Back to Real Life

I made it back to Orlando safely. And now I get to hang out with these two cuties again.

That might be my favorite picture ever. Hubs loves his bunny snuggles. So sweet. <3

I have today off because of all the hours we put in on travel. I’ve been killing time by catching up on MasterChef, not showering, taking gratuitious pictures of Pants, and rearranging the magnets on the fridge. And by rearranging, I mean just putting a new one up there.

Whenever I visit a new place, I have to buy a magnet that has the name of the place I visited. I like the reminder of where I’ve been and I think as the years go by, I’ll like looking back and remembering all the trips I’ve taken. I get pretty upset if I forget to buy one too. I forgot to buy one in Savannah and Jacksonville last year, which still bums me out that I don’t have a reminder of my first and second marathons. I also couldn’t find one in Austin, so I had to beg my co-worker, Lee, to pick one up for me. I realize I am ridiculous. But it’s my thing.

Anyway, Killeen was pretty sparse in the magnet department. What? No one wants a reminder of Killeen out there? Unthinkable! I found exactly one at the airport, so I had to buy it. It’s not pretty.

That deer looks pissed to be in Killeen.

I just found out today that in three weeks, I might be going on another two week work trip (to Maryland this time). I’m not thrilled about it since I was trying to get vacation time approved next month. Plus, the last thing you want to hear right when you get home is when you’re leaving again. I guess I’ll see if the trip actually gets approved. It’s just in the planning stages now but it’s kinda killing my mood.

Not killing my mood? That I get to go to Crossfit tonight after 2 weeks of doing workouts on my own. And, I’m officially back on my running plan! I’m following one from Smart Coach, which is free from Runner’s World. The easy run paces are a little on the slow side for me, so I may have to tweak those as I get into it.

My ultimate goal is a sub 2-hour half marathon. I have a 10 miler coming up at the end of September and I’ll have a little more time after that to train for my half marathon in November. I’ll be running the half alone, which I think will really help my motivation during the race because I won’t be thinking of who is running ahead of me. At least, that’s how it worked for my last marathon. So my fingers are crossed for this one.

In an unrelated note, I decided to take back to school pictures of Pants today. Almost everyone I know is posting first day of school pictures of their kids on Facebook and I’m feeling a little left out. So, please enjoy Pant’s first day of school pics.

She’s packed and ready to go.


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  1. tiffy


  2. Deb

    Okay – I had to hurry skip to the comments when I saw you might be coming to Maryland!!! Wouldn’t it be great if you were coming to Ocean City, MD? Yes it would!!! You must look me up if this is the case. We’ll go for a run on the boardwalk, and get some yummy local food. Awesomeness!! Okay, now I’m going back to read the rest of your post. 😉

    • It will be in Aberdeen, which my co-workers describe as the “arm pit of Maryland.” Aberdeen can’t be that bad! I love runs on the boardwalk. We need to work on getting Aberdeen and Ocean City closer together somehow. We can make this happen, right? 🙂

  3. Teresa

    Too cute !

  4. Kara

    I was just about to ask where in MD, but I see you’re going to Aberdeen. I’m sorry.

    Kara recently posted…I may have a drug problemMy Profile

    • Haha! That’s what everyone said about Killeen and it wasn’t THAT bad. Of course, I had the worst possible scenario in my mind before I went there. So I’ll just need to concoct something awful in my mind for this trip.

  5. Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups

    Heck yeah, JanSport. Pants knows what’s up. Welcome back to Orlando!
    Jessica @ Sushi and Sit-Ups recently posted…Siesta Key spotsMy Profile

  6. runderbykat

    ohmygoodness. Pants is adorable. Freaking cute! I want her to come to school with me!
    runderbykat recently posted…PB2 Giveaway!My Profile

  7. Rachael @ Happy Healthy Runner

    Pants is the cutest thing ever. Love the back to school pictures. Pretty sure that made my otherwise very boring Monday. 🙂
    Rachael @ Happy Healthy Runner recently posted…Infographic FridayMy Profile

  8. Aberdeen is a bustling, cosmopolitan metropolis compared to Killeen.
    jlo3133 recently posted…4 reasons why tonight’s Breaking Bad was the best episode of the season so farMy Profile

  9. Michelle

    Holy crap those pictures of Pants are the cutest.

  10. Okay, Pants climbing into the back pack is pretty dang cute. I love it!

  11. Beth (Running with the Sunrise)

    I love that your bunny is such a cuddle bug! And I swear she must have the cutest fuzzy bunny butt ever.

    Will you be running your half with a pace group? I’ve found them to be really helpful when I have a time goal I really want to beat.
    Beth (Running with the Sunrise) recently posted…Mini Review: PRO Compression SocksMy Profile

    • Probably not. I have a horrible habit of giving up mentally if I feel like I can’t keep up and people are running ahead of me. I’m more likely to keep going if I think it’s just a rough patch on my own. I have a lot of mental block issues. 🙁

  12. Sarah S @RunningOnWords

    I feel like I should have taken a back-to-school picture of Charlotte and the dogs. The dogs hate back to school because the bus stops directly outside of our house. Hate.
    Sarah S @RunningOnWords recently posted…Where I’ve BeenMy Profile

  13. Jina

    Love the Pants back-to-school photos!
    Jina recently posted…This week in running: week 1My Profile

  14. Amber K

    I have never seen a cuter bunny. Makes me want one! And then I realized that I’d have to clean up after it… hmmmm
    Amber K recently posted…Street of Dreams, Part OneMy Profile

  15. Pants is cute and all, but what I really want to know is when we are running together again. #priorities
    Michelle recently posted…First Day and Best Body Bootcamp Week 4My Profile

  16. Whats cuter than a rabbit in a back-pack??? Nothing- thats what!!! Precious!
    Sara@runninginpinkproject recently posted…That Awkward Moment On The Trail When….My Profile

  17. Louise

    She’s so adorable together with the toys! I think she will love school!
    Louise recently posted…Texas Politicians Stockpile MoneyMy Profile

  18. All is right with the world! Glad you are home and that you got your magnet!*
    Army Amy* recently posted…We Made ItMy Profile

  19. Love the bunny pictures! So freaking cute.

    What 10 miler are you doing?
    Dina recently posted…Caturday #2My Profile

  20. Andrea S

    Omg your bunny is so cute. That is all.

  21. I totally meant to already comment on this, but I guess laziness won. I would just like to say I LOVE PANTS!!!!! And you, my friend, have a LOT of magnets.
    Lindsey @ Happy or Hungry recently posted…I like to playMy Profile

  22. Your bunny is the freaking cutest! That is all 🙂
    Carolina @ Peas in a Blog recently posted…The Pescatarian Debate.My Profile

  23. The bunny. Is the cutest thing ever! Maybe I should get Little C a bunny for her birthday….hmmmmmmm. The real question is if a bunny can survive a two year old. Oh, and I am catching up on your latest and greatest, so if you have a hundred comments from me. YES. I am stalking you.
    Stefanie D recently posted…Ohhhhh, HAI!My Profile

  24. Andrea @ Andrea out loud!

    oh. my. gosh. these back to school pictures of Pants KILL me. i love it.
    Andrea @ Andrea out loud! recently posted…Amazing Zucchini BreadMy Profile

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