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I’ve been in San Diego for three days now and they have been packed with just the right amount of fun and lazy. I arrived Saturday morning and my flight was 40 minutes early. I didn’t even know that was in the realm of possibility for planes. I’ve been on flights that were 15 minutes early and then the extra time is spent sitting on the runway waiting for a gate. But 40 real minutes? Crazy.

After I dropped off my things, my mom, brother Tim, and two nephews went to Swami’s for lunch. My niece couldn’t make it as her priorities are totally not in order.

I just learned how to take screen caps with my phone. Fun!

I don’t know if Swami’s is a chain, but it’s similar to how you order at Crispers and has a menu similar to First Watch, except the atmosphere is more like a real restaurant and bar. I had an amazing (and healthy) egg white/spinach/tomato/feta/jalapeno omelet with rye bread.

After clearing my plate,  I proceeded negate my healthy meal by eating a pancake the size of my face. I know people say that all the time, but it was literally the I should have taken a picture holding it up to my face, but that would have furthered my shame. It was enough that, as I was putting butter on it, my 14-year-old nephew said, “that’s a lot of butter.” I think I liked him better when he was young and silent. :-)

That night, we all went to see End of Watch.

It was really good but I thought the shaky camera was too much in some scenes. Also, it seemed like they were trying to do first person camera the whole time but there were camera angles that couldn’t have come from any of the three cameras that were being used by the main characters. So, I guess that was just out of place for me. But overall, it was really emotional, funny, and action-packed.

Later than night, my brother and I went out for a couple drinks and ended up chatting by the fire pit at Stadium until last call.

I swear my brother told anyone who would listen that it was his birthday and he actually got someone else that was also having a birthday to buy him a shot. That is talent.

Sunday was his actual birthday, so the family got together for Lupper (Linner?) at The Beach House in Solana Beach.

My niece, who I held as a newborn, drove me there. (<— omg, no words.) Tim continued to tell anyone who would listen that it was his birthday which got him a free dessert and no upcharge on premium liquor. I am going to use this strategy for all future birthdays.

I wasn’t going to drink but you know what happens every time I say that.

Plus, I figure that I have 5 good years of making my niece my designated driver until she graduates to drinking buddy.

My mom showed us all how to get drunk without spilling anything.

Tim had an oyster shot, which repulsed me in so many ways.

That’s vodka, tomato juice, and an oyster. *shudder*

There was yummy food too. I had the surf and turf kabob.

The steak was pretty over-cooked but everything else (including the appetizers that disappeared too quickly for pictures) were delicious.

We even got a family picture.

Which looked normal once we told the Terminator to take off her glasses.

From the left: nephews Ted and Cal (yes, twins), mom, Tim, Me, McKenna, and Kate (my SIL’s sister).

Side note: Kate’s name is Catherine and she went by the nickname Betsy all her life. When she moved from Chicago to San Diego, my brother decided she needed a more “California” name and insisted everyone call her Kate. What a nut.

The night ended with a carrot Nothing Bundt Cake that McKenna picked up that morning. I had one for the first time at a friend’s wedding in May and while they look plastic, they taste like angels and unicorns.

Tim made us sing Happy Birthday to him and then made us all start over half way through when he didn’t think it was good enough. My brother is a trip to be around and now he has three spawn that are turning out just like him.

We all had a lot of fun. Mom and I were even saying on the way home how we had a really good Tim’s birthday. It almost felt like we were celebrating our own. Ahhh, I love my family.

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    • Paula says

      I have gone my whole life with people telling me that. About both my brothers. I think Tim looks like Hugh Jackman, so when he’s done playing Wolverine my brother can step in.

  1. Nicole G says

    How wonderful! I’ve found that as we’ve gotten older my sisters (I’m the eldest of 4) are actually pretty cool people to be around and spend time with. I also absolutely LOVE your brother’s strategy of telling everyone it’s your birthday. I’m a big drama queen about my birthday (what with it falling on New Year’s Eve and all…), so I’m definitely going to be utilizing that tactic more myself and see what freebies I can score. I will report back.

    P.S. I just got to that Dexter episode from last season that I think you probably guessed. Even as the closing scene wrapped up, I was still in disbelief. Like, oh, no.. that can’t be right… *idiot*

  2. Denise P. says

    Sounds like a great family-filled weekend. I heart San Diego – I’m only about 2 hours north so it’s a fun weekend getaway – I do a couple races a year down there.

  3. Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement says

    I have never heard of this oyster shooter thing, but I like all three ingredients, so I may have to try it (not in front of you, of course).

    My sister is 11 years younger than me and getting her license next month…you can bet that little lady will be doing some DD duties for me and my friends when we are home.
    Sierra @ Posh Meets Pavement recently posted..No Groceries, No ProblemMy Profile

  4. Army Amy* says

    Oooh, the omelet! Wow! Take out the jalapenos, and I will spend a lot of time with that bad boy.

    The oyster shot, on the other hand, I’d prefer to spend no time with. I can’t even walk by the clamato (clam + tomato) juice at the grocery store. (Who buys that stuff?!) Gag!*
    Army Amy* recently posted..Hard-As-Heck IntervalsMy Profile


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