Hateful Bunny

As you probably know, I have a sweet little one-eared bunny named Pants.

Every day, she does things that make me swoon like, standing up on her hind legs. Or eating. Or pooping. Or eating her own poop. It’s all adorable. You can’t walk by her and NOT smile.

Hubs and I have been telling people for years that she growls at us when we feed her. We ask other bunny owners if their bunny growls and the answer is always no. Then when friends come over and we try to get her to growl, it never works.

Well, hubs finally caught it on video last night. So please enjoy our hateful, yet totally adorable bunny growling as I give her food.

(Here’s a link to the video if the embedding doesn’t work.)

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  1. Alicia Celeste (@AliCeleste) says

    I seriously, seriously, 1000%, love your pics and posts about Pants. The one about how you ended up with her got me through a traffic stand-still in downtown I4. It’s the best story ever.

    But this food-growl almost just got me kicked out of my office for lol’ing too loud… She is soooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. I don’t know how you put up with it on a daily basis.

    Here’s to hoping my three-leg’d cat is as cute as your one ear’d bunny. :)

  2. Beth (Running with the Sunrise) says

    She is adorable! I love bunnies. (Have you seen the website “The Daily Bunny”? Cute bunny photo added each day = heaven.) I’m glad you were able to get the video of her growling!

  3. jilliansmckee@gmail.com says


    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  4. runderbykat says

    I am dying.
    While watching the video (with Derby of course, trying to convince her how fun it would be to get a bunny), Derby got this crazy look in her eye, bounded off my lap and headed behind the couch.
    Either she’s scared of Pants or doesn’t like watching someone get their food messed with… I’m not sure which.

  5. Joanne says

    We have a male mini-rex named Parker who growls every time we add new hay to his hay bin. He is just so excited to see if it has clover in it. He Is neutered, but unneutered males and females can be more food aggressive than those who are fixed. Is Pants spayed? This Is my first time reading your posts. If she its not, you might consider it for this, and high cancer rates in non-spayed females.

    • Paula says

      Yes, she is! We spayed her for exactly that reason. We didn’t want to lose her before her time. She also loves to hump her stuffed animals which we think is funny for a spayed bunny too.

  6. Joanne says

    Glad to hear she is spayed. We have a white dwarf, also a spayed female, who humps her stuffed buddy when we are getting greens ready. Too funny. We have 14 total (no children or other pets) and the personality differences are diverse.

  7. Julianne says

    LOL! That reminded me of one of my first two rabbits, Spotnose. Soon after we brought her home, and before we got her spayed, my ex and I took her out for a hop in a nearby field, on a harness and leash. When her paws touched the grass, she took off like a bolt of lightning, and this three pound baby bunny on the end of the leash emitted the g-force of a much larger, brawnier DOG. Then, she dove under a bush, and when I went to get her out, she dug in her feet and GROWLED at me. I was so surprised, and actually a little afraid, lol. Spotnose did NOT want to go home, she wanted to be wild bun in the field all night long!

    Aggressive bunnies are quite startling and hilarious! Pants is awesome!

  8. Becca says

    This is my first page of your blog I’ve read but I know I’ll be back! That video of Pants had me cracking up! I used to have a Holland Lop named Foxy (the little girls I adopted her from named her!) and she would do the same thing to me! I tried to research it when it was happening and I think it’s a territoriality thing. But it’s still hilarious! Rabbits can be so high maintenance and cranky!


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