after that giant snickerdoodle binge.

The gym is pretty decent. There’s only one treadmill but it’s a really good one. Yesterday, I tested it out by running three easy miles since I was feeling like a giant, lazy turd after sitting on a plane all day and then eating my first Cinnabon.

I don’t get the hype. I was not impressed. It was way to gooey/slimy in the middle and the frosting wasn’t sweet enough. I ended up throwing out over half of it. Then I tweeted my Cinnabon disdain and they started following me on Twitter, so I guess I need to give them another chance.

My goal while I’m here is to do some type of exercise everyday. Not like I have anything else to do.  After work, I basically sit in the room and refresh my email every minute waiting for someone to talk to me. #loser

Tomorrow, I plan on getting an hour in the stationary bike so I can read more of the book I started on the plane.

I’m about 60 pages in and so far it’s good (but not great). The movie is coming out next year. I saw the trailer before the great American classic Breaking Dawn 2 and it looked really good. So I figure the book should be even better. Has anyone read this? I never heard of it until I saw the preview. But then again, I don’t read much more than the side of cereal boxes, so I’m not surprised.


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    • Paula says

      It does look Arizon-y. I’ve been to Phoenix once and the first thing I thought was, “this looks like the room in Phoenix.”
      I’m not super excited to be here so close to the holidays so I hope this goes by fast!

  1. Michelle says

    Ohhhh I was considering reading that but ended up reading The Mortal Instruments series (also saw a movie preview for it.) please report back on Beautiful Creatures and let us know if it’s worth reading.

  2. Stefanie says

    Beautiful Creatures was so-so. I haven’t read the rest of the books in the series. It was just kind of ‘meh’ for me. I am currently trying to finish The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest. Since it’s been in my e-reader for about 6 months now. But I actually just finished reading Mindy Kaling’s book. It was a pretty entertaining read!

  3. Julia says

    Hellllooooo! I wanted to let you know that I’m really disappointed I can’t watch AHS until it is over because FX decided not to air the episodes online after they premiered. Anyway, this blog post made me laugh (as do all of your posts), its been a long time since I’ve commented, and basically I just wanted to hi!

    Glad you are feeling better. Also weirded out by the missing snickerdoodle.
    Julia recently posted..December 3My Profile

  4. Amber K says

    The soft ooey doughy part is the absolute best. Then again they could be totally different now and I wouldn’t know. Can’t even remember how many years it has been since I’ve had one.
    Amber K recently posted..Kid-Filled WeekendMy Profile

  5. Tyler Francko says

    Have a good trip. I kind of wish we teachers got to go on business trips. Alas, that is not the case. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, but I think 2 weeks would be a bit much.

    Cinnabon is sooooo hit or miss. It smells awesome, which sometimes draws me in, but I agree, often the middle is gross, and it just doesn’t taste right. Probably for the best considering there are like 6 sticks of butter in those things… Yikes.
    Tyler Francko recently posted..Get It StartedMy Profile

    • Paula says

      I don’t mind work trips but the 2 week ones are rough. By the middle of the second week, I’m just counting the minutes until I get to go home.
      And yes, sooo much butter! I’m not going to need lip gloss for a week. So I guess that’s an upside?

  6. Manishak says

    Hi Paula,

    Loved your blog. Enjoy the trip while it lasts! I wonder how the book is going to be. I heard about it, but was waiting for some real reviews. Do keep posted.

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